121218 Super Junior K.R.Y ‘Promise You’ album cover [3P]

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Credit: ♥ Eunhyuk ♥ Donghae ♥ ♥ _ ♥ (2dh_1015)
Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (
Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you. 

Single ‘Promise You’ will release in 23/1/2013

They will have 3 type:

CD+DVD version with 1890 yen (tax in)

  K.R.Y Promise You 1

1. Promise You

・Promise You – Music Video –
・Making Clip

Also include  1 random card in 6 cards (with small type)

CD only – ELF-JAPAN version with 1050 yen (tax in)

(this type is limited and can be sold out after the time pre-order ended)

K.R.Y Promise You 2

1. Promise You
2. Hanamizuki
3. Promise – Less Vocal –

[CD-EXTRA]Promise You -Music Video-「type B」

Include 1 random card in 3 cards (large type) and 1 calendar

CD-EXTRA can be played on PC, you also can watch MV on PC.

CD only with 1050 yen (tax in)

K.R.Y Promise You

1. Promise You
2. Hanamizuki
3. Promise – Less Vocal –

Also include  1 random card in 6 cards (with small type)

hey will sell all these type in KRY’s concert in Kobe and Budokan but it’s limited. Can be sold out early!

When you buy any type in the concert you can get sticker and a board that may have KRY’s signature on it.

They has apply 2 awards for ELF:

A:  3 ELF can win 3 T-shirt with member’s signature on it.

B: 10 T-shirt will give away for 10 lucky ELF

More infomation about this will be update later by Avex

Any question please mention @BCwithSJ13

Translation by: BCwithSJ13 

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  2. sooo it’s gonna be album??? not just single, right???

    • if its just 2 songs, its kinda like a single then

  3. excuse me, the 1st pic is cover of CD ver or CD + DVD ver? tks

  4. WOAH =OOOO ..

  5. OMG !!!!!!!!!

  6. sth is wrong in the first pic, ryeowook kyuhyun yesung

    • it means KRY = Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung.. it’s not bout who’s who in the picture..n kyuhyun has to be in the center in KRY

  7. the last pic ?
    kyu is transparant ? o.O

    • yah! surely they can photoshop it better, right!?

  8. woooooo they even can’nt be more handsome! right??

  9. I want a whole CD!!!

  10. Ok, damn…. J-ELF are lucky…

    • I ELF can buy it too. I am from Canada but I will order it on yesasia

      • I know ^^ I mean the special gifts they’re gonna have a chance winning with the CDs at the KRY concerts. They are so lucky about that ><

  11. so non J-ELF can get the regular CD version, right?

  12. kyaaaaaaaaa finally !!

  13. They’re really handsome… but the photoshop is really shit

  14. OMG!!
    I wanna get all><

  15. Yesung rocks the all-black suit!!

  16. first pict.. yesung’s like a boss..COOL

  17. wuahhhhh kyu menonjol klo gk ad siwon!!

  18. daebaaakk……. naneun jeongmal juhaeyo..

  19. waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! i really can’t wait until the 23rd!!! i wanna listen to kry’s promise you soo bad!!! >_< and i wanna buy their first ever album!! XD

  20. but where can we buy it ? same with SJM’s Break Down i can’t find it 😦

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