SungDong Cafe Special with Heechul | Part 2 [Transcript] – From 130104

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1) Fan: Your radio starts at 12pm (KST), what time will you be able to eat?
Heechul: I will eat together with the staffs after broadcast, so don’t worry ^^

2) Heechul: The following song is dedicated to all the brides and grooms out there, or ladies & gentlemens who are getting married soon, the very famous song Super Junior’s Marry U

3) (This was said after Marry U played finished)
Heechul: Seeing my fans getting married is really surprising.. Previously I even sent a flower wreath to one of my fan’s wedding. Wishing happiness~

4) (After the song <커피소년>)
Heechul: Do (you) like coffee?
MC: Totally love it.
Heechul: I totally hate it.

5) (Talking about Ideal Types)
Heechul: I would never ever look at face. Because I was naturally born with a pretty face since birth. I like seeing girls wearing skirts, beautiful curves of the legs. I don’t like girls wearing short shorts, because I can even wear short shorts at home, but for skirts it’s a little tough for me..
(a/n: That’s the heenim logic for you! :D)

6) Heechul: I do not have any girlfriends for almost 3 years. I downloaded some applications for making friends online, but I will only browse through the photos and will not chat. I don’t like girls wearing clothes that expose too much. What attracts me is girls who have beautiful legs. But in the application the pictures do not show the legs…..

7) Heechul: In the application, the girls all took pictures like this… (heeverlasting : *V sign*)

8) Fan: 229 days left to Kim Heechul’s army discharge~
Heechul: (you’re) not allowed to write things like this!! I will discharge earlier than hwanhee ^^ Actually I don’t even last 229 days with my (past) girlfriends… Not even 100 days…..

9) Heechul: I had not eaten anything up till now, hungry~~~ In the dorms Kangin will make kimchi fried rice for me, it’s very delicious. I don’t think I am able to live alone. I will play games, and Kangin or Ryeowook will cook for me.

10) (After the song <Shanghai Romance>)
Heechul: I was suppose to write a story on London, but because of my explosive popularity in China, I’d decided to write something on Shanghai, thus Shanghai Romance.

11) Heechul: If during broadcast a person is lively and noisy, then in reality it will be opposite. So in reality I’m a quiet person, and Hwanhee is a lively guy.

Source: 詹二瘦瘦瘦爱希__
Translated by : leeteukbaby @
Shared at by: Heeverlasting

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  1. I never wanna get married! Heechul is like my sister and our friends. They play computer games and I cook for them (I play computer games too though :D)
    I can’t wait for Heechul to come back!

  2. good morning heechul si & still into the long legs?? forever taste!! ; D

  3. everyone please view this video atleast once a day, EunHyuk wishes for 10M before Jan 17 where i hear they are going to release a Korean ver. of Break Down! let’s grant Hyuk’s wish!<3

  4. thanks for the transcript

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