121130 Siwon Twitter Update: MAMA!

November 30, 2012 at 4:03 pm | Posted in Awards, Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, M.Net, Pictures/Videos, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 11 Comments

Compilation: 121129-? MAMA 2012 with Super Junior

Although I couldn’t attend because of drama filming, I’m watching! MAMA!pic.twitter.com/vDRWunxk
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Source: @siwon407
Translated at sup3rjunior.com by: reneee



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  1. Great! Congrats!

  2. u are the best for ever^^congrats

  3. Comment Removed by uksujusid.

    • Well he can’t help it, it’s not like he decide his own schedule or something, plus at least be thankful that he is an active SJ member, who actually let us fan know what he is doing. If he’s not an SJ member, i don’t think he would be posting all of these, and without Siwon or other members SJ is nothing.

    • you better think at least 1 minute before speaking like this!
      I’m one of those who’s become an ELF because of Siwon’s dramas and i know hundreds of ELF like myself. so I really appreciate his activities. He’s promoting SJ too.
      besides, Can’t you feel how much he wanted to be with others even though you see his tweet?
      if he was “escaping” as you say, he wouldn’t tweet like this. No, he would leave SJ long time ago just like a certain someone. it’s not like this that he can’t do this!
      Siwon LOVES Super Junior and members strongly and you can’t ignore it!

    • Yeah, tell me about it …. This guy would rather choose to jump into the winter ocean for that drama as an ‘excuse’ than to be on stage that was live-streamed over 16 nations and being a camera-whore to steal all the spotlight from other members just as those among ELF always call him.
      So, be there or not be there …. get bash either ways. Tsk….tsk…. Life is not as easy as it seems, isn’t it? And we surely pretend not to know or rather ignore all rational reasons, that few already have been pointed out by some readers here, to justify or just at least to try to undertsand his absence.

    • why my comment has removed? I didnt say anything wrong its my opinion as i have right to comment.Yes he is escaping the concert and award functions

      • Sid was doing great job…

        where on earth this alien is come from? *roll eyes*
        no one ever think about such-stupid “escaping”-word… blah!

        • I think ur alien

  4. It really makes me mad when I see people bash Siwon for not being with SJ, especially because of his drama. He can’t just ‘skip’ filming for a day, Korean dramas have the live shooting system, where Siwon is literally recording scenes for next weeks episodes. I will be eternally grateful for him being an actor because otherwise I wouldn’t have known Super Junior. So keep up your hard work Siwon, fighting!

  5. Siwon’s drama is great! Hwaiting~ ^^
    Ignore what others say, they are foolish.

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