121009 [TRANS] Interview with 10Asia: Eunhyuk, “Whether it is a variety show or dancing, nothing should be done excessively.”

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121008 Eunhyuk Twitter Update: 10asia’s article is out!

He is not a leader nor a maknae. He does not act nor is he a main MC. And yet, he has succeeded to be one of most known members of Super Junior. On stage, he is the rapper that holds the center, and on variety shows, he interrupts like a ninja and shoots his sense of humor like a spy. The reason why others can listen to him when he says that he knows how to slowly and constantly improve in the fast-moving industry is not because that sentence is well worded but because he shows this through his slow, not exceptional, but calm and orderly steps that he took for the past 7 years since debut to get to where he is now. He has learned to give up to get to a higher place tomorrow. This is the conversation with Eunhyuk, who has transformed to a professional celebrity.

Q: You are very active in variety shows. You must feel the popularity yourself.
A: I think I was more comfortable because I was with my members. When I am by myself, I get shy but with members, the experience itself is very fun. When we were on JTBC Shinhwa Broadcast, hyungs were there and it was so much fun that I want to do like Suju Broadcast later.

Q: Especially on Radio Star, you weren’t very upfront and yet the timing was great.
A: I really wanted to be on Radio Star because Heechul hyung said that I should be prepared because I was going to be the MC next. (Laughs) I was preparing and thought that this would be my chance. But when I was actually on the show, the things I say and the stories that I tell are not the ones that I prepared. During our debut days, we planned everything for variety shows from the performances to the things that we were going to say. But, if we do things just as it is, it is more natural and we realized that unexpected things can happen as well. If I was funny on the show, that would mean that that was my… natural sense of humor? (Laughs)

“To be loved constantly, you need to push and pull.”

Q: If you were not prepared, that must mean that your original character is reflected on the shows. Are you the negotiator in the team?
A: Yes. I don’t talk much but listen to others first. Usually, Teukie hyung wraps things up, but I try to negotiate both sides when needed. That’s why on shows, I cannot talk very well. Teukie hyung would set the story up, then Shindong hyung would continue on and I would comment here and there. I think the combination of us three was great.

Q: Were you held back a bit because there were so many unique members in your team?
A: First, my personality is very shy. I can only talk with the members so freely because I have spent many years with them. But, if I were to talk to strangers on shows, I am very quiet. I am trying to change my personality a bit.

Q: On SBS Strong Heart, the guests change every week, so it seems that you feel sorry or shy when you say some mean things to them.
A: I think that’s why it’s good. People have told me that because I look shy, they cannot hate me when I say mean things, so I try to make use of that. (Laughs) I guess they can’t hate me, so I can do more.. .

Q: But you relentlessly make fun of yourself. You call yourself an anchovy?
A: That’s because I really don’t mind. I like being comfortable with others. I think anchovy is a very comfortable  and friendly nickname. It’s not just anchovy but world anchovy, so there is nothing bad about it. (Laughs). I think character is very important in variety shows. I think it’s good that I have my character with that nickname.

Q: I think if you keep doing variety shows, you will not only understand your character but also your role. It must not be easy-going back and forth between the prey and the predator.
A: I think I’m a genius (Laughs). Others have told me that I am doing well, but I monitor a lot. And I always think that I should not cross the line. I think if you draw the line and cross it, there will be no next. If I show my 100, then people will be able to predict me and I don’t like that. I think it is scary that once a celebrity has been used up, they will become old. I think to be loved constantly, you have to push and pull. So, I try to show about 60, 70 of me, so that I don’t show my everything at once.

“I wear size 100”

Q: Now you are able to analyze entertainment industry, but I heard that you were not one of the variety show members in the beginning.
A: In the beginning, I was to be just a … quiet and serious rapper. But, things changed in the middle. My first variety show was back in 2006 on SBS Full House. I was supposed to be a guest member but became a permanent member. I love to prank and play around with people I am close with. That side of me, I think came up on the show. When we were trainees, we would copy a variety show and I would always be the main MC. But, I don’t think I was able to hide my playful side.

Q: It must have been confusing between your given role versus your playful side. But, in the end you chose your playful side.
A: In the beginning, it was very confusing. But, as Kyuhyun said on Radio Star, for celebrities to do what they want to do, they first need popularity. If I want to do my kind of music or dance, popularity is important and that’s how I realized that I needed to do variety shows. After I have realized that, it was not stressful. I feel like variety shows suit me and now my goal has changed to becoming an MC.

Q: Since that is your dream, it must be discouraging when you do not get much reaction from your comment.
A: But, it usually works. (Laughs). I make decisions quickly and I am able to look around a bit, so I think I understand when a comment is not going to be funny. When on a show, a member might ask me about what they want to say, then I would find the right timing for them to say it. I think it is better to say what matters, even though you might not get much spotlight, than to say something awkward and make everything awkward.

Q: I think you are someone who does not overdo think but  is very logical.
A: I don’t like overdoing things. On Radio Star, I said that I wear size 95 very loosely, but I actually wear size 100. When I go to a clothing store, they give me size 95, but it’s very tight. My trainer told me that people actually think that I am like an anchovy and why I tell people who I am but I was just going with the flow and trying not to overdo anything. Nothing should be overdone. When I exercise, I don’t try to make big muscles, but smaller and more natural ones and even though I am interested in fashion, I don’t try to stand out.

Q: That’s why you’re not in the top most good looking members but one with the most charms.
A: My face is just right. It is not too good looking but not too bad looking and that’s why I think my face and atmosphere changes a bit with each concept. I think others think that I am also because I laugh frequently. Thanks to that, I have a lot of wrinkles. I laugh very easily, and because I am on shows very often, wrinkles around my eyes are increasing.

Q: You might be worried about around your eyes, but your view must have expanded because of variety show.s
A: If I did nothing but Super Junior related things, I would develop much slower. Through variety shows, I have met different people and have heard different stories and I think because of that my thoughts have changed. I think I would have been very stubborn to do my kind of music and my kind of dance. But because I have met so many people, I think I have learned much and learned the importance of working the crowd.

“I think it is just a bit more important to look cool while dancing.”

Q: I think it is also the time to guard what is important to you while doing all these different things.
A: I think that’s dancing. Variety shows are a medicine but also poison to Super Junior. There are people who view us as comedians and do not think of us as singers. There is a very fine line between a funny person and a ridiculous person, so often times, I am very cautious to not cross that line. But, many sunbaenims tell me that if I work hard on stage and on shows, then people will eventually accept me. And it seems that people have accepted us since we have worked so hard. This will be the homework for me, but I think it is just a bit more important to look cool while dancing.

Q: I think because of that, the performances seem to be centered around you, especially during SPY.
A: Being in the center for a group is very important. That’s why in the beginning, it was the good looking Siwon who was in the middle, but I really wanted to dance in the center. I felt like I was being unnoticed among so many members. It is very difficult to divide the parts amongst us. If a song does not have a rapping part, then I worked hard to sing something. That’s why I tried to participate as much as I could and I think my parts are increasing a little. Actually, until recently, I did not like dancing on variety shows. I did not want to look funny while dancing but because it was variety show, I had to be funny. But, in the end, I think it does get unappreciated.

Q: I think devaluation comes from the lack of updating rather than skill. Everyone knows that your schedule is very busy.
A: Right. We never have time. Trend is very important to dancing and I want to know that trend but I do not even have time to have lessons. That’s why, before Sorry Sorry, I took lesson by lessening my schedule. That song did very well, and our schedules became even busier and I was not able to improve as much as I wanted to. I couldn’t do much about that, and I was thankful of that situation but it’s something that I wish I managed better.

Q: It is important to do well in the circumstance given.
A: Before, I was stupid and I would just do whatever I could. I practiced all night to show something through dancing, but my health was damaged and I was not able to do my schedule. That’s when I thought that I should do just enough. I started to control myself to do just enough. Honestly, it is not something that I can show by just dancing and doing nothing else. It is important to balance everything that I need to do as a celebrity and as an idol.

Q: It is amazing how realistic you are when you have fans not only in Asia but also in Europe.
A: Our team members always have a sense of disparity. It was like that before we debuted, and it is still the same. We always feel that we are lacking something and that we need to be desperate. That is why we do not want to end anything. When we have a concert, Teukie hyung would gather us to his room. Even if we do not have much to say, we would talk all night because we do not have that much left and that we would not be able to gather that many times from now on. We would talk about lasting as long as possible and things that. I think that connects us and we bond much like that. Teukie hyung did that very well.

Q: Your role in the team must change when the leader enlists.
A: I don’t know yet, but I think about it a lot. Each member must feel responsible to lead the team, not as a leader or as a hyung. I try to negotiation things when arguments happen and like that, I am slowly forming my role. I look at comments often and I have learned much about the flow. I have become immune to bad comments as well. I have been preparing for the empty seat that Teukie hyung will leave behind in the variety shows when he enlists. Since last year, I have left the radio DJ and have left SBS Starking to stand on my own without Teukie yung. I don’t know if hyung is hurt about it, but because I have been with him on all the shows, I thought that I needed to practice being away from him. I cannot get used to it yet, but recently, new people have come to our company. Hopefully, that has increased my chances of being partners with one of them… I am anticipating.

Q: In the industry, and since you are in a big group, you seem to keep your pace rather than comparing yourself with others.
A: I think that’s just my personality. I can get competitive and do not like to be compared to but I do not get excited about those things. And as I have been in Super Junior, I have decided that achieving something as a team is more important than trying to show that I can do something. I want us to survive as long as Shinhwa sundaenim, no even longer and win. We sometimes joke around and ask what else could we possibly do if we left Super Junior or did not even become a Super Junior in first place. But, I think we need to think about that. The members are people who shine because they are Super Junior. I think those kind of thoughts keep us moving.

Q: You do not overwork nor do you stand out. Do you get angry easily?
A: No… except when I’m eating. It’s strange, but even though I do not gain weight, I am very protective of my food. Members often tell me to look less serious when I’m eating. That’s why if I ever do a show related to food, I will work very hard. Really.

Translated by Jee (@jeee54)
Source: 10asia



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  2. He is so lovely..
    This is why i really love him from the beginning until forever..

  3. Aww I really like him, he seems like such a nice, down to earth guy!! Wish you all the success in the world oppa:-)

  4. That was a very in-depth interview, something you don’t see idols do very ofter. I like his way of thinking. It shows a very mature side of him and capacity of thinking ahead and organize things accordingly. I think in real life SJ must be quite different from what we see on TV.

  5. Great interview……SaRangHae EunHyukkie…

  6. “I don’t try to make big muscles, but smaller and more natural ones”.. yes, i agree with u.. i dont like muscular guy..
    it’s weird he gets wrinkles coz he laughs so much, doesnt laugh have the opposite effect?
    new people join the company? are they shin dongyup n kang hodong?
    he’s so humble.. keep working hard hyukkie.. we’ll always support you 🙂

    • wrinkles of laugh (is that the correct word in English?) like the wrinkles beside ur mouth and your eyes. I love seeing those kind of wrinkles 🙂

  7. I really love this interview. We got to see more in depth about him and how he thinks besides the usual types of questions you see magazines ask artists. And I do think variety is a great and bad thing for them. Great because they’re well known, but bad because of their funny image. Remember at KRY concert Wook was saying he hopes people see them as a singing group too.

    • but think abt it w/o variety how do pplwill recognize them 1st there r millions of idol groups 2nd sj has a lot of members so to recognize each one individually (and by recognize i mean ppl outside their fanclub like elders or working pl ..etc) and actually look even kyuhyun joined the variety world bc he knew he needs more recognition (bc u need popularity to do what u love as kyu n hyuk said) and the thing is i remember what wook said but that was his opinion i do agree w it but then through variety one make more connection in the industry + more ppl will appreciate ur effort and finally if u look at sj wook is one of the members who r least recognized on the streets he said that during bonamana that whenever he rode the train no one knows him + just few weeks ago he said again at sukira that ppl didn’t recognize him and if u watched the radio star ep w hyukshinteukwon kyu said that once he started RS wook become more interested in variety and he started monitoring them so in the future i wouldn’t be surprised if wook did appear in more variety show bc the thing is it’s not about the image or ppl talking abt u i think from the start wook was the one whom wasn’t interested in varieties it’s good to focus at singing and music related stuff but if ppl don’t recognize u + don’t recognize ur effort u’ll not

      • gain any thing the thing w ppl not recognize them as a singing group is 30% related to variety but the remaining 70% is because they have alot of members back in 2005 idol groups were rare and to have one w a lot of members pl starting making fun at it and how actually only each one of them sing a very little line so they rn’t singing there r still ppl now in 2012 think the same way tho same ppl are nowadays more friendly w other groups (bc as u see there r a lot of groups w at least 9 or more members nowadays ) the problem is mostly w ppl being biased abt their opinion i mean if u accepted that for example a group w 9 or 8 or 10 member sing well why can’t u accept sj that’s the problem and i think sj is working more hard on it to change the opinion of those biased ppl (kyuhyun at least talked twice in interview abt biased ppl opinion toward sj ) so hopefully in the future things will change , sorry for my long reply and double post and i hope wook fans don’t judge me because it’s just an opinion and i don’t hate wook and i wish more ppl will recognize him and the other members as well

      • Actually its not that wook didnt have any interest with variety but as Kyu said at RS that the company thought that the main singer job is just to sing (so thats why KRY and Sungmin has so little show bout variety). The mindset then get change little by little by letting them showing in variety show (Radio Star, Immortal Song, ShinBang, Weekly Idol, etc) and if u watch Wookies show, he really love in variety show, he even have good reaction in the show (him being a favorite in IS2. His cute, funny, playful side on SJM variety show)

        But, like wookie said he want SJ got recognition as a singer too. Like we all know the respond of korean ppl to them, most of it bcoz of their variety skill n not from singing side. By KRY even Heechul showing and winning on Immortal Song, Leeteuk and Shindong winning in singing battle at Enjoy Today show, they want to show that SJ not just good in variety but they r GOOD to in singing

  8. thanks for the transcript

  9. I love his frank personality haha. He’s one of the few idols whom I think their variety self and usual self are similar. In variety shows, he goes with the flow and always show a playful side and his wit which is all part of who he is ^^ I like his innocence and his seriousness he portrays through dancing and variety show. Like how he can change from being charismatic to cute and funny instantly via showing his charms. Great interview, hyuk and suju forever! ^_^

  10. Today my opinion for hyukkie oppa changed a lot, I’ve never thought his personality is so good as in this interview, love u oppa especially starting from now 🙂

  11. ”never thought” does not mean i m seeing u as a bad person oppa , its just im seeing u as a very very nice person than before

  12. excellent interview… thank you so much for the translation ^^

  13. This kind of person reminds me with eeteuk,,,,
    I absolutely I gree with eeteuk said that “if he goes to army, the most suitable person to become a leeader is HyukJae”
    I think Hyukjae like a SWISS a.k.a netral person

  14. I become more in love with Hyukie oppa >,<

  15. I never paid too much attention on Hyukjae, but now I can see he’s a lot like me. We have a lot in common. It’s weird!
    And I like to see how down to earth he can be! I totally changed my opinion of him…

  16. EunHyuk oppa is a really down-to-earth person 🙂 I hope he gets more time to practice what he really likes i.e. dancing and take care of his health ^_^

  17. s..shy ? lol
    i used to see him with members , so it’s really shocked me kkk~
    the way he keep himself as himself is the most important thing ..
    it shows other that evrybody love him the way he is <3333
    gawsh . i'm in damn much love with his wrinkles ;A;
    and yeah , just keep that smaller abs hyuuk ❤
    yours is as hot as choco bigger abs ❤

  18. Hello!! ^^ I’m really surprising with some points in Eunhyuk’s interview. Lots of revealing facts…at least that’s how I felt when I read it!! Anyway, I loved this words!! ^^
    Jee (@jeee54), thanks to translate it into Eng!!

    P.S.: Can I ask for your permission to take this interview?? I want to translate it into Spanish! Afterwards, a friend will post it in her blog with your credits, of course!! 😉

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