Takungpao Exclusive Interview: SJM talks about the new album, “Break Down” – From 130109

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Compilation: 130107-9 Super Junior M in Beijing #BREAKDOWN

Takungpao: After the album “Perfection” , we did not hear from you all. What are you all doing?

SW: We are doing group activities as Super Junior, there are a lot of solo activities too, but mainly in Korea. We are also busy in preparing for the new album, “Break Down”.

Takungpao: What is the difference between “Break Down” and the previous album “Perfection”? Why do you name it “Break Down”?

ZM: We release this new album 2 years after our last album, so we have spent a lot of time on each aspect. We hope to be able to show different style. “Break Down” is our  title track, so we name the album as “Break Down”. This time we focus on the dance track, we have different style of dance track in this album. We hope you will enjoy it. About the promotion activities we will have Super Junior- M fan meeting soon. Since we have not much interaction with Chinese fans for quite some time now, so we will try to take some time out to meet Chinese fans.

Takungpao: When & how will be the fan meeting held? Which place will be the first city?

EH: The first fan meeting will be in Nanjing on January 19th. Other than China, we will go to other Asian countries, Southeast Asia etc. We will get to meet so much fans, I hope we can reach every single fans. We have prepare a lot of performance that have not seen before, please look forward to it.

Takungpao:  Have you encountered any difficulty during the recording for this album? Which song takes the longest time to record? Please introduce your favorite songs.

EH: The hardest part is to rap in Chinese. Compare to other members, I have use the longest time to learn Chinese, especially on the pronunciation. I can speak quite well now.

ZM: As for the favorite song, we have Jay Chou to Jay to help us write a song called “Love is Sweet” last time. This time we are much honored have another very famous singer Michael Wong to compose for this album with a song called “Distant Embrace”.

Henry:  Zhou Mi’s solo.

Takungpao: Is there any different in the song for this album compare to the last album? Is there any new element? 

SJ-M: For this album, mainly are electronic music genres. Songs are mostly fast paced, so that everyone will feel happy once they hear it.

Takungpao: Siwon has drama shooting in China last year. Do you have any new plan and ideas for this? Will you still shoot for Chinese drama or movies? 

SW: It’s still under discussion; we have not come to a conclusion yet. Maybe I will start filming for movie soon. There might be one coming out in February. I will greet everyone through movie soon!  We have one song ‘Stand Up”as the OST for movie “Saving General Yang”, I hope everyone will give support this song.

Takungpao: What expectation do you have for China market in 2013? Will you all film something together for the fans?

SW: We have a lot project that is under planning. Many production teams have come to Super Junior-M. If we have the chance, we might come out with some interesting short play like”Attack on the Pin-Up Boys”. To come out this kind of interesting short play, we are practicing a lot for our acting skill. If there is any director who is interested, we could present ourselves as a well prepared actor. We are well prepared. Last year, each of our members has taken part in drama/film shooting. If eight of us have the chance to shoot together in a drama, it would be nice, as a memento or something for the fans to see.

Takungpao: Have you thought about write the script and be the director own self and share it online?

SW: We really don’t have time for it!

ZM: Sometimes, we will film some fun video and upload it to twitter. But if every are writing the script together, the story will be too long.

DH: I want to film CF in China! Hand phone, cloths, shoes… We have already prepared for it!

Translated from Chinese to English by: miheexp (



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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. I love Siwon’s idea about making a film which involve all Super Junior members… =D ^^

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