Super Junior is the most Disk Daesangs in the history of the Golden Disk Awards – From 130115

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Compilation: 130114~?? Golden Disk Award with Super Junior

The Golden Disk Awards was lavishly held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur Album Division was organized on the evening of the 15th. There were more than 15,000 audiences who came to down to spend their night with the three hour Kpop fever as well as the tears of emotion.

Super Junior, with their 6th Album, Sexy, Free & Single, which holds the record of more than 480,000 in sales received the Grand Prize (Daesang). This is their third time receiving the Daesang following 2009’s Sorry Sorry, and 2012’s Mr Simple. After Kim Gun Mo, Jo Sung Mo and SNSD, Super Junior has become the the artiste who has received the most number of Daesangs in 27 years.

After that, Super Junior gave their acceptance speech, “It was thanks to everyone that we are able to stand here. We would first like to thank all our fans, as well as our managers who nurtured us, and also give our thanks to Lee Soo Man seongsaengnim, Kim Yong Min taepyo. We’ve also not forgotten our leader, Leeteuk.” “We want to share the honour with Leeteuk hyung, who cannot attend because he is still in the army.”

In the awards were albums sales were the criteria for consideration, Super Junior was awarded the Disk Daesang and Bonsang, and MSN South East Asia Award, and became the owner of three crowns.

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  1. I am so glad the babies thanked their leader umma!^^ lee soo man and kim young min can go to hell for all i care!

  2. sorry.. but this article said “After Kim Gun Mo, Jo Sung Mo and SNSD, Super Junior has become the the artiste who has received the most number of Daesangs in 27 years”.. all i know snsd won 1 daesang.. or they count digital too?? if so.. they should include SG wannabe too..
    but well whatever.. congratz to superjunior n elf.. 😀

  3. exactly! Sorry.. can someone explain to me about SNSD also cos I basically have no interest in them but seeing their name listed like they hit a record before SJ is just…….. ridiculous..

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