121106 Leeteuk speaks up about past controversy with Kim Yuna

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121106 SBS Strong Heart – Leeteuk, Yesung, Eunhyuk [Cuts]

Leeteuk spoke up about the controversy he had with Kim Yuna 5 years ago.

Five years ago, Leeteuk had said that he requested to be friends with champion figure skater Kim Yuna, but had been rejected. Angry ELF had gone to the skater’s Cyworld, terrorizing the site. However, it turned out that Leeteuk had actually exaggerated the situation, and he was forced to step away from many of his shows because of his lie.

On ‘Strong Heart‘, he confessed, “With that incident, I became the first Super Junior member to fill up one page of a newspaper. It must have been around 2007, and Super Junior and Kim Yuna were models for a school uniform brand together. We were taking a break from the CF filming, and Yesungwas on the computer. Yuna asked Yesung, ‘Oppa, what are you doing?’, and Yesung answered, ‘I’m on my mini-hompy. Do you want to be my friend?’ I was nearby and I asked, ‘Can you be friends with me too?’. We all became friends, but we never really talked to each other.

He continued, “On a bus during a broadcast, we were talking about the members’ secrets and embarrassing stories. I was going to reveal the story with becoming friends with Kim Yuna on Cyworld, but someone told me, ‘Hyung, that might hurt Kim Yuna’, and I said, ‘I was going to but it didn’t happen’. The article before the broadcast interpreted it as that I was rejected and that it was an embarrassment.

Leeteuk revealed, “I apologized on air. Kim Yuna told me that everything was ok in person. I have no ties with her now.” He sent a message to her saying, “It’s a touchy subject, and you are a national hero that represents our country. I want to apologize again. I hope you work hard until the Sochi Olympics and make our country shine again.

Source: Allkpop
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