Super Junior’s Heechul Voted #1 Least Wanted Son-In-Law – From 121214

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Super Junior’s Heechul Voted #1 Least Wanted Son-In-Law

Heechul, from boy group Super Junior, has been voted as the least wanted son-in-law among his idol group.

On December 14, cable channel MBC Music’s music variety show “All the K-Pop” broadcasted clips that previously didn’t make the cut as a special for the holidays.

For Super Junior’s segment, the clip that was aired discussed the members’ popularity as son-in-laws. 100 women were asked to pick which Super Junior member they didn’t want to have as a son-in-law and Kim Heechul was ranked first.

One of the women explained, “It seems like many girls will follow him because of his beautiful face.” Another inserted, “He seems like a player.”

Leeteuk shared, “Heechul has a mysterious charm. Once you fall for him, it’s hard to get out of it… if I was a girl, it would be really hard” and he laughed.

Meanwhile, the broadcast shared that Yesung was ranked second and Choi Siwon was ranked third. Leeteuk was ranked last, showing that he’s the one most mothers would want to have as a son-in-law.

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  1. Seriously, why is Yesung second least wanted son-in-law… he’s one of the MOST flial idols out there… Yesung is hardwoking – he has his own buisness, he treasures his family VERY much, he’s talented in singing, he’s good looking, he can be both funny and serious when it’s needed… what’s not to like O_O

    • totally agree!!
      yesung always talk about his family, and always cry and DO SOMETHING for them and i thought, “isnt he just like anyone’s ideal son?” honesty!
      i always thought he is one who will be liked by ANY parents so when i saw his name on big 3 i was like “WTH?!” i mean, what do they look for a son-in-law?
      but if their reasons are jus because he looks scary (coz i know his sharp-eyes are quite issue) well, obviously they dont know him well…

    • I guess those mothers/women/whatever just saw the pic’s of them, knowing nothing about SJ and probably saw a picture where Yesung’s looking seriously and voila…
      I’m more shocked for Siwon… but I guess it’s because he is too beautiful >_<

      • not surprised about heechul and siwon because they probably thought they are players. but yesung? maybe they are afraid of he might hit their girls with his dancing.
        also surprised that leeteuk is in the last place. i was expecting ryeowook or sungmin because they are cute and look harmless.

        • The voters were middle-aged women, who probably know the group because everybody knows the group, but not each individual members very well. So they probably seen photos of Yesung with his huge stylish glasses, bleached-blond hair, shirt with skulls, and thought he looked too goth/punk. As for Leeteuk being first, I’m pretty sure to middle-aged women, he’s the most well-known member, having been MC on so many shows they watch.

  2. these ladies are saying it right! lol… i think the future mother in law of heenim should be able to handle other fan girls.. haha…

  3. may be they tht that siwon was too perfect for there daughters

  4. argh mothers. u should watch youtube more, and not just tv.

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