121012 NYLON Korea October Issue – Kyuhyun’s Interview [TRANS]

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N: How is (your) impression of today’s photoshoot?

KH: I thought that I was doing (Nylon) photoshoot by myself, separately. I thought once again that in my life too, ‘a flower blooming day’ really came.

N: It’s quite different different with Kyuhyun-ssi’s usual appearance.

KH: Yeah, I want to say once again that firstly, this appearance is not me! What sort of (appearance) am I? Looks like Kim Joowoon of drama ‘Secret Garden’ in the past. I tend to pursue the feeling of a noble and warm-hearted sunbae like that, but today (I) look a bit like rocker, right? Somewhat, hah…..What should I say? Decadent feeling? Is it the style that seems likely can be seen in a club? Well, changing (into something else) sometimes doesn’t seem bad either.

N:  Recently, do you realize the thing called ‘(the) general trend Kyuhyun’?

KH: Actually that’s something I say on broadcast (program). I don’t think it’s a general trend, just….it looks like something I’m starting now. Public also started to know me now. That’s why I’m really happy since it’s really different, compare to my previous life. I even did a (Nylon) photoshoot alone! Hahaha…

N: No, but you rose up through the ‘pungent idol’ image from Radio Star, (didn’t you)? Is that mischievous appearance also you?

KH: When I am together either with friends or members, I have a lot of mischievous sides. I also play jokes a lot, but actually I am not the style that spits out spiteful words like that. So, compare to the strong idol, pungent idol, my usual appearance is (more) like a mischievous idol who is very playful.

N: After Super Junior’s activities are done, do you have something new like a hobby that you make lately?

KH: In the past, I used to extremely like drama, but recently I’m busy so I couldn’t watch. I couldn’t even watch that interesting (drama) ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’ and also ‘Deep Rooted Tree’. But now, I am mainly watching drama that people who are close to me appear in.

N: And then, recently Donghae-ssi is also filming for drama and Minho-ssi is also filming (for drama)….Do you have something like a drama, that you exactly want to do?

KH: I want to try the villain (role).

N: Eyyy, a while ago, you said your self is a model student image and to wear this kind of outfits is awkward.

KH: (My) image is a model student…but my favorite actor is Uhm Ki Joon hyung. When I was doing musical <Catch Me If You Can>, there was a swindler character named Frank. Although (I) changed through various characters as a teacher, also a student, and also a doctor, because I saw Uhm Kijoon hyung acted perfectly possessed really like that person, I begin to think that I want to try a role that is a bit contrary to my image.

N: Since the talk about model student came up, during your schooldays do you extremely study well?  Even to an extent as to receive grand award in math subject. If you were to solve that math problem now too, could you solve it?

KH: Recently the members came out on program ‘Weekly Idol’ that Jung Hyungdon and Defconn hyung did. But because there were a lot of questions that related to Math, they verified it and they really gave me Math question. It’s been 7 years since I put math in my hand. Now, it had became an ignorant condition to an extent I couldn’t even remember the weight formula, but they gave me a high school (level) question for math competition. I didn’t understand even a word of it. So, they gave me again a junior high (level) question for math competition. But, I didn’t understand anything of it either. It was completely humiliating. I really did well on my schooldays! It’s just I completely can’t remember it now.

N: Yes. I don’t remember either. I also studied a bit when I was in school. But I don’t remember anything. 

KH: That’s right. Completely don’t remember it.

N: But Sungmin-ssi and Kyuhyun-ssi are the only roommates among the members, please boast a bit (about) your roommate.

KH: Sungmin-ie hyung is very thoughtful. I use internet at night and sleep late, but Sungmin-ie hyung goes to sleep earlier. Though recently it had changed, he would go to sleep while saying “It’s fine, do what you do”, even when I made a noise at night. If I was laying (on bed), he would go outside and make a call. He is really thoughtful, always mainly for the sake of me.

N: (That’s) nice. Then, what kind of roommate does Kyuhyun-ssi seem like to that person?

KH: To hyung, I….behave noisily, well always mainly for the sake of me. Hahaha

N: A while ago, you kept singing, it sounded nice. Recently, what is the song that you listen often the most?

KH: There is a song called “Still, I Love You” that Suzy-ssi sings. I knew that it was the OST of drama “BIG”, but actually I couldn’t watch the drama. However, I originally like ballad (songs), especially I like female singer’s ballad (songs). Because if I sing a ballad (song) that male singer sings too, a little same feeling can grow, but if I sing female singer’s ballad (songs), a completely different feelings grows. Especially, “Still, I Love You” is a song that I listen (after) hearing it by accident while exercising and since it was good, I looked for the song title through the lyrics.

N: Then, is that also a song of other singer that you want to record through Kyuhyun-ssi’s voice?

KH: Yes, I want to try that too, and I also want to try singing singer Mi’s “Firefly”. Through my voice, through the sensibility of a man.

N: When you sing in Chinese, how would you sing while grabbing the substitution feeling? Your pronunciation is good, it seems like a different singing method with when you sing in Korean.

KH: Honestly, I sing Chinese song better. There is pronunciation difference. Chinese pronunciation is not stiff and has a feeling of smoothly flowing. Therefore, it seems that I’m able to sing a bit more easily. I can’t speak Chinese well, but my pronunciation is good. Very much. So, I have something like that which only my pronunciation is good. Hahaha. When I sing in Chinese, firstly, I keep reading the translated lyrics, and since I put overall thing in my heart, I just grab the emotion like that.

N: Kyuhyun-ssi is a vocalist that has collaboration experiences with seniors. Like Yoo Youngsuk-ssi’s “7 Years of Love” and participating in “Yoon Jongshin’s Monthly” . In the future, which sunbae that you want to work on music together?

KH: Kim Dongryul sunbaenim. He is really a sunbae that I love so much. It would be nice if there is a way of how to know. Actually, if it is just to tell (him), I would be able to know it, but before I spread things out, first of all, I should just approach him and (know) how to become closer. Whether sunbaenim would like that, I think about it a lot. Therefore, it would be nice if a lil bit more chances to be able to work naturally together come.

N: So it’s like that. No but, you often wear striped pattern t-shirts like that?

KH: That is really a misunderstanding! It’s not that I obstinately often wear stripes t-shirts. I really only wore it several times. But since I don’t have a lot of interest in fashion, it’s just something that I wore yesterday (and) later I wear it again, well it’s like that. However, (what) the fans knew (was) that I liked stripes t-shirts, and they only gave me gifts of stripes t-shirts. That’s why the clothes that I have, they have been striped pattern, gradually striped pattern, (and) repeatedly striped pattern. So, it’s not that I like striped pattern, but I only have striped pattern (t-shirts) in my closet, that’s why there is no other way than to go out wearing that again. Ah, I’m really going crazy!

N: (Then) You should solve this misunderstanding through this interview.

KH: Yes, it is completely a misunderstanding! Now, 80% of my closet is striped pattern. Stripes! So, I wanted to talk about it somewhere, but since I didn’t know how to talk about it… I’m so relieved though. Please ask (me) about that!

N: Hahaha. If you have a girlfriend, what do you want to do the most? How about a question like this?

KH: Haha. I want both of us to go to amusement park.

N: Would you wear like the cute animal headband too?

KH: I could even wear headband, could wear mask too. Since I could do anything, it would be nice if I get a girlfriend quickly and go out to play a bit in amusement park.

N: What is the final thing you want to achieve in your life?

KH: About work, at first I started as a singer but after all, because I gradually received  recognition in musical, I want to do it a lot more. In variety, even though I am still a newcomer, I will continue to work hard. In the future, I aim to be an all-around entertainer in many fields, although of course it won’t be easy. Because focusing in just one thing is hard to succeed too, but if I do well in many things at the same time, it is definitely hard. I am completely *a person who likes to work hard rather than to use my natural talent. (*T/N Kyuhyun actually used a Korean term for this, but I put the description of it so people can understand it more) . Actually I never imagined to become a dance singer. But I am doing it now. Therefore, by effort, I want to try to overcome everything and I also want to try challenging (everything).

N: (How about) personal stuff?

KH: Personal stuff? Is there something I want to achieve personally? Like having a girlfriend? Uhm, the thing I want to achieve personally is if I become a bit old later, I will travel leisurely…..Sort of? I want to live a life where I can be relaxed. Now honestly because I am living like always being driven by work, although I occasionally have day offs too, I really want to live leisurely.

N: Among my friends, there were two friends who, to 5 oceans 6 continents, so around the world, traveled for a year. Those friends liked woman but they were people who didn’t have interest in marriage. However, after looking around all over the world like that, they said they must get married. I asked the reason, and they said because there were many beautiful places to the point where tears came out, they had to see it together with (their) beloved person. They said that they certainly wanted to show this beautiful nature to (their) beloved person.

KH: I actually have been receiving vacation once a year since 4 years ago. Between 1 week to 10 days. At first, I went to Japan alone, for 5 days 4 nights. The next, I went to Italy. I went alone for 5 nights and went together with members for 5 nights. Then, I went to Spain the next. I also want to see the world a lot whenever I have time. Of course, the feeling when I travel too is that for once I want to come and see with beloved person.

N: When it is finished in “Radio Star”, you ask to the guest like this, right? What is Super Junior to Kyuhyun-ssi?

KH: Super Junior is…I want to say that it is a nest for me. Even when I’m doing individual schedule like this, also doing variety, also doing musical, the other members too are working hard  in the field of their part, (right)? However, it seems like the nest that I can go back again to any time is precisely team Super Junior. Therefore, we are working hard in our part’s field, and because we gather again when we get together, we show the fighting overflown image as Super Junior. For me, Super Junior is a nest!

Source: NYLON KOREA MAGAZINE – October 2012 Issue
Translated by

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  1. seems like the interview was done b4 he went to Greece bc he didn’t mention it and the final answer is great ^^

  2. “KH: Haha. I want both of us to go to amusement park.” such a little kid seriously ^^ Kyuhyun-ah some day you will want to do “other things” with your girlfriend than going to an amusement park lol
    still a magnae though ^^

    “For me, Super Junior is a nest !” kyute ^^
    it’s weird because i’m not a member of Super Junior of course but as a fan i have the same feeling when i enjoy my daily life and then turn on my computer and look for Super Junior’s news, the feeling to come back to my nest 🙂

  3. i cant stand if i have a roommate like kyu, i hate when ppl make a noise at night..sungmin is the greatest roommate for kyu.
    Kyu u such a cutie,,

  4. This was seriously too funny… not even sure where to begin… lol that stripes shirt thing was just ROFL

  5. Haha, this is so cute… It seems our boys have a lot of clothing “issues”!. Lol!
    Kyuhun and his stripes, Donghae and his checkered shirts, Leader and his white color “illness”, Yesung and Eunhyuk with their brand name battles and Heechul and his AB style… imagine them in the dorm getting ready to go out is just so amusing!

    Like the interview, its just so Kyuhyun-esque!

    • your comment is great
      that was exactly what i was thinking
      you forgot shindong with online shopping
      and sungmin the fashion terorista

      • One more… Kangin bb torn jeans… everytime I see him in the airport with that… I am like… bb, let me buy you a new pair. I mean I knows its comfortable… but everyone is strutting down the airport like its a runway and there my bb keeping it real with his torn jeans and being unshave… I mean its hella hot! But I just hope ppl know that my bb is model material too >.<

  6. haha kyute kyu!!!:-D
    i like the interview
    kyu if u want try another style maybe u want try a polkadot cloth style ????kekkekke

  7. ah,,, now i know why kyuline members have stripped t-shirt too…kkkkkkkk

  8. thanks for the translation

  9. Oh Kyu, this is so you! Love his answers, so honest, smart and eloquent and lol at the role he wants to play in a drama, a villain. XD

  10. I like the interview. Interesting.. Fans, no more stripped t-shirt for Kyu… haha..

  11. In a drama, he would want to act as the villain? That would be so interesting! 😀

  12. “always mainly for sake of me” .—.
    evilly as well haha ..
    forever maknaeeee 🙂
    heheh , scholarshipkyu had lost his math-memories lol

  13. kyuhyun, your so cute :3 i liked the interview you gave ^^ i understand that you want to act as a villain in a drama? that would be interesting :] you’d do an awesome job :3

  14. Hope to see kyu’s solo chinese album in future

    • yeah.. I hope so 😀

  15. “KH: I want to try the villain (role)”. haha yes u always love that character

  16. i love the way kyukyu anwsered all the questions.. so honest and witty… kyuhyun fighting…

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