130116 TVXQ Changmin “I took advice from Super Junior’s Kyuhyun”

January 16, 2013 at 5:02 pm | Posted in Kyuhyun, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 9 Comments


TVXQ’s Chang-Min confessed that he took Super Junior Gyu-Hyun’s advice since it is his first attempt to host a TV program. The all-new KBS 2TV program ‘Moonlight Prince’s’ press conference was held at KBS building, Yeouido, Seoul, in January 16. ‘Moonlight Prince’ is a program where the viewer and the star read book together and donate money as well. The format of the program goes as the MCs and the guest answer questions from the audience.

This day, Chang-Min said, “Since it’s my first time to host a TV program, I feel really nervous,” “I think whenever I’m in a studio set I feel pressured. However, I feel at ease as I met my close seniors and talked with them. I came to realize that I actually rely on them.” Along with his confession, Chang-Min also disclosed SJ’s Gyu-Hyun’s advice on hosting TV programs, ‘Just relax and prepare yourself to be covered with rotten tomatoes for the first 100 days. You will do well if you naturally get along well with your seniors.’ Meanwhile, Kang Hodong, Chang-Min, Tak Jae-Hoon, Jeong Jae-Hyung, and Brave Brother’s ‘Moonlight Prince’ will have its first broadcast in January 22.

Source: Innolife
Translated by: ONETVXQ
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  1. evil maknae will forever be evil maknae XD wait so your saying Gyu is older then chang? then…first time i’v seen Gyu mess with his DONGSAENG!? surprise surprise. if he’s not older than forget my comment LOL XD

    • I think they have same age, I ever watch in variety show (I forgot what), but Kyu told that he has same age as Changmin, that’s why they’re bit closer 🙂

    • no they r the same age kyu born 3rd of feb 1988 (i’m sure u know that XD) and changmin is born 18th of Feb 1988

      • Oh okay! i didn’t know changmin’s birthday/age so that’s why XD

  2. Will The movie of “MOONLIGHT Princes” have to show in KBS WORLD TV?? Ow.. I like k-drama very much..

    • It’s not a movie, it’s a talk show which will talk about Books 🙂 it will be first air on 22 Jan

      • oh.. i think it is a movie.. hehe., i get wrong now.. thanks to correct my wrong word.. gamsahamnida

      • aa.. it’s not a movie.. i think it is a movie, because i ever see the title,”moonlight prince” :p

  3. ChangKyu ❤ ^^ pure evil love hahaha

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