130114 Super Junior at KLIA (from Korea) [Fan Account]

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Compilation: 130114~?? Golden Disk Award with Super Junior

Manager hyung’s hand around donghae’s shoulder and they were talking happily

Credit: ontokki

As soon as Kyu came out of the gates he went on his phone

Credit: dancingkyu

 At KLIA a woman selling makeup said to Siwon “I don’t know who you are, but you’re very handsome!”


SJ stopped to let fans take pics, Yesung stopped then Siwon too, and the rest waved and smiled

The always caring boys who stopped in their tracks smiling and waving, letting fans snap pictures of them.

Credit: ryancullens

Siwon walked out first. But he stopped and waited for Hyuk, then Sihyuk continued walking together.

 Donghae tried to take pictures of the fans around him.

Credit: jihyukie

They really friendly!! Stop, smiling n waving!!

Everyone is going crazy, screaming, running n following them..the airport is really in chaos!!!

Credit: qurrat_aini

Siwon is really, really handsome!! Kangin and Kyuhyun waved at us.

First time seeing Kangin, he’s so handsome!

I don’t really see Donghae because he was besides Kyuhyun, and Kyuhyun was waving so hard at us!

Kangin smiled widely and waved at us enthusiastically.

Credit: NurSyafika_DO

Translated from Malay to English by:salimahsj (www.sup3rjunior.com)


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  1. What a kind of heart….
    I always proud be an ELF…
    Oppa jeongmal saranghamnida >3<

  2. good morning everyone & all very sweet!

  3. they’re in my country now but i cudnt even see them! T_T

    • me too~ the sad life of a poor elf, well in my case ^^

      • Me too… It just take around 40 minits to go there. Should I just driving a car there to watch the excitement. hehehe.. even though I cant go inside. Who knows… hahahaha I might can hear they sing. hehehehe

        • me three…even though i live in Putrajaya, because i don’t have a car and i don’t have any friends who like SJ..so i’m stuck here just thinking about it..:(

  4. Super Junior constantly thanks us, shows us that they aren’t possible without ELF, loves us day by day. And although Super Junior says that there is no them without us, there is also no us without Super Junior.

  5. everyone please view this video atleast once a day, EunHyuk wishes for 10M before Jan 17 where i hear they are going to release a Korean ver. of Break Down! let’s grant Hyuk’s wish!<3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Nz8t3vNo8

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