130110 ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Musical with Kyuhyun [Fan Account]

January 10, 2013 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Fan Accounts, Kyuhyun, Wonderboys | 15 Comments

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The accident after musical CMIYC just now The manager was parking car close to the footpath while honking, giving warning sign so that fans could get on the footpath. One of the fan fails to get on the footpath and was placed on top of by the car’s tyre. Other fans knock on the car so the manager stopped and got down from the car. Kyuhyun lowered the window and his face expression was not good (he was worried). The injured fan said she is okay so the manager slightly moved the car and came back to her again. After 5 minutes, he moved the car again so the fans stop taking Kyuhyun photos. Finally the police came, Kyuhyun and manager went to the police station.

Source: @2kyuhyun
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: reneee


Seriously SAFETY & PRIVACY. Please do not become a safety hazard!! You do not risk anyones safety just to take a picture!ย I’m just an ELF just like you. Always RESPECT OUR OPPAS & their privacy, and MAKE sure you’re well aware of your surroundings! – uksujusid


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  1. what what what??? I hope everything is ok..

  2. porr kyuhyunie he must be worried a lot

  3. what happened?

  4. totally agree with you sid. ELF please be safety!!! ahh.. it means we make our oppa in troubles??! really worried about this. i hope everything gonna be ok.

  5. please vote sup3rjunior for shorty awards! they really deserve it ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I hope that girl is okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay >< i'm praying for her and KyuHyun!!!!!

  8. so.scared ; n ;

  9. why do all these stupid people want to get kyu in trouble so much so he cant get a good rest n hv to go to e police station!!!

  10. i cant belive it that mean when the accedinte happened fans still took picture even why kyu was scared and the girl was injered O_O

  11. I understand that fans are excited to see their idols but common sense needs to be taken into consideration. You need to stay out of their personal space and you need to NOT push forward towards a moving vehicle! It’s bad enough that you’re hurting yourself but it’s even worse when you cause other people injuries. I was part of an accident before and even though no one was hurt and it was the other person’s fault, it shook me up, because I knew it could have been worse. Can you imagine what Kyu must have been thinking/feeling even though he wasn’t the one driving or the one who caused the fan to be injured?
    ELFs PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, STAY SAFE for yours and the boys’ sake.

  12. good afternoon everyone

  13. kyu oppa, i hope that you always be okay, don’t worry everything be okay,, have a good rest for you. i pray for you in here.

  14. i hope everything be okay for oppa kyu…

  15. ELF please be careful.,
    Yesterday while back from
    China at the airport ELF also be
    dropped because too eager to
    see Kyu. and now? ELF please.,
    you know Kyu been through a lot
    of trauma.;
    Saranghae Super Junior and ELF ., Please be safety!!!

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