130114 OFFICIAL, Super Junior at Incheon Airport (to Malaysia) [45P]

January 14, 2013 at 8:59 am | Posted in Donghae, Kangin, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Shiwon, Sungmin, Wonderboys, Yesung | 24 Comments
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Reupload and Posted by: dontforget2remem13er (www.sup3rjunior.com)



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  1. a lot of present from fan…

  2. good afternoon kangin si & 1-17 uh!!! ; )

  3. siwon unshaven face 😀 smexy!

    • yeah!!!♥

  4. wow siwon oppa look like david backham ………….Mr cool

  5. anyone know sj is performing on the first day or second day ???

  6. OMG yesung oppa!! you’ve very nice skin^o^
    and sexy siwon oppa ><
    super junior fighting for GDA!!!! ^^

  7. its very obvious tat kangin did something to his face!whats with the goatee of siwon.hyuks dressin is always very stylish.kyu just doesnt wear shades no matter hw tired he look

    • Kangin got thinner, that’s why.

  8. kangin was look different with the glasses

  9. eunhyuk ah. your hair will fall out soon :((

  10. siwon oppa wow so sexy XD

  11. Can I ask why only Siwon doesn’t need to carry anything? Like a bag or sth? He’s only holding on to his passport and wallet. Maybe he has a personal helper?? Or he just needs his platinum credit card?? Haha

    • lol 🙂

  12. kangin oppa became more handsome….did anyone find it too?

  13. Kangin is thinner that’s why he looked different…and Siwon asdfghjljzxcwq that facial hair *Q* i always got something with man’s facial hair, he looked so sexy >.<
    babyKyu~ finally there you are~ you look happy, how's the vacation? lol XD the first time after a while we didn't see you sleep-walking in the airport XD

  14. my baby Ryeowook i love you but sometimes your fashion style is killing me !
    Kyu is always hiding his face, Donghae looks absent, Siwon looks mucho viril 🙂
    Shindong looks very good, Kangin looks very tired (i wish he would eat normally because he really seems to have lost too much weight lately TT)
    anyway Wookie always with a gift bag in his hands ^^ Ryeosomnias i love you for that 🙂

  15. omo! 😮 kangi really” looks like T.O.P BigBang.. haha

  16. They look very manly in general, few of them wearing makeup
    Kyu is having an acne spurt, reason why he covers his face
    I like it when they look raw, natural, like other guys do
    KangIn needs to put on some weight, really

  17. siwon is looking to hot and sexy love his stubble!!

  18. the handsome KANGIN! wow!! really looks better when he’s thinner, and healthier too. go SJ!!

    • I think he looked really cute and handsome when he had his chubby cheeks they were more rounder than chubby/not fat either too~

  19. everyone please view this video atleast once a day, EunHyuk wishes for 10M before Jan 17 where i hear they are going to release a Korean ver. of Break Down! let’s grant Hyuk’s wish!<3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_Nz8t3vNo8

  20. wow Kangin is so handsome and Siwon, please stop being sexy..no I mean just be sexy for my eyes only..haha

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