Housewives Select Super Junior’s Heechul as least desirable Son-In-Law – From 121214

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Super Junior’s Heechul Voted #1 Least Wanted Son-In-Law – From 121214

Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul is popular with the ladies but apparently that’s one of the reasons why mid-aged housewives aren’t exactly warmed up to the idea of him marrying their daughters.

In the next episode of MBC Music’s All The K-Pop a special winter episode will air.

During the episode, the results of an old survey conducted on 100 middle-aged housewives from a singing class before Leeteuk’s army enlistment will be revealed. The survey asked which Super Junior member they would least want as a future son-in-law.

Kim Heechul came in first, well ahead of the other members, to show he was the least wanted Super Junior member as a son-in-law.Surveyors commented, “With his looks, he looks like many [other] women would follow him around” and “He looks like he would cheat a lot”, on their reasons for Kim Heechul’s selection. Following behind Kim Heechul was Yesung in second and Choi Siwon in third.Leeteuk came in last, as the most wanted potential son-in-law.

Leeteuk also weighed in on the matter saying, “Heechul has a very particular merit. It’s one where once you fall for him, you can’t fall out… If I was a woman, I would find it very difficult as well.”

The full results and episode will air on December 14.

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  1. ….. What?? How is Yeye second??

    • yeah. i am asking myself the same question too. he might be weird, but he has all the family guy character, well thats what he appears to us as. i understand why siwon is not desirable, maybe bcoz he’s too handsome and prince-like, but yesung????

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