121130 MAMA 2012 Album of the Year, Best Global Group (Male) & Line Award – Super Junior [Cut]

November 30, 2012 at 3:29 pm | Posted in Awards, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 29 Comments

Compilation: 121129-? MAMA 2012 with Super Junior

Album of the year speech, Hyuk: 2012 seems to be the year that KPOP is glowing, all of our singers have worked hard. Even though he isn’t here but I want to thank teukie hyung. Thank you everyone. We are super juni~or!

Credit: SJ资讯台猬 
Translation by: @teukables

Credit: Excentrique2106

Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.com)


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  1. Chukkae!! 3award!!! I’m so Happy!!

  2. Huuuaaa.. Like it.. Congratz.. At least they get 3 award and I’m so happy now..

  3. congrats ma Boys.. really proud of u

  4. My boys, I really proud of you I always love you and i hope you feel happy

  5. just one thing I’m gonna to say:
    It was an AWESOME broadcast and our angels made SUPER JUNIOR on all K-POP ..

  6. 축하 해요boys..you guys did it again..group hug ELF ❤

  7. congratulations oppa has received the prestigious award.fighting muahzzz ❤ saranghae

  8. chukkae to super junior oppa… 🙂

  9. congtars suju:-) congrats ELF<3


  10. Congrats Suju & ELF! Happy for the boys :))

  11. Congrats to our boys!!! I’m so happy! 😀

    Although I still don’t get what the LINE award was? XD

    • If i’m not wrong, it’s an award where fan vote for their artist through mobile phone, and whoever have the most vote win.

  12. congrats boys!!! ahh.. i love these guys! btw, guys i just read some akp comments and it was really hurtful to see most of them are hate words toward SJ.. SJ totally don’t and never deserve those hate words.. it just so disappointing.. i mean SJ is like a stepping stone for other kpop acts to spread kpop around the globe.. i just dun get it.. BUT, the most important and heartwarming thing is that MOST ELF are congratulating other winners and don’t even bother to reply most of the hateful comments and i am really proud of that and no wonder SJ n ELF are strong people.. no matter how much hate they recieve, ELF will always stay strong and keep stronger and bigger (seriously many thing related to SJ were trending on twitter almost every week! its just prove how big this fandom is) am telling you this, i really love SJ and ELF and always proud to be part of this fandom! Prom15e to 13elieve the Last Man Standing! Sorry for writing this long, just wanna share my feelings.. thanks!

    • I love what you wrote, and is all very true. But like you said, the majority of elfs are congratulating the other groups a well, just like they were all waving their sapphire blue light sticks at mama for everyone else. Those that say hurtful words towards our boys are doing it simply because they feel threatened and know that SJ is and will always be the strongest competition and that we will always support them. SJ & ELF Standing Together!!!! <3<3<3

    • Everything you said is so true, i agree with you. I went on allkpop earlier and wow, that site is like an anti-suju or something, it’s annoying to be honest. As long as we support our boys, it will make us stronger and proves to everyone that nothing can bring us down.

    • I wish I could thumbs up your comment 🙂

    • As long as SuJu has ELFs and ELFs have SuJu, nothing else matters. All the other groups can say whatever they want, but only us, the real elfs are going to know what this fandom is really about, loving, caring and supporting each other. We know where we stand, at the top with them. Suju oppas and elfs fighting!!! “SJ in the house, make way for the new King” <3<3<3

    • suju really brought the house down. i’m very proud of them. if there are anti-sujus, let us not be like them and let us congratulate others too instead. i don’t know why they have to bash them. some say they were insecure but i won’t say anything though. i’ll just keep my focus on super junior and their gift of music. thanks for the music, super junior!

    • And this is why I never bother going on AKP. It started out as a trash mag online which has always bashed SJ from the beginning and they’re still doing it now but of course, they try to be more subtle about it coz they’re trying to establish themselves as a “respectable” kpop news site. That’s why I’m hoping that sup3rjunior doesn’t post akp news on here so that new ELFs don’t find that site and think that it’s actually a reliable source of info.

      • Oh forgot to add that SJ has a lot of antis because they’re still super popular. It comes with the fame :D. I’m very proud of you ELFs who posted above me because you’re all so nice and positive about this. True ELFs! <333 But I confess that sometimes I actually enjoy seeing the antis seethe and rant because they are so pressed that SJ is still winning and still has love from their fans. LOL

  13. i can`t see it :S! it`s already blocked!!

  14. OMG ! the videos are deleted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please – anyone or the supervisor – can you help me to find another links T_____T .. I wanna to keeping this precious moment in my laptop =( ..

    • Try checking Mnet YouTube page, they are uploading the performances and I believe the cuts from the different groups as well:)

      • yeah it works =D .. thanks a lot ^____^ .. even if it’s a few videos but now I’m charged with hope =3 ..


  16. Well done! Great effort. Forever loving.

  17. its banned.. please reupload it.. :((

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