121002 Kyuhyun at Incheon Airport (to Shanghai) [10P]

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Compilation: 121002-?? Korea-China Friendship Concert in Shanghai – SJM (without Siwon)

Credit: MycenaeK【】 | Photo by: xuan7

请勿涂抹LOGO 禁二次修改
Don’t change anything of the picture
Reprinted from: MycenaeK【】
Photo By:xuan7

Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (



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  1. they have concert at shanghai or what?and i like last picture ^^

  2. i love the last picture >*<
    kyumin forever !!

    • agree..i love kyumin :))))

      • we are kyumin shipper haha

  3. You are soooo handsome bb boy!!! <333

    • Welp, i missed QMi holding hands and Sungmin’s stare of unrequited love xD

  4. So many ‘awww’ moments
    The second pic: -poke in the tummy-…..-looks down-….
    QMi holding hands.
    Kyuhyun in general lol

  5. Big EarKyu,,,,

  6. annyeong sleepyprince :p take care and hwaiting.. arasseo <3^^~

  7. love his tshirt- looking at the style could be from greece!

  8. kyu how every move u make looks so cool???i really like it!!! ❤
    i don't want to be over bout that but that's the fact..hehehe 😉

    • Agree:)

  9. Such good pix. Love looking at Kyuhyun.

  10. omo!!! kyuhyun, you’re georgeous

  11. He is undeniably gorgeous man..a smile who can brightens up the room, witty and a wonderful voice..just so proud of this man.

  12. Oh just had a heart attack, he is just so cute and sexy and adorable!!!! And love love how he is dressed, this boy has my heart ❤

  13. hahaha….
    Kyuhyun: *i wanna hold hyung’s hand*
    Zhoumi *sure………../sigh*

  14. hello gorgeous!!!!

  15. Gorgeous and handsome

  16. I love when he is wearing a hat,hehe

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