MBC Radio Star with Kyuhyun [Transcript] Part 2 – From 130102

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[Transcript] 130102 Radio Star ㅡ Kyuhyun (1)

At the opening, MCs were talking about how this is the 1st episode in the year of 2013 and they have received so many blessings in 2012.

KKJ: There will be 116 red days in 2013 in Korea!
YJS: What’s the point, everyday you’ll be staying at home only and not going out.
Kyuhyun: What are you doing on a rest day?
KKJ: Ah, I’ll be at home. ^^;;

YSY: What are the MCs New Year’s resolutions?
Kyuhyun: Well lately I.. aren’t I the trend of Radio Star?
3 MCs: ….
Kyuhyun: /laughs/
YSY: Is that so?
YJS: I don’t even want to respond to that now.
Kyuhyun: Can’t you even give any (reaction)?
YJS: Should we give words of blessings to Kyuhyun?
Kyuhyun: Me? Ah yes.
YJS: We’d like it if you can be even only half like Siwon.

KKJ: My wish is for Gura to come back quickly.
The MC’s worried what if he becomes kind after resting too much.
Kyuhyun: These days he has became a lot nicer.
And then basically they were saying Gura should come back soon so his evilness will live. lol

After finished introducing the guests, as they are walking into the studio,
Kyuhyun: It’s been a long time really.. (guests with) funny visuals.. (>xD)

Kyuhyun: *imitate the guest*
YJS: Can you please do the original version of “Don’t do it”
YSY: Kyuhyun-ssi did it wrongly just now, right?
Kyuhyun: It’s because I haven’t seen it …!

[Transcript] 130102 Radio Star ㅡ Kyuhyun (2)

YJS: Hong Seokcheon-ssi, anyone here who is to your liking? What type of guy do you like?
KKJ: What about athletic guy?
HSC: If I start from the beginning, number 1,2,3,4,5,6 (numbering the guests until YSY), all is really useless.
Kyuhyun: /laugh happily/

HSC: It’s really strange that (you want me) to choose.. Just.. Needless to say, there’s only one!

KKJ: Isn’t Sean Lee okay too?
HSC: No.. not right.
YJS: Not your style?
HSC: He’s not my style.
KKJ: But his body..
HSC: I really don’t like that type of body. It’s also useless to have that type of body! Even women don’t like it.
Sean Lee: He’s right. Women don’t like my type of body.

HSC: They like body like mine, Kyuhyun’s.. or Siwon-ssi’s body. Guy like him (Sean Lee).. when they walk.. they’ll walk like this.. *body actions*

YJS: What is Kyuhyun-ssi’s charm?
HSC: Sweet? (english)
Kyuhyun: /laughsblushallsortsoffeelings/
Kyuhyun: It’s sweet(korean) right? (**ask Seyoon for confirmation of the meaning) Ouhhhh..

YJS: The start of the love line is like this..?
HSC: Well because I just got back from overseas and English is also a little something you got from Itaewon.
HSC: (to Kyuhyun) Itaewon freedom!

(**in case you don’t get about Itaewon thingy read here – http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100220031903AATI9OH ^^) ㅋㅋ

[Transcript] 130102 Radio Star ㅡ Kyuhyun. Heechul and Siwon mentioned. (3)

JYS: But actually, Kyuhyun is not the first SJ member that caught your eyes?
HSC: Back then he was just.. plain.
KKJ: Who’s the first one then?
HSC: At first, it was Heechul. Then Siwon. And Eunhyuk was kind of cute too..
HSC: I couldn’t feel the presence of Kyuhyun at all..
MCs: Then when did Kyuhyun..
HSC: At one moment, he just appeared.

HSC: That time during Super Junior’s concert in Bangkok, they stayed at the same hotel with me. The room Shindong was staying in was right below mine.
Kyuhyun: You even remember the rooms location?
HSC: Of course! Because I slept right above Shindong! (lol!!)
/everyone laughed/
Kyuhyun: Because Shindong has a girlfriend, I had to make sure~

HSC: So I went to hangout at SJ boys room. Heechul, Siwon and some other members all greeted me but then someone in pajama with very messy hair came towards me “ah hyung hello hello”.
And I was thinking if he’s the manager or one of the staff and then one of the boys introduced him to me. “Ah hyung, you know him right? Kyuhyun.” Only from that time I knew of him.

[Transcript] 130102 Radio Star ㅡ Kyuhyun. (4)

KKJ: What about now? Doesn’t he catch your eyes?
HSC: Of course, very much…
YJS: He’s handsome right?
HSC: When he does Radio Star, his quality(?) changed.

YES: I heard you gave out 50 servings of pizza for Siwon?
HSC: He was doing a drama, he told me that he’d be filming near Itaewon. It’s more proper to do 50 servings at once (for this kind of events) right? And to serve while still hot, I had 3 different pizza shops to make all 50 pizzas. Since I like Siwon indeed.

Then YJS was saying why he did not do that to Kyuhyun, when coming here to Radio Star, it’s like discrimination against him. lol.

HSC: Excuse me but if you got the person you like, you’d want to give him/her everything too right?
Kyuhyun: (to YJS) Sorry, but.. I’m not THAT disappointed/upset you know..
/everyone laughed/
Kyuhyun: I’m not disappointed at all!
KKJ: Then what would you like to give Kyuhyun?
HSC: Just a kiss.. a little..

[Transcript] 130102 Radio Star ㅡ Kyuhyun. (5)

One of the guest was talking about hair loss and the causes. Then he was asked to give comments about the MCs’ hair condition and when it came to Kyuhyun.

Guest: I’m sorry but.. can you show your forehead line please?
YSY: /LOL/ Sorry~~
Guest: *studying Kyuhyun’s forehead line* What is your age now?
Kyuhyun: I’m 88′ liner.
Guest: Then you must get ready from now onwards.
/everyone laughed/

Kyuhyun: I don’t even know what is it that I should prepare!?
YJS: What should we eat?
Kyuhyun: Yes what are the things that we should be eating??
Kyuhyun+MC: What should we do?!?! (rofl!!xD)

The guest was talking about the food they should eat and giving some tips on hair care and Kyuhyun was seriously jotting them down after what he said. lol! (pic)

They were comparing who is the most handsome bald guy, HSC insisted that he’s the most handsome then the MCs agreed to rank them.

Kyuhyun: Can you take off your glasses?
HSC: *hesitated but took it off anyway*
One by one raised their hands to vote for the other guest, then Kyu,
Kyuhyun: I also think so.. *raised hand*
HSC: Kyuhyun-ah!!!!
Kyuhyun: *abit taken aback* But really..

Despite that, HSC still trying to make them ackowledge that he’s 2nd most handsome after Gu JunYeop.

Kyuhyun: Then what about Gil-ssi?
HSC: Gil-ssi? Who is Gil-ssi?? ㅋㅋ

//these two kept teasing each other hahaha http://t.co/ZTqNeyf1


[Transcript] 130102 Radio Star ㅡ Kyuhyun. (6)

Guest: (to HSC) Hyung-nim, when you watch broadcasts, can you tell who has the same sexual preference as yours? When you look at them, can you tell?
HSC: Of course I’d know…
Guest: You’d know right away at first look?
HSC: At first look, I can recognize and be sure by 80%. The remaining 20% is after I see them for a few times.
Kyuhyun: But basically, you can recognize to almost 100% sure.
HSC: It’s because I have another antena you know..

YSY: By any chance, does anyone here is..(gay)?
HSC: /points at Kyu/
Kyuhyun: What??! ME??
/everyone laughed/
Kyuhyun: Why are you like this hyung-nim??!?

[Transcript] 130102 Radio Star ㅡ Kyuhyun. (7)

YSY mentioned how HSC now is a very successful CEO but back then he went through many hardships in business and a 22 year-old US soldier caused a fire at his restaurant. HSC said he forgave him at a condition, to never speak ill of gay wherever he goes.

Kyuhyun: How much did the actual damage cost?
HSC: Surely a lot. Around 30 million won.

And they continue talking about how HSC got the money for his business to get back on track, at one point, Kyuhyun asked him something while he was talking,

HSC: *very sweetly* We’ll talk about this later~
/everyone laughed and made fun of the way Kyu was specially treated by HSC/

Continue talking about his business going well and suddenly HSC said to Kyuhyun,

HSC: *very sweetly* Our Kyuhyunnie~ If you are having difficulty, just tell me…
Kyuhyun: I’ll give you 30 million won!!
/everyone laughed. HSC with dreamy face/

Kyuhyun: Please I beg you! Please stop it!
Guest: Seems like it’s settled for 30 million won!
Kyuhyun: So for 30 million won, do we have an agreement now?

HSC: Handsome.. and a man of ability. You’re perfect!! <33333 (lmao)

excluding parts where Kyuhyun had no conversations

Translation by: @honeydewname
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia

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  1. good morning everyone. it seemed a very fun show.

  2. even the boys fall for Kyu LOL but is true he is sweet and perfect XD

  3. i agree with the last coment.. ❤
    and yeah kyu is sweet too!! 😉

  4. LOL. omg. downloaded the raw because this was just too funny even with my fail korean. this helped alot.
    kyuhyun loked so scared… haha. so cute.

    • where’d you get the raw? D:

    • Can you give me the link please? 😦

  5. LOL – Kyuhyun..don’t be mean and try and share those tips with Hyuk..he’s eat you XD (because Eunhyuk’s been dying his hair a lot lately XD

  6. totally driving kyu nuts!!haha

  7. agree with HSC last sentence our Kyuhyun oppa is very Handsome, a man of Ability and Perfect!! hahahaa
    although i don’t really understand the video but i still laugh watching it lol..

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG! HSC just wouldn’t let up. I squealed when he said that he hang out at the SJ boy’s room and Kyu came in in his pajamas and messy hair. I would die just to be him at that moment and I also LOL’d so hard when he was talking about the gay antenna and pointed to Kyu just so maybe Kyu would like him? And Kyu was all flustered hahahahaha!

    Gosh, girls and boys alike fall for Kyubb. <333

  9. thanks for the transcript

  10. That guy sure was flirting with Kyu. He’s so right about Kyu being perfect.

  11. Oh my, when he said how Kyu came in with the pajamas and messy hair, I imagined him shirtless, with only pajama pants and with wet Sorry Sorry hair! *daydreaming* LOL

  12. LOLLLLLLL. thank you for the transcript! this was so cute/hilarious xDD

  13. Thank you for transcrip!! 🙂

    Girls, I tell ya, gaydars rarely lie… xD
    Kyubb, the guy is basically telling you to come out already, he will help you, lol
    I love this guest!!!

  15. Kyu and gay……
    It is somehow possible… I mean drinking wine with Sungmin while locking the room and listening to romantical music…. xD
    KyuMin are so sweet xD

  16. Omg, this episode seems so hilarious. xD
    Lol, Kyuhyun got spotlighted so much by HSC.
    And I love how he was taking notes when the hair convo came up~

  17. At [Transcript] 130102 Radio Star ㅡ Kyuhyun. (7)

    I guess Kyuhyun asked whether Shin Dongyup is gay or not then Hong Sukcheon said ‘later’ …

  18. Well, in SJ Kyu has the most fanboys. Because he’s doing game, good at math, has evil personality, comes from rich family, and one of the main vocalist (with such manly husky powerfull voice). It’s boys’ dreaming. Like if I’ve to choose a girl-idol, I’ll choose this kind of type too. Not the sexy-cute-brainless that the boys prefer. It’s just such opinion. I prefer Donghae than Kyuhyun too. XD XD XD

  19. Cho Kyuhyun is gay. It’s real. Not a bad thing though. I like him for his talents.

  20. i love cho kyuhyun because his angelic voice – i am not worry about his personal life – he is talented, and eye catching . his voice make my day

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