121229 CeCi Magazine Thailand January 2013 Issue – Donghae [Translation]

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CeCi: The shooting theme for magazine is Thailand Travel. If you have a week’s break, how will you spend it?
DH: Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Leeteuk & I went to Italy together for holiday before. Leeteuk hyung & I are very much alike; we slept in the room alot while the other 3 went out alot. If in Thailand, I would find a beautiful & quiet place to rest.
CeCi: To continue sleeping in the room?
DH: Of course to continue sleeping. Haha…(laugh)

CeCi: What type of girl do you like?
DH: Last time, I would say a girl who has long hair & is fair. But now, I would say feeling; the right feeling with the girl is more important. Oh yes, I like girls with beautiful fingers.

Source & Translation by: ♔ 장조앤 ♔ ‏@joaen2201

CeCi: Anyone having special responsibility while Leeteuk is in the Army?
DH: Eunhyuk said that he is the leader during SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IN BANGKOK right? But he was joking. We only have one and forever leader, Leeteuk, but we are trying our best so that our fans won’t feel something missing just like Eunhyuk jokingly did. Before Leeteuk’s enlistment, we had an audition within the group on speaking and doing Super Junior pose (laugh). Everyone had to face Leeteuk and do it one by one. Normally Leeteuk stands on the left hand side and begins first then the rest will follow, right? The one who did best will starts first. It was just because Eunhyuk did best (in audition) so he is now standing on the left and starts first!

CeCi: You have been together for 7 years, among the members, who is the most unexpected?
DH: It has been 7 years since our debut but in fact we have known each others since 12-13 years old. Hmm (thinking) I’m thinking who, but I can’t since it was long time ago. I’ll pick on my closest and loveliest Eunhyuk then. (Laugh) We were friends since we were kids and we decided to share all the secrets so I tell him everything but Eunhyuk never tells me a thing. So, I feel sad why he was like that. We also fight sometime like “I told you my everything and you told me nothing” and he always like “Okay let me think first” and end up with telling me nothing (laugh)

CeCi: What’s your outstanding point that you feel confidence over anyone else, and what’s your weakness?
DH: Let me start with my weakness. I always lose when I play games with our members. My outstanding point is I really love my friends. I can give anything they want and I’m sure that I’m no.1. Like I give my all to all Super Junior members. Even Eunhyuk never tells me his secret, I still love him anyway.

CeCi: Please tell me one of your secrets.
DH: The secret is secret, how can I tell you! In fact, I have no secret since I told all to Eunhyuk so it’s no longer a secret!

Source & Translation by: Let’s EUNHAELOVER ‏@LetsEHlover
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by Destinyhae

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  1. didn’t know donghae & leeteuk r the lazy type ppl travel to see places around not to sleep in the hotel XD

    • hahaha his last answer was so clever ~ XDDDDDD

  2. EunHae ❤

    • love u dear forever

  3. “I still love him anyway.”
    “I still love him anyway.”
    “I still love him anyway.”

    !!!!. Ok I might be exaggerating but who gives a frick. EUNHAE FOREVERRR. And lol. I like a girl with beautiful fingers. Donghae, Eunhyuk has long, slender fingers. You don’t need a girl. He’s already right there.

  4. i dont know why i LOL imagining the audition within the members.. xD

    • me too…

      • lolz me too…just imagine, kangin can be the second placer too, (he did that before right?) yesung having that intense glare…shindong with the funny direction just like in MAMA…sungmin with a calmer voice, donghae being all shy…siwon (well i don’t have anything against him but he’s too busy nowadays too) ,ryeowook being all mr. sunshine smiles, and kyuhyun…well he can be busy playing starcraft lols…..DON’T TAKE THIS PERSONALLY, I’M JUST TRYING TO TELL WHAT I IMAGINED…AHAHAHAHHA….judges: manager hyungs, leeteuk, heechul, oh with zhou mi and henry there too…^^

  5. aaaaaah!! his mind is full of Eunhyuk so let’s just leave him alone. Hahahaha.!

  6. cute hae!!!! love hyukkie very mush huh????? so sweet<3

  7. All about EunHae!

  8. His mind is full of hyukkieee!!! *jump into my eunhaeland!*

  9. ahaha donghae and leeteuk are no different in the dorm, member always both of them always stay in the dorm..

    god, donghae you’re so obvious~
    always end up talking about eunhyuk
    oooh my shipping heart!!

  10. I’m ThaiELF who already read this interview and I can tell that he is soooo cute.
    Although this is solo interview but he do a really good job because he is more talkative as he visit Thailand very often!!
    So, although my English is not perfect yet I wanna share the rest of interview that not mention above. (Maybe the translator gonna translate it soon)
    Ceci: Is there anything you really wanna do but you can’t or never have any chance?

    Donghae: Married! (answer rapidly) I always ready, whenever there’re the right time. I just want to married soon.

    Ceci: Don’t you care ELF’s feeling?

    Donghae: No I don’t because I’m gonna married all the fan, Oops just kidding (laugh). Since I know the members since we’re around 10+ years old but now we’re growing up some is 30 yrs old already so sooner or later they gonna get married. I wanna see all of our children, I want them be a friend, living as a neighbor like a Group of jr. ‘Super Junior’ it’s must be adorable. And I’ll support my children to be a star….in Thailand! So after my child got birth we gonna be the model for Ceci Thailand!!
    Cute right?? And in this interview he mentioned about Hyukjae very often.EunHae jjang!!!

    • can u translate the rest if u don’t mind bc no one is translating thank u

      • Pls translate the rest I wanna see how cute he can still be hehehe thank you xD

    • omooooo that’s so cute. would you mind translate the eunahe’s moment again? i love it~ thank you

    • idk bout u guys, but i dun care if they got married..I just want them happy! they’re already in the age to get married anyway, I feel bad for them 😦

    • they are of marrying age and i only want them to be happy after all the hard work they have done. i’m excited to see the Super Junior juniors

  11. oh my god…

    everyone this is completely about eunhae.


    awwww.. it’s like Donghae tried to spread Eunhae aura to Thai people. oh no need oppa. EVERYONE knows that..

    awww. Eunhae….<3<3<3<3

  12. I’ll pick on my CLOSEST and LOVELIEST Eunhyuk
    I STILL LOVE HIM anyway

    Those sentence make me… WOW~!

  13. hahahaha hes totally the most adorbs 5 year old ive ever seen in my whole freakin boring life and im getting dizzy slapping myself mentally and screaming spazzing in my head hes so …..ugh indescribable IDEK !!!!
    YAH!! eunhae or obviously hyukhae wae hyuk you no tell secerts lol that bed head simple minded child i cant *sigh* he still loves him anyway !!! eunhae JJANG !!

  14. yes!!!! eunhae ❤ ❤ ❤ i've been waiting for this ….. Thank you ^_^ I'm happy for eunhae i love this interview *giggles*

  15. Donghae Oppa is out of blue. LOL. Love you, Oppa

  16. OOPS to much eunhae!!! hahahaha

  17. hae, can’t you be more obvious with your feelings?? you kept saying eunhyuk did this and eunhyuk did that LOL. my eunhae’s heart just exploded! you’re too cute, you miss hyuk during ur interview right? since it’s always him did the talking

  18. OMG!!! how can i have a man like you donghae???

    your answers are coming from your heart…it’s really INNOCENT!!!!….

    I really love you…
    when I grown up…I wish I have a husband like you donghae …*praying

    love you so much….

  19. thanks for the translation

  20. I have no secrets since I told everything to Eunhyuk… well, what will you do if suddenly Eunhyuk goes to army or he mad at you? LOL wouldn’t you be worry if he told someone ur lil secret, hae? xD

  21. “My outstanding point is I really love my friends. I can give anything they want and I’m sure that I’m no.1”
    I remembered how he warmly helps 4minute’s Jihyun on beatles code :’) he’s such a heart-warming person. and i remembered how he gave his beloved iPod to Shinee’s Minho~ he really is someone who take care other ppl really well. he oftenly bought meal or drinks for staffs on his drama right? aaawww

    • his being innocent and kind made me love him more. even members of other bands love him and he is the favorite of snsd. he welcomed kyu immediately when he joined the band although other members didn’t like kyu at first. such a nice person.

  22. omg this kid’s mind is really full of Hyukjae..

  23. yahhhhh ❤
    really want to read this in sub and i've done it 🙂 thank you so muchhhhh..love eunhae XD .hope in this 2013 there will be so many eunhae moment happen ..

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