SM Entertainment artists tweet their ‘SM TOWN in SINGAPORE’ experiences – From 121124

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Compilation: 121122-?? SMTown Singapore with Super Junior

SM Entertainment artists tweeted their ‘SM TOWN IN SINGAPORE‘ experiences.

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyunshared his before-concert experience, writing, “I was on the internet and rocking back and forth on my chair waiting for the SM TOWN concert to begin, and I fell backward… ㅠㅠ I put on a show by myself rolling around because it hurt, and when I got up my arm was like this!!!” and attached a photo of his scraped arm.

Yesung snapped a selca with Donghae and Kangin to thank his fans, writing, “The Singapore SM concert is done ^^ Even though it was raining, thanks everyone~“.

Kangin also wrote, “I had so much fun. Bye, Singapore. Thanks everyone so much“.

Donghae took a selca with Eunhyuk and wrote,

Thank’s Singapore !!  We ganna go to Thai !! For SM Town !! See u soon Thai ELF !!^ ^

Ryeowook tweeted in celebration of the ending of the concert and to wish good luck for the next, writing, “The dongsengs that I like.. Onew with the beautiful voice ^.~ He was the first for Open arms;; Chen’s like my hyung ke. Baekhyun is pretty everywhere~ Let’s do tomorrow’s Thailand SMTOWN concert, too~~♥”.

Source: Super Junior Member’s Twitter Accounts and allkpop
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  1. They’re also come to my country for SMTown concert, but no one tweet about the concert and their fans. I think no one exited T___T

    Its so sad, hmmm… i cant explain what i feel, seriously its disappointed.

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