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Frau magazine interview – Yesung chatted w Kyuhyun till the break of dawn!

Q: What are your feelings about other members of KRY?

A: Although Kyuhyun and Ryeowook were the last ones to join SJ, they were like God-sent to me. Being the only main vocalist, I was feeling a bit burdened. After they joined, I was able to show another (more distinctive) style of myself.

Q: How would you describe their personalities?

A: Ryeowook is innocent and detail-oriented. Even though he’s 25 years old already, sometimes, he acts like a teenager. Kyuhyun plays pranks one me all the time, but when I’m in a bad mood, he always stays by my side to comfort me. A few days ago, we stayed up till the break of dawn just talking. At that time, it just felt like we were friends.

English Translation: @Scarkyu

“Even though Kyuhyun frequently plays pranks on me, but when I’m feeling down, he would come and comfort me. Just like a few days ago, I had a talk with Kyuhyun till daybreak. At that time, it felt like we were friends. ”
– Yesung on KRY’s personalities.
I think that when he said friends, he meant it in like they didn’t have the hyung-dongsaeng distance.

What is the difference between standing on stage as KRY than as Super Junior

Kyuhyun: Firstly, there are fewer dance moves so I don’t sweat anymore. And then there are also many camera shots. Thinking about it, it’s funny in a certain way (laughs) This also entails a huge responsibility.

What is KRY to you?

Kyuhyun: Firstly, Yesung hyung is one who loves challenges and trying new things, he is very talented. Especially as the leader of KRY, he always leads us, and is very thoughtful of us.

Ryeowook is very delicate, and although he doesn’t talk much, he’s extremely thoughtful. Instead of showcasing himself, he cares more about the people around him. Because we are the same age, we are good friends.

I love Japanese manga, I like One Piece, Naruto, Drops of God, GTO… I have special shelves for them at home. Because I also look out for fashion, I will look around when I go to Japan.

I like playing pranks, especially to Yesung hyung. Because I’m the youngest, my pranks are usually forgiven. So I’d want to do more.


When do you recommend your newest song be listened to?

Kyuhyun: I want the fans to listen to it when they’re passion for us is cooling off. I think that then it’ll surely return. Super Junior will forever be your Oppas and Boyfriends.

Your new single is about to be released, what kind of song is it?

Ryeowook: I sang it with the thought of sending my feelings to my future girlfriend. When everyone listens to it and thinks of themselves as our future girlfriends, they’d be very happy.

Kyuhyun: Indeed, Ryeowook has to quickly find a girlfriend.

English Translation: @kikiikyu

Source:  Frau Magazine 
Chinese Translation by: 幸福_kellyrika_suju
Shared at by jazzzyjam

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  1. Kyusung!

  2. Kyu is called evil maknae because he is playful and naughty to his hyungs but they adore him anyway because when the situation’s serious, he can be counted upon. And staying up late with his Ye-hyung just to cheer him up? *squeals*

    LOL at Wookie, but I thought you didn’t want to get married?

  3. I love it when I heard Kyu and Yesung have a pretty close relationship. wow they even chatted until the break of dawn What were they talking about????

  4. Why is Yesungie down???

  5. I love seeing the oppa’s getting along with each other so well 🙂 and especially when they talk about their band relationships too. It’s like their updating all ELF’s about the happenings like we’re their family too and we are!<3
    Oppa's will forever be our Oppa's…and boyfriends? *squeal!*
    Saranghaeyo Super Junior Oppa's! ❤

  6. -to whoever made the new background for the site- REALLY awesome!!!!

  7. Super Junior will forever be your oppas.

  8. “Kyuhyun: I want the fans to listen to it when they’re passion for us is cooling off”
    ELF’s passion for Super Junior will never cool off sweetie ^^

  9. good luck for all

  10. what a relief to know that baby kyu is close enough to yesung! I was quite worried that he might get resents as the pranks he played sometimes could hurt others’ feeling 🙂 I really like t way he talked about yesung and ryewook 🙂

  11. Kyuhyun: Super junior will forever be your Oppas and Boyfriends.
    Me , too. Super junior & kyu will forever be my Boyfriend and Oppas.<3<3!

  12. thanks for the translation

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