121107 Yesung talks about being mistaken for Kim Jong Il’s son

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Super Junior‘s Yesung talked about being mistaken for being the son of former North Korean leaderKim Jong Il on ‘Strong Heart‘.

Back in 2009, Swiss and German newspapers had run articles with pictures of the Super Junior member depicted as Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong Un. Boom introduced the topic by saying, “This story was shushed and avoided by everyone. There were rumors of Yesung being Chairman Kim Jong Il’s third son. It was written on German and Swiss newspapers.”

Yesung said, “My real name is Kim Jong Woon. Because our names are similar and my pictures are all over the internet, I think the foreign newspapers misused my picture. The picture they used is actually a photo from our first single jacket.

MC Shin Dong Yup asked, “What does your father do?” and Yesung answered, “He owns an eyewear store in Myung Dong.

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  1. I admit, the first days/week that I get into SuJu…When I found out Yeye real name, I was like…Wait, that’s not North Korea guy? *My bad*

  2. haha yedad owns Y Style, of course he isn’t some previous north korea leader,

  3. Oh man, I remember that one. Hopefully it doesn’t cause problems when they go to Switzerland or Germany O.O

  4. I watched the episode yesterday and even though I couldn’t understand all of it, I was able to understand most of it ^^ And then they talked about this incident and I’m like “Oh! This magazine is in german!” And I read the german headline and I was totally embarrassed xD How could they mistaken him for the north korean guy…D: Hope they don’t think all germans are idiots lol xD xD hahaha, but it was still funny^^

  5. as a swiss..i still feel embarassed for this local newspaper..^^

  6. Oooo…. Yesung is too humble to say the truth: “I bought him an eyewear store (and a bunch of other businesses too)” Such a model son.

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