121130 MAMA 2012 “There was a small incident that happened off camera at MAMA” [FanAccount]

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Compilation: 121129-? MAMA 2012 with Super Junior

There was a small incident that happened off camera at MAMA. When the two actresses and Seungjun Yoo were introducing the movie, ‘The 12 animal signs’, the audience’s reaction was only lukewarm. Super Junior members immediately turned around and encouraged the audience to applaud. In the end, the entire hall was filled with screams and applause. Even though Yoo Seungjun was wearing shades, you could sense how moved he was. This is the type of warm-hearted men SJ Oppas are.

Source: B222222222 
Translation by: scarkyu 
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid

You can watch the clip here —> http://global.mnet.com/mnettv/videodetail.m?searchVideoDetailVO.clip_id=151027 

at 26.30!


I just thought this is definitely worth a post..


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  1. Awesome :’)

  2. I thought that that was quiet obvious because the actresses were kind of lost and they did not let him(the actor?) introduce himself, and then there were Shin, Ryeo and I can’t remember the other member, maybe Sungmin or Hae :s Clapping and making signs encouraging the actor LOL good thing that a fan cleared that up.
    Proud of my babies :)!

  3. Whats the matter is, people doesn’t need to know how awesome, heart-warming Super Junior is. They are good people, imperfectly perfect, just enough for me<3

  4. I watched the online streaming and was a little confused when this happened, one moment the guy was talking and suddenly Donghae and the rest of SuJu was standing applauding and motioning for the audience to do the same, and then everyone was on their feet. My Korean its not that good so I thought I had missed something, but this is what really happened. The guy did seemed move by what they did. Wow!!!!! our oppas are the best, really deabak, always looking out for everyone, but then I’ve always known this, its why we all love them so much <3<3<3

  5. i was watching it online when it happened,and at first i thought it had to do with suju because as soon as the camera got them, everyone started clapping and cheering and they crowd just went crazy for them, but since it kept happening through the awards, just a glimpse of one of the members and people would go crazy for them. But i did notice how they guy kid of like bowed to them when they started cheering, he looked moved. Certainly our oppas are just awesome, we have always know how good they are, and their big big heart .SJ saranghae!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. woooooooooooh ! so awesome ^O^ ..

  7. They are not just good idols, they are good people 🙂 that was so nice from them ❤

  8. It wasn’t off camera, I saw it and I didn’t get it until now so thank you!! This is another proof that our guys are awesome!!

  9. it make me proud to be an elf

    • Me too!

  10. LIKE button!!! Our oppas is awesome

  11. It wasn’t off camera.

  12. That is why SJ oppas are the best !!!! But no one talks about the good things they do!!! Instead they put articles of them , that makes ppl criticize them~ Uri Oppa JJIANG!!

  13. is there any video? I want to watch it 😦

    • Me too I missed the entire awards TT_TT

  14. i dont understand what happened even i watched MAMA live?? can some one explain????

    • so, there’s 3 artist who come on stage, but there’s so little cheers for them… so, when the camera goes to Super Junior, the boys encourage the audience (who mostly is ELF :p) to cheer for those artist….

  15. they are naturally kind-hearted people, so they are forever good people on and off screen…proud of our boys!!! ^^ jjang!

  16. yeah i watched e shw life.it was an anticlimax at tat point bcos psy just finished singing gangnam style and e mood was high.then these 3 presenters come out who are all quite unknown to hk or overseas audience.whatsmore the first speaker was a china actress with a super high pitch voice.so it was very very weird to see n hear them after Psy.just bad planning by e production pple!

  17. Aww :’) Yes. It’s definitely worth a post!

  18. Can someone give me a video of it so I can make an article in Daily Kpop News. It’s so unfortunate for ELFs and SuJu that people don’t recognize their good deeds. I think this situation worth a post. Link me the video. My twitter is @KYUriShana Thank you.

    • wow! thanks a lot.. hopefully we can read your article soon

  19. I remember this!! First it was Yeye who started motioning to scream and then Shindong, Sungmin and I don’t remember, either Hae or Wook joined him! I was so proud! 🙂

    And I remember the guy in shades (Yoo Seungjun?) was very moved and he even BOWED in thanks a couple of times in SJ’s direction!! ❤

    • Yes that is right ..first i was so mad when the ladies did not give him interesting
      …but when it came his turn sj and fans gave him what he deserved ..at that time i was so happy 4 him & SJ s!

  20. i saw this too… that time i was confused and so this is really what they mean… I am so really proud of our boys…. SUPER JUNIOR NEVER DIE…. coz they are awesome in so many ways!

  21. owh, I remember now…at first I thought he is SJ’s friend and they know each other and thats y our boys act like that…now I know the real situation…so proud with SJ’s kindness heart… 🙂

  22. Wow..even though the venue full with ELF but SJ not arrogant and let their fan screams for others too…SJ personality always the best..

  23. really makes me want to cry of proudness.. PROUD ELF here ❤

  24. Is there anyone have the video? I really want to see the video.. I’m so proud to SJ..

    • u can go to global mnet and watch part 4…the incident is after psy perf.

  25. One of the moments where I am proud to b an ELF..

  26. yoo sungjoon was banned from Korea for his controversial actions 10 years ago. He cant enter korea *which is his own country* bcoss his own mistake,, he now work at hongkong in Jackie chan management and cant go to korea, maybe he really miss korea…
    he was very moved because our oppa really appreciated him, they applaud, clapped and respect him,, that’s why he looked so moved with superjunior action.
    For my opinion superjunior have the best manner over all Kpop artist,,They’re really humble, have respect and most important is they love ELF,, that’s why i am really proud being ELF,, i love them… ><

  27. Maybe the boys think they should stand up as most of the audience are ELF and they are the only one who would be able to make the audience cheer for the guy!! And yes, that guy looked so moved by them :’)

  28. i’ll never regret being an ELF for all my life

    • exactly are my thoughts! proud to be an ELF

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