121022 The pictorial of Super Junior’s new unit, K.R.Y excites fans

October 22, 2012 at 6:53 pm | Posted in Magazine, Pictures/Videos, Super Junior -K.R.Y, Wonderboys | 12 Comments

The pictorial of Super Junior’s new unit, K.R.Y(Kyuhyun, Ryuwook, and Yesung) is creating a stir.

K.R.Y revealed their sentimental pictorial on Men’s Magazine, L’Officiel Hommes.

K.R.Y is a new unit of Super Junior’s vocals: Kyuhyun, Ryuwook and Yesung. The name of the group means that it is an extension of Super Junior’s activities and is an abbreviation of each member’s initials.

Fashion photographer Bori shot the pictorial, revealing different charms for each of the members.

Kyuhyun gazed about with a gloomy look and Ryuwook revealed sharp yet indifferent charms. It has been said that Yesung amazed the staff by making a fancy and sexy ambience throughout the shooting.

This coming activity of the new unit will likely be loved by many fans who are waiting for Super Junior’s new album and activities.

The pictorial of K.R.Y will be available on the November edition of L’Officiel Hommes.

Source : en.korea
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  1. haha.. what? new..

    • It’s the oldest subunit. lolz

      • hmmm…. my own opinion though…. i think the article just states that instead of addressing them as Super Junior KRY like before, starting now, they’ll be called as ‘K.R.Y.’ only… maybe the reason the article states as ‘new’…. i dunno, my own thinking, hehe..

        • they should be called as Super junior KRY not KRY only…how can they separeted them with SJ ><

  2. new unit? whut? o_O

  3. seriously why is it so complicated to write RYEOWOOK ? everytimes…
    but they are gorgeous and yes i’m excited too ^^

  4. I’m sooooo excited. Yesung looks especially sexy but they all look great. I can’t wait for their activities!!!

  5. I think, that person, who write this article is just a new ELF and doesn’t know everything about SuJu yet 😉 like how to write Ryeowook’s name or that already a SJ sub unit for a very long time 😉
    Btw. Yesung looks here incredible hot >o<

  6. erm new unit? lol. they are the first sub-unit

  7. NEW?! They were the original of original subunits! I hope this means some KRY activity, pleaseeeeeeeeee release an album soon, before Yesung leaves too. THey long deserved one.

  8. I’m amazed by how un-trained and un-informed journalists are nowadays.

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