MBC Radio Star with Kyuhyun [Transcript] – From 130102

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130102 MBC Radio Star Episode 309 with Kyuhyun [13 Caps]

130102 MBC Radio Star Episode 309 with Kyuhyun [Cuts]

(1) Kyuhyun driven mad by sniffing guest.

KH: I’ll give you 30 million! Please don’t continue treating me this way 😦

Guest to the four MCs: Does his armpit smell?

Guest starts to sniff. When he got to Kyuhyun, he displays an expression of ecstasy.

(2) KH: I’m really popular these days!

MC: We’d be thrilled if you are half as popular as Siwon.

(3) One of the topics was “Bald men perform more ‘strongly’ at night”.

Bald guest: Don’t you know I’m still in my teens?

Kyuhyun widens his eyes, places his hand on his chin, and with full attention asks, ‘Really? In your teens?’

Chinese translation by: yeon_love_kyu

(4) One of the guests was Hong Seok-cheon – the openly gay celeb who previously expressed his desire to meet Kyuhyun on SJ Foresight.

MC: All guests today are male. How do you feel?

Seok-cheon: Except for Kyuhyun, the rest of them are useless!

MC Yoon Jong-shin: Isn’t Sean Lee more than acceptable?

[Sean Lee is a personal trainer]

Seok-cheon: I don’t like his type of figure. Even women don’t find those types of muscles useful. Women find Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Kyuhyun’s bodies the most attractive.

Seok-cheon: Kyuhyun’s charm is sweet.

Chinese translation by:
Translation from Chinese to English by: scar ~ sleeping ~ (scarkyu)
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  1. useless? sound harsh but it’s okay maybe just joking._.

    • well Radio Star works by giving harsh or sharp comments. 🙂 It’s how it works

  2. idk how to react. omg lol

  3. thanks for the transcript

  4. RS is such a WonKyu shipper!! 😀 Even guests know they have to bring up Siwon together with Kyu 😀

  5. Haha yeah..I remember Hong Seok Chun want to meet kyuhyun on foresight but end up flirting with Hyukjae.. XD

    • i remember that ep.. XD

    • “end up flirting with Hyukjae” hahaha! I remembered on how he stares at Hyukjae and how Hyuk reacts.. so cute xD

  6. Haha! I remember that episode of SJ Foresight and wondered if HSK ever met Kyuhyun. I know HSK took a pic once with Siwon and now we have this LOLOLOL!

    • I don’t think they ever met before, HSK must have been waiting for this chance since he wasn’t able to get Kyu on Foresight..

    RS ships WONKYU, lmao

  8. i want watch ths full epsd with engsbu \(^o^)/

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