130106 Epop Malaysia Magazine January Issue with Super Junior M [3P/TRANS]

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The moment that we, ELF, have been waiting for was finally arrived! While waiting for Super Junior-M to perform, ELF were busy waving their lightsticks while screaming Super Junior-M members’ names. In a sapphire blue ocean, Super Junior-M came up on stage with the song ‘Super Girl‘. During the chorus of the song, ELF sang the song together with Super Junior-M.

A hot atmosphere changed to romantic when Super Junior-M sang the Mandarin ballad called ‘At Least I Still Have You‘. At the part of the lyrics I want to hug you, Donghae sang while pointing towards the ELF at the crowds, making ELF very satisfied with his fanservice. Kyuhyun’s sweet singing voice was also able to bring up claps and shouts from ELF.

“How are you? We are Super Junior-M!” said Super Junior-M in Mandarin. Afterwards, Super Junior-M introduced themselves one by one starting with Ryeowook. When Kyuhyun’s turn came, he said to ELF in Mandarin. “You’re watching……” ELF screamed in reply, “Super Asia Showcase!” Upon hearing ELF’s screams, Kyuhyun smiled and said, “Right!” When Eunhyuk’s turn came, he introduced himself in Korean. “After a while, finally we are back in Malaysia! I feel very happy. Our new album will be released, we will meet again!” As soon as Eunhyuk finished talking, Zhoumi helping him translating his words into Mandarin.

Eunhyuk continued, “The next song is dedicated especially to the Malaysian fans!” Ryeowook and Zhoumi walked to the front stage to sing a ballad from Taiwanese singer, Show Luo called ‘Love Does Not Travel Alone’. In the middle of the song, Eunhyuk suddenly appeared and sang the rap. Zhoumi also walked closer to the fan to grab the teddy bear.

When asking how does Super Junior-M feel being back to Malaysia, Donghae smiled and said to ELF, “It’s more beautiful this time. Do you have boyfriends?” Eunhyuk added, “We are here to look for girlfriends.” Upon hearing those, ELF screamed histerically. Henry also said, “I’m so happy to be here. I miss you guys so much!”

MC then asked Super Junior-M. “How’s the process of learning Mandarin?” Eunhyuk smiled and said, “Zhoumi’s Mandarin is getting better.” Upon hearing that, Zhoumi replied,  “Isn’t that me who talks in Mandarin?” Kyuhyun also said to be the one who knows Mandarin well. He quoted a Mandarin saying, “Xin you ling xi yi dian tong (Mind acts upon mind), Shifu ling jin men, xiu xing zai ge ren (No man is his craft’s master the first day).” He received a great responds from ELF. After that, Super Junior-M has been taught to speak in Mandarin with “Malaysia, I love you.”

This time, Siwon couldn’t come because of his drama filming ‘The Lord of the Drama’. But, he recorded a video message for ELF. His message was ‘Welcome to Super Asia Showcase. Thank you all for coming. I really wish I were here now to see everyone. However, I’m currently at Seoul filming The Lord of the Drama. I’m really sorry for not able to attend this showcase. Even though I’m not here with you guys, hope you guys show support our SJ-M members and our favorite juniors EXO-M.” After the video message, Zhoumi told the fans, “We will release a new album soon. At that time, we will make sure to come again and meet with you guys!” Eunhyuk added, “This is a promise.”

In Game Session, Super Junior-M were asked to name five different types of Malaysia’s fruits, which were Mangosteen, Jackfruit, Rambutan, Langsat and Durian. Upon seeing mangosteen picture, Henry replied quickly, “Mangosteen, very good.” When the slide changed to jackfruit, Eunhyuk thought for a while then asked, “Banana?” which brought laughter in the audience! When the rambutan slide was onscreen, with doubts Donghae answered, “Apple?” After hearing that, Kyuhyun let out a big laugh and hugged Donghae. When the langsat slide appeared, Eunhyuk answered it with doubts, “Peach?” When seeing the durian image, Ryeowook answered without any doubts, “Durian! I like it!”

When asked whether Super Junior-M wants to do a long stay in Malaysia, Eunhyuk asked back to the fans. “Why don’t you guys stay in our dorm? I can cook for you, we can drink coffee and sleep together.” Kyuhyun replied, “Too many people, it’ll be crowded…” Eunhyuk told the fans, “We will be releasing our new album soon. The Music Video shooting is planned to finish around this week.” Donghae, Ryeowook and Henry showed them a little parts of their new choreography.

If Super Junior-M is a girl, who would they choose as a boyfriend? Ryeowook choose Sungmin because they are both DJ-ing together and also roommates. Then, Ryeowook asked back to Sungmin, whether Sungmin will choose him as his boyfriend. Sungmin thought for a while then choose Kyuhyun and said, “Kyuhyun is my roommate. I’m comfortable with him.” Kyuhyun chose Donghae and said, “Donghae is a romantic guy, but I don’t want to marry him.” Donghae chose Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk chose and Zhoumi and Zhoumi chose Ryeowook.

Super Junior-M then continued their performance with ‘Me’. Throughout singing the song, Kyuhyun always shook hands with ELF. Donghae also took a self-cam with ELF’s handphone and camera. After the song ‘Destiny‘ finished, Zhoumi asked the fans, “Do you want more?” Kyuhyun replied, “See you next time, I love you.” Fans screamed when Zhoumi asked again, “Which song we haven’t perform yet?” ELF screamed, ‘Perfection!!!’ Zhoumi smiled and said, “Good job~” Then, Super Junior-M fired up the stage with the last song ‘Perfection‘! Super Asia Showcase that lasted about 2 hours then ended in a very good mood!

Source: Epop Malaysia January 2013 Issue
Translated from Malay to English by: salimahsj (



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  1. Their new album breakdown mv is so amazing.i hope they came to malaysia with new album soon.^^

  2. sungmin to kyuhyun..kyuhyun to donghae..donghae to eunhyuk is that a love square?!? hahaha

  3. ahh…really. why kyuhyun choose donghae?! poor sungmin 😦

  4. thanks for translation but is sungmin now roommate with ryeowook instead of kyuhyun?I think news about yesung moving into his parents’ house came after this article so each of them should be having their own room instead of sharing?

  5. And henry? Nobody.choose?

    • yes nobody choose henry lol

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