121214 Which Super Junior members were picked as the most and least wanted son-in-law?

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On December 14th, MBC Music‘s ‘All the K-POP‘ ran a survey where they asked 100 housewives which Super Junior member they didn’t want as a son-in-law.

According to the survey of the 100 housewives, Heechul was chosen as the member they least wanted as a son-in-law. Many of the housewives said, “He seems to be too popular with women“, and “He looks like a player“. When Leeteuk saw the result, he said, “Heechul has an eerie charm. He has a dangerous charm where people who fall for him can never come back out… If I was a woman, I’d be suffering“.

Yesung ranked #2 and Siwon ranked #3 on the list of least-wanted son-in-laws. Leeteuk was ranked last, meaning that most people wanted him as a son-in-law.

Source: allkpop
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  1. Why wouldn’t someone want Yeye as their son-in-law? He’s so filial! Actually, why wouldn’t someone want ANY of the members as a son-in-law??? lol…To me, they would be quite perfect ^^

    • AGREEE…..

  2. Heechul a player. Giggle

  3. poor heechul i feel sorry for him . but what ever i am sure he is cool with it even yesung and siwon O_O why ??

  4. HeeChul? I don’t think he looks like a player…

  5. Heechul dont look like player but we have understand his feelings in positive way then everything will be positive no worry cindrella we are there to love you.

  6. my 2 bias, Heechul and Yesung ranked in top 2… i won’t care what my parents say if i get to marry them!! 😛
    Leeteuk is right!!!… “He has a dangerous charm where people who fall for him can never come back out”
    I’ve sure fallen for Heechul and I am suffering because I am missing him too much!

  7. Isn’t anyone going to mention why Siwon is the 3rd least wanted? Like, are you kidding me? Why?! What is it with him that housewives see his lack of qualifications as their son-in-law? It’s probably that he’s so flawless that girls would flock him and thereby not ensuring their daughters welfare…? I don’t get it.

    • And I seriously want to point out how Leeteuk has a reputation of being a player yet he’s number one. : )) And I wanna see the full ranking list! 😀

    • He maybe perfect as a man, but i’m not sure it’s everything needed in a son-in-law that every mother-in-law wants. It’s just that these mothers don’t feel like them as a son-in-law…that’s their choice and i have no surprise.
      But honestly, i’m more shock at LeeTeuk being at the bottom of the list. I thought he supposed to be in the 2nd place.

      • Maybe it’s cause they saw how good he treated Kang Sora in We Got Married…..

    • exactly are my thoughts, every mother has their own preferences for their child.maybe the mothers surveyed for this saw their ideal in-laws in other members :))

  8. Eunhyuk should have been the last in the ranking…He treats his parents nice.
    How come Teuki is the last?? He has a lot of women numbers….i thought mothers don’t like it??

  9. I guess I understand the point of the mothers
    Anyway, they had to choose, and I suppose they chose based on a mental picture of putative trustworthiness and safety
    According to that, I would choose Wookie to be my son in law 😀

  10. lol! 83 lines is always opposite with each other! 1st and last

  11. Hehehe…I agree with Leeteuk is special..he always has great reputation among general public’s elderly people…

  12. Innocent people. Heechul has ALWAYS appealed to older women. But not on behalf of their daughters.^^

  13. Why Is yesung least desirable……. I want an explanation

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