130116 Eunhyuk brings laughter as he subtly makes reference to the photo incident on ‘Strong Heart’

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Eunhyuk had viewers as well as the other stars on set laughing as he subtly brought up his previous photo incident in a light-hearted way.

On ‘Strong Heart‘ that was aired on the 15th, baseball player Lee Yong Kyu discussed the attention he received during the 2009 World Baseball Classic in the Korea-Japan match. Lee Yong Kyu was hit on the head by the ball thrown at him by the opposing team’s pitcher and the news made headlines left and right.

Eunhyuk commented, “From March 5th, 2009 to the 24th during the WBC, Lee Yong Kyu was searched more than 1,950,000 times on portal sites. It’s exponentially more than Lee Min Ho‘s, whose drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ was ranked #1 in terms of ratings during the time.”

He then added, “My search ranking used to be 235th place… But now, it’s probably gone up a lot,” hinting at his photo incident in a subtle manner. The studio was brought to laughter as Eunhyuk good-naturedly joked about it, and MC Shin Dong Yup could not help but tease as he feigned innocence as he asked him to explain, commenting, ”Just why did it go up?” causing everyone to chuckle again.

Source: allkpop
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  1. annyeong everyone & mr. lee, strong heart ha??… uh… hmmm …

  2. Meh, Eunhyuk is Forgetting and moving on. He might have hurt IU’s feelings but he’s trying to move on. (which is good) If he doesn’t care and isn’t bothered why should other people care? (except for the victims).
    I just hope this whole issue is forgotten soon and everyone is able to laugh like Eunhyuk is trying to. I don’t think he meant any harm here but Antis aren’t taking this the best way. >__<
    SM do something, help and protect your idol, man. I just hope if things do get serious that they won't abandon him. I know SJ wouldn't and REAL ELF wouldn't either.
    Everyone makes mistakes both IU and Eunhyuk in this case. FORGIVE AND FORGET BABY.
    I have moved on and i'm ready to see Eunhyuk smile again <3.

    • why are u saying that he hurt her feeling , are u her fan or something

    • That was IU’s mistake not Eunhyuk’s mistake…so,stop talking non sense!!!!

  3. That was a very bad move made by Hyuk… I don’t even want to quote the things people say about him now.

  4. And people on akp start bashing Hyuk 😦

  5. That’s true.. Just MOVE ON !! Like duh?? This problem is like the ant’s size. It’s small . WHY ARE YOU MAKING THINGS complicated ?

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