121017 ‘Strong Heart’ PD expresses his gratitude towards Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk

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SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘s PD recently expressed his gratitude towards Super Junior‘s Leeteuk andEunhyuk.

Park PD revealed, “Leeteuk was with our program since the pilot episode back in 2009. Aside from the two times he missed recording due to his overseas schedule, he attended each and every recording. During that time, even though Super Junior became world stars through the Hallyu boom, he still maintained his place on ‘Strong Heart’ and I thank him for that. As the leader of Super Junior, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to appear in a talk show by himself show, but instead he filled in for our program.”

He also talked about Eunhyuk as he remarked, “During the rise of ‘Strong Heart’, Eunhyuk spent three months conducting his promotional activities in Taiwan for Super Junior M. But the group became a big hit. It was a personally satisfying seeing that happen,” revealing his fondness for the member.

“While the two of them were with us, there were hardships following the transition of MCs. I thank them for being with us through those hardships. It is a blessing to have met friends like these two. I think of how great it would be for the program to continue to thrive and if I’m still remaining here until Leeteuk gets discharged and returns.”

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk have been active as fixed guests on the show always bringing laughs with each episode.

In related news, Leeteuk will hold his last recording for the show on the 25th.

Source: Allkpop
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  1. ah~ i’ll miss teuk… heaps. his empty will always be felt. same goes with hyuk when he leaves due to sjm activities. but YAY, SJM is coming back~
    it’s good to see someone appreciate their hard work.

  2. umm… hyuk will still be in strong heart right?? maybe just like last year he will do his activities with sjm, but it’s gonna be temporary right?

  3. I really love when I see the article that praising the boys.
    They always brought us laugh and happiness on screen but there’re many thing off screen like their relationship with the staff.
    They always work hard and humble so not only strong heart staff but I think every show like them although they are world star but they’re never forget who they are and keep working harder and harder.
    That’s why I luv you…..Super Junior.

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