121202 Epik High Tablo Twitter Update: SJ during Don’t Hate Me

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Compilation: 121129-? MAMA 2012 with Super Junior

@blobyblo monitoring MAMA now~ We really look like crazy people keke anyways SJ during Don’t Hate Me is the good example of how you enjoy performances by others hehe


Translated by: @NKSubs 

Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: Destinyhae



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  1. of course… SJ is the best as always… They are considerate to others that is why the camera is always focused on them…

    • exactly and ppl then are the urge to blame them for hogging the camera… y r ur oppas doing anything more entertaining then them? ppl need to realise that those that entertain get the focus and just deal with it

  2. Lol. .sj enjoys all types of music, regardless of the label they belong to. .

  3. Our boys definitely know how to party!

  4. And what did he do when SJ performed?
    Eew. He seems like a hypocrite.. and I don’t like him..
    In fact, except PSY, I think all the YG artists that night did not give due respect to SJ.
    You guys should know what I’m talking about right?

    • wat happened? i do realise that suju were very supportive of other artists and when they were on shinee and exo were really supportive, but i dont know about the others.. wat did they do?

      • i think it’s about Tablo doing horse dance during SJ performance caught in camera.

        • i swa it but i didn’t find it disrespectful ! the camera focused on him so he just wanted to do the funny dance !
          fans always exagerate !

          • yea i think so too. i dont think he meant anything by it– he was talking about psy sitting next to him…

    • I guess he was just playing along, though. Tablo was focused with Psy when SJ performed so he just went on and did the horse dance gesture. No big deal if you’d ask me. Actually, SJ and Epik High go way back and are pretty close. Heechul’s very close with Mithra and so are the others, like Tablo & his “doppleganger” Eunhyuk. I’m sorry but I just don’t want any issues made up against these artists (like being hypocrites and all) who are actually friends. This twitter update actually makes me quite happy.

      • I agree with you 🙂 I think that night he was in his Joker character and that’s why he acted very different from himself! I’ve seen Tablo and Mithra with SJ on different shows from way, way back and they were always very close and friendly. I think Mithra is in Chocoball, no? I don’t believe his recent entry in YG would convert him to a different person, it was probably just his ‘character’ 🙂

        • Yeah! Plus I really don’t like the notion everyone is made to believe that everyone in YG are stuck-up. SM YG fighting!

          • Agree with you. If SJ respect every artist even its their competitors, so we also have to respect them too 😀

            • this is one happy tweet pic! ^^

            • agree ^^

    • No, as other have said, Epik High and SJ go way back. They’re good friends and the only instance I can think of when you think he was being a hypocrite was when he did the horse dance when SJ was on stage. He was beside Psy that time and when he saw the camera focused on him, he did that dance instead of doing something else like thumbs up, touch his face, smile, etc. I didn’t think he was being hypocritical, just playing up for the cam which was normal.

      • Aree with u i mean SJ Dont need other support ELF can do it !
        but show some respect for god sake ! even shinee and exo ! I was really surprised by all of them
        nd i know tht SJ nd epic high are close friends..but i didnt like he’s reaction tht night

        but i really learn from Oppas.. if other is rude will you dont have to be like them act classy and enjoy 🙂

    • I agree. YG did not give respect 😦 when SJ won album bigbang looked so pissed off

  5. You know what is disappointing? The fact that us ELF support other bands in general but those bands’ fans don’t support SJ, they hate them 😦 Maybe we shouldn’t be so supportive either, I do not mean hate them, we ELF are better than that.

    • yes and other artists don’t even respect SJ, I think some ELFs would rather ignore these issues than defend SJ, whatever happened to our Promise To Protect them? and fans keep saying that SJ are friends with those artists so it’s all good, well, just because they seem like very good friends in front of the camera doesn’t really mean that they like each other deep inside, so let’s be realistic people. we know what we saw, please Tablo don’t insult our intelligence. does he actually think that fangirls are stupid and can be easily manipulated by a simple twitter update?!!!

      • Suju and Epik High are tight. They don’t need “protecting” from their own friends and only people who enjoy stupid and unnecessary fanwars over trivial issues would think that.

      • I don’t really get where you’re coming from. What manipulation? Tablo was just appreciating the support they got from their co-artists in the industry that’s why he posted this screencap. Like I said, he was focused with Psy and he played along. We can’t easily say they’re faking everything, their friendship even, because we don’t actually (personally) know them.

      • i dont care about epick high i care that suju are nice so iwill be nice if all the world hate us and suju i will be nice if we elf and suju alwayes be with each other i think that is the point i will not be as low as the others

    • That’s not exactly true, other fans are also supportive of SJ especially Cassies. It’s not good to generalize that all other fandoms don’t support SJ or hate them. There are just fans here and there in other fandoms who don’t like them but not necessarily the whole fandom they belong to. Even among us ELF, not all of us are actually supportive of other groups.

      • agree!

    • I don’t think thats the correct way to deal with that kind of things. If you don’t like some idols it’s your decision if you want to support them or not as long as you respect the artist and their fans. And I also think not all fans from other fandoms are like that, even in allkpop site where you can find many rude fans, sometimes you can see fans from other idols praising and even defending our members so don’t generalize because it’s not fair to them. Treat people the same way you want them to treat you 🙂

  6. so proud as always

  7. Suju is so supportive throughout the ceremony. The were ever humorous when the camera focused on them bringing laughs to the audience. Ryeo wook look so cute in this picture! Looks just like the eternal maknae he is. Shin dongle and dong hae definitely look like they are loving the performance. No wonder suju can be loved by so many…

    • Agree!! All throughout the show, they were smiling, cheering up, and just like this pic shows, dancing to other artists performances. That’s why they got so much camera time, because they always had a nice response, and the audience loved it and so do we. And yesssss wookie was extra adorable<3

    • Yes… That’s why the camera caught them a lot. They always look happy and enjoy the show. If you were the host of such party/award ceremonies, you’d prefer showing the tv audiences about those who truly seem to enjoy the party…rather than those who look ‘flat face’ and just act cool, right?
      Especially bcz they can make the crowd go wild and scream happily. Hahaha…
      Such a mood-booster. 🙂

  8. that was sweet of him ^^

  9. Boys just wanna have fun…

  10. how about suju reaction during big bang performance…i want to see their reaction badly..btw,i love 2011 MAMA performance more than this year..but suju always great anyway

    • Agree… I always think that starting SJ’s performance/appearance with ‘Superman’ is very spectacular indeed. Surely show who they are: Superman!!! And the music. ….. (spectacular!!!)
      Though…as you said…. They are always great in many many ways.

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