130104 Tony Hong’s Twitter Updates With Kyuhyun

January 4, 2013 at 12:15 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Kyuhyun, MBC, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 21 Comments


@Tonyhong1004: Photo taken while filming Radio Star, between mine and Se Yoon’s head is Kyuhyun ㅋㅋ Happy times


Korean to Chinese translation by babewarm @weibo
Chinese to English translation by annazabc (

@Tonyhong1004: Our Kyuhyunnie who broke out in sweat because of my joke during Radio Star recording is so handsome. Suju fans will give me your understanding right?


Translated by: @AllRisexiahtic

Source: @Tonyhong1004
Shared at by annazabc



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  1. Our Kyuhyunnie who broke out in sweat because of my joke during Radio Star recording is so handsome. Suju fans will give me your understanding right?
    No me as an ELF dont give you my understanding.

  2. I dont give it tooo
    How dare u touch my kyuuuu????
    How dare u flirt with him?????

    • Me, too. You right.

      • and you two sound pathetic. kyuhyun doesn’t belong to you, after all.

  3. lol I can understand him xD Kyu is so hoooooot, I would do the same 😛 XD

  4. I understand perfectly. Kyuhyun is very handsome, perfect and sweet.

    • he’s hot. i’m a girl but i think i will still find him hot if i were a boy.

  5. This is not Tony Hong, this is Hong Suk Chun …

    • Tong Hong and Hong Seok-Chan are the same person!

  6. WTH! Hell yeah I understand, He’s hot! haha, Tony Hong sunbae~nim is funny

  7. It upsets me that there are fans who cannot understand Hong SeokCheon. I know we can be jealous of what, him “flirting” (if that’s how you’ll put it) with BB Kyu but duh, he was just a guest trying to be funny/amusing. Kyu might have felt uncomfortable but I guess, he’d also understand. I always seem to be commenting here when there are these childish fans.

  8. I won’t judge
    But he looks like a dirty guy to me

    • You’ve already made your judgement by saying that. js

      • Well it is like not being supertitious because it brings bad luck

  9. LOL I’m honestly surprised at some of the reactions here. Because what’s there to be legitimately upset about? Of course I quite understand.

    • LOL
      Absolutely nothing
      But still I guess Kyu should not be subject to this kind of provocation, because he elicits protective reactions in women, the way I see it
      I wonder what if Mr Hong made the same statement to KangIn?
      THAT would be more interesting!
      But THAT would probably not happen and we all know why

      • agree about kingin oppa thing … and i do understand what he did.. i mean come on… kythyun oppa look so happy and funny what’s the big deal..?

  10. I don’t see why some people are upset about this. People, they were all having fun, kyuhyun knows him, is not like they are strangers; maybe kyu felt a bit uncomfortable, but it did not show and just see him smiling on the pics.
    Of course anyone would fall for him, he is beautiful ❤

  11. poor guy might need to join a protection program & go underground. hv a good day

  12. understand. But if it is joke, why make a joke like that? No smoke without fire. I think it is disgusting lol…

  13. I totally understand. He’s my #1 bias in Super Junior. I’d do the same thing! Hahahahaha

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