121228 Winners from the ’2012 SBS MTV Best of the Best’ Awards

December 28, 2012 at 10:17 pm | Posted in 6th Album, Awards, News/Rumors, Wonderboys | 11 Comments

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The Winners from the ‘SBS MTV Best of the Best‘ Awards have been announced.

A special online voting system allowed fans to log into the SBS MTV Korea / Daum websites and pick the ‘best’ entertainers of the year in various categories. Winners included Super Junior, SHINee,B.A.P, f(x), Wooyoung, and BoA.

Fan votes from the SBS MTV Korea and Daum websites counted for 40% each, for 80% of the total. Judges determined the rest of the 20%, and the voting ran for 14 days from December 3rd to December 16th.

Artist of the Year

Super Junior

Best Global Video

Super Junior

Source: SBS MTV Staff Twitter and allkpop
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  1. OMGOOOOOOSH! im soooo proud of them!!
    #ProudELF btw….. *~* KANGIN’S HAIRSTYLE ❤

  2. Finally some good news here, it’s something after not finding them today on any other end of the year chart. It’s like they do not exist in Korea. 😦
    They were not on Melon end of the Year charts for 2012 also on Korea Gallup poll they are nowhere to be seen. 😦
    I wish it was different 😦

    • Ummm.. this year there weren’t such votings. For melon SJ never attended so no award. They don’t attend every single award show and most of shows have rules no attend = no win. btw they just won mama so they pretty much exist in korean & else where -.-

      • i agree with you, we should’t be pessimist, and they have won awards in korea and other countries, just recently yahoo buzz awards it was both sj and sj-m, and of course like you mentioned it MAMA!!! there will be sj for a looooooong time lol 😉

  3. good morning kangin si. u looked very very good but pls make sure u r healthy & happy doing it, no matter what we still yr fans. hv a great wkend

  4. I guess one can understand that KangIn came from the military service as a fullfledged man
    Also with a new sense of responsibility towards his country and its institutions
    Nevertheless, the boy is always in our hearts
    And according to his Twitter posts, he still keeps his playful personality albeit more discreet
    Just sayin…

  5. congratulation Super Junior. but please dont forget to stay healthy. be happy and dont force yourself too much. 🙂

  6. Our boys always deserve the best! Congratulationssss!! ❤ XD

    • anyway, Eunhyuk and Kangin look soo gorgeous on that gif haha just sayin’ <33

  7. As always ! ♡ *Proud

  8. Congratulation Superjunior.
    Our elf – fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please take care of health.

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