121225 MBC ‘Come To Play’ Yesung Talks about Past Relationship

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121224 Why did Super Junior’s Yesung face drunken men?

Yesung said on Come to Play on 24th, “My girlfriend who I dated 3 years started cheating on me after going into college. I trusted her and thought ‘she’ll probably stop soon’ but that proved to be a mistake when she asked me to break up.”

Yesung did not give up. He said “I will give you one month of time… Take care of things and come back to me…” Because he started training since age 18, he only had his girlfriend to rely on.

After one month, expecting that his girlfriend will return, he prepared a heart made of candle with his friends in the soccer field at school. But the girl said “fine. I just have to date you right?”, disappointing Yesung.

Yesung said “After hearing that, I thought ‘this isn’t right’ and wrapped up our relationship. I don’t think of it now and it’s just a memory now.”

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  1. oo. forget that girl oppa. you have me now:3

  2. oppa! she doesn’t deserve you. Hope you’ll find one true love in the future 🙂

  3. I know that even idols have their flaws, but I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that she cheated on Yesung. YESUNG! Who cheats on that adorkable existence?

  4. Waaaaaah…. ToT

  5. For sure that girl now is regretting why she let a good man slipped out of her hands.. His story reminded me of the song ‘Skater Boi’ by Avril Lavigne.. 🙂

    • agree xD like you’re read my mind xDDD .. that girl now maybe cried in the corner for her stupid act with Yeye =D .. well, in the future, all these memory will play “nothing” with a perfect person beside him =3 ..

  6. Lol… Imagining the girls face after she saw this…….
    Well, her lose is our gain!! 😀
    Yesung is now Sexy Free and Single!!! XP

    • 100 likes for your comment *thumbs up*

      • LOL! totally agree xD

  7. poor yesung… but now, im sure that girl must live in regret because break up with u..

  8. Our poor guys T-T Why are girls always cheating on them?!?! First the story with Hyuk and his ex and now Yesung … they will find someone in the future who loves them wholeheartely, bcus they deserve it 🙂

  9. mr. kim is doing great now and thing’s getting better and better. goodnite

  10. this teach me that we must appreciate someone who loves us and try to understand that person because we might regret later when we reject the love without it

  11. Yesung is the perfect boyfriend material!

  12. Yesung is my Dream man.. 🙂

  13. Oh, that girl hurts Yesung so much. I will never do it to Yesung if I am her girlfriend.

  14. Awwww :'(| that’s so sad T T

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