121225 K.R.Y. Promise You – Japanese, English, & Romanization [Lyrics]

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~K.R.Y. 1st Japan Original Single : 【Promise You】~

変わらない何かを探しながら 変わっていく季節を歩いた
君といつでも 手を繋ぎながら来たんだ
手探りで進んできた日々も 君がいたから迷わずに来られた 強くいれた

これから あらゆる 景色が変わったとしても 僕らはこのままでいよう

Promise You君を想って 僕は生きるよ 繋がっている 心と心から
Promise You伝えたいのは ただ愛してる 誓うよ 永遠の欠片を

小さな喧嘩を何度もしたね すれ違い離れた日もあるし
その度いつも 君が必要って分かったんだ
君がもしも躓くときには 誰より一番に手を差し伸べる 僕でいたいよ

別れと 出会いを 繰り返していく中でも 僕らは隣にいよう

Promise You君を守って僕は生きたい 胸が熱く (この恋???)溢れてる(?)
Promise You届けたいのは ただ愛してる いつでも 揺るがない想いで

もしも明日が闇に飲まれて 道標さえ ないとしても
怖がる ことはないよ、この手を離さない限り
僕らは Oh~ きっと どこへも行ける

Promise You君を思って僕は生きるよ 繋がっている心と心から
Promise You伝えたいのは ただ愛してる 誓うよ 永遠の欠片を
誓うよ 永遠の欠片を
While seeking unchanged things, we’ve walked in the changing seasons.
Always we came along together holding our hands.
I could passed the days I wasn’t sure without losing a way thanks for you,
and I could stay strong anytime.
Even though much scenery might be changed in our future, we won’t be changed.

Promise you. I will live thinking of you. We are the one from heart to heart.
Promise You. What I want to tell is just “I love you”.
I will promise the piece of eternity.

We’ve had many little quarrels. We also had some days apart each other.
But each time, it reminded me that I need you.
When you have difficulties, I want to be the first man who gives you a hand.
Let me stay beside you.

Even if we repeat parting or encounter,
let’s stay next to one another.

Promise You. I want to protect you in my whole life, my heart is hot
(and being full of love??)
Promise You, what I want to send you is just “I love you” with never changed love.

If tomorrow is covered with darkness and there is no way,
you need not to be afraid. Unless you leave my hand,
we can go anywhere.

I will promise the piece of eternity.


Kawaranai nanikawo sagashinagara kawatteiku kisetsu wo aruita
Kimito itsudemo tewo tsunaginagara kitanda
Tesaguride susunde kita michimo kimiga itakara mayowazuni korareta tsuyoku ireta
Donna tokimo

Korekara arayuru keshikiga kawattatoshitemo bokurawa konomamade iyo

Promise You, kimiwo omotte bokuwa ikiruyo tsunagatteiru kokoroto kokorokara
Promise You, tsutaetainowa tada aishiteru chikauyo eienno kakerawo

Chiisana kenkawo nandomo shitane surechigai hanareta himo arushi
Sonotabi itsumo kimiga hitsuyotte wakattanda
Kimiga moshimo tsumazuku tokiniwa dareyori ichibani tewo sashinoberu bokude itaiyo
Sobani isasete

Wakareto deaiwo kurikaeshiteiku nakademo bokurawa tonarini iyo

Promise You, kimiwo mamotte bokuwa ikitai munega atsuku (konokoi fureteru?)
Promise You, todoketainowa tada aishiteru itsudemo yuruganai omoide

Moshimo ashitaga yamini nomarete michishirube sae naitoshitemo
Kowagaru kotowa naiyo konotewo hanasanai kagiri
Bokurawa (kitto) dokoedemo ikeru

Promise You, kimiwo omotte bokuwa ikiruyo, tsunagatteiru kokoro to kokoro kara
Promise You, tsutaetainowa tada aishiteru chikauyo eien no kakerawo
Chikauyo eien no kakerawo

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  1. Thank you for this! It can be hard for me to find Japanese lyrics with the kanjil I always run into ONLY romanization. It helps a lot with studying the language. ^.^

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