121212 Leeteuk’s Letter to Strong Heart [TRANS]

December 12, 2012 at 9:23 am | Posted in Leeteuk, Wonderboys | 10 Comments


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I am training soldier number 85, Park Jungsoo who is putting down his title as a “Hallyu Star” for a little while to reform into a man of South Korea! I’ve adapted to this place very well and is leading a very healthy life.
From suju’s leader to an army leader now, I am now taking care of 240 training soldiers by representing them as the company commander.
At this place, its time to go to bed at 10. Once I laid down, I will recall Dongyeobbie-hyung’s rated 19 comment. I kept not being able to sleep well at night..imagining things at this place. I am completely going crazy.
Dongwookie-hyung! You’ve won the best newcomer award at the entertainment awards this time. I’m congratulating you in advance.
Boom hyung! When you come to visit, don’t come alone. From the bottom of my heart! Don’t laugh.
Eunhyuk-ah! You liked it that hyung went (to the army) right? You don’t have much (time) left either.
And Kyungrimmie noona and Juri, you guys are doing well right? After coming to the army, I found out a new truth. (The people in my) company said that the 2 of you are pretty! It was really a shock.
Gisoo-hyung! Its late but congratulations on your marriage! Luckily I enlisted before the wedding dinner (so) I saved on the money gift!
Until that day when I get discharged from the army! Everyone, be healthy and happy~ but 29th July 2014[that day that he gets discharged]…will that day come…? I will work hard in my army life in order to come back~! Salute!

Source & Translated by: @teukables 
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: Destinyhae




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  1. What’s the rated 19 comment ? >< XD

  2. oh my leader T_T .. I cried =( .. but in the same time I was happy and smiling since he is doing well and healthy ~^_^ .. and yeah everyone missed him so much and he seems missed him self too between his friends and members ! .. but what did he mean when he said : “Eunhyuk-ah! You liked it that hyung went (to the army) right? You don’t have much (time) left either.”
    is that mean Eunhyuk will go to the army soon ?! OMG ! I feel like all of them will be disappeared in the army =\ !! .. well, I know that all them are strong enough, and this letter from my leader made a warm feeling in all ELF’s heart ^_^ ..

  3. so touched… but eunhyuk… of course all of them will go to the army soon… thats the fact!!! but we will wait for them!!! leeteuk fighting!! SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING<3!!!

  4. thanks for the translation

  5. Going to bed at 10pm! That may sound crazy, but that makes me so happy… I’m sure he’ll get more rest in his 2 years of service then he had since becoming a trainee. 😉

    • Glad to hear he is doing well and can get more rest ^^

  6. mmmmmmmm it is 1Y 7M 16D and he will comeback 593 days = 14232 hours i will wait for you our leader 🙂 ..

  7. poor thing its not easy transiting from hallyyu star where everyone adores you to.a normal soldier with just a number for a name

  8. 당연하지! 7월 29일 내 생일이야. 오빠는 내 특별한 선물이 될수 있네요. 오빠의 이름처럼. 우리는 (엘프) 오빠를 기다릴게용~ ^^

  9. 당연하지! 7월 29일 내 생일이야. 오빠는 내
    특별한 선물이 될수 있네요. 오빠의
    이름처럼. 우리는 (엘프) 오빠를 기다릴게요! 화이팅! 사렁해용~ ^^

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