121123 OFFICIAL, SMTown Singapore Press Conference – Donghae [8P]

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Compilation: 121122-?? SMTown Singapore with Super Junior

Reupload and Posted by: reneee (
Please credit ‘SUP3RJUNIOR.COM’ as well. Thank you.

Credit: @xin_msn
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Credit: @thenewpaper

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Credit: @herworldplus

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  1. hae i love u

  2. Yay Fishy representing! I’m proud lol
    Happy to see seohyun too. I never really noticed before but do SNSD rotate who represents or is taeyeon not there…or…?…just curious.

  3. serious?! I mean I am happy that he is the representative but isnt he the most shy person? I thought this kind of events will be either Eunhyuk or Shindong or even Kyuhyun 🙂
    Now I am curious of his questions and answers^^

    • Not only you , I surprised that Hae as SJ’s representative as he so shy. Yesterday I saw the list and really unabelievable! ! During Hae replied reporter questions, Kangta and Boa smile. Hae’s reply must be funny! !!

      • really?? i can’t wait to see the video!!
        hae was presentating suju!!

  4. Kyaaaa!!
    My Fishy prince!!
    Chuu~ :*

  5. Donghae represents suju..i love it..rare situation..

  6. Aww Donghae lol. Good for him! Maybe he’s the representative because they wanted to give other members a chance because its usually leeteuk or eunhyuk.

    • Plus, eunhyuk might still not ready for the interviews as the media might try to dig his personal life

  7. WOW!! REALLY!! DONGHAE!! i actully very surprise when i saw the picture~~
    i never thought he’ll be suju representative, he is so shy!!
    i am so happy and proud!! really really happy!! can’t imagine how happy i am!!
    yay!! i love you donghae~!!

  8. Maybe he spoke in English. Donghae’s English is not bad 🙂

  9. Donghae baby I love you and you’re one of my top biases and very handsome but you’re not exactly spokesperson material. 😛

  10. Donghae oppa i’m soooo proud of you 🙂 you’re doing great this days and i’m happy for that 🙂 Donghae oppa Saranghae ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. I think because it’s Singapore, the language. Isn’t it similar to Mandarin or something of a Chinese dialect/language? I’m sorry I don’t really know haha. But if so we know Hae is good at Mandarin.

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