SMTown III Jakarta – Kyuhyun [Fancam!] – From 120922 (Must Watch!)

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Compilation: 120921-?? SMTown Jakarta with Super Junior

Awwww you can tell she is an ELF, kekeke and a KYU FAN.. !!! The way she grabbed him!! ahh so happy for her 🙂

Credit: secretkyu

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  1. She is the luckiest girl on the planet <33 So happy for her 🙂 Wish it could've been me 😥

  2. yesss…. am happy to see that… very2 lucky fan… She Is Kyu Fan..

  3. touched.. I can feel.. you will be the happiest guy if she is yours <3^^

  4. how lucky she is … 🙂 I really envy with her 😦

  5. So cute…lucky ELF.

  6. I was squirming in my seat as he wiped her tear and ajrhbkkknalanlcpddkeuhbf jdjd just so freaking awesome!!! I’d be crying too f I were in her place. That lucky girl!! ^^

  7. Woah, it’s so great they used an actual fan, not the awkward Taemin… ^^ Such a lucky girl, she must have been very happy. 🙂

  8. This is seriously too beautiful. It makes me so happy for her, that she got the opportunity of a lifetime, to meet someone that means so much to her. I also hope to have such an opportunity in my lifetime, but for now, let me just say I’m REALLY happy for her~
    It’s such a blessing 🙂

  9. Such a lucky fan!!!!!!! Wouldn’t know what to do if I were her… lol… I’d probably end up staring at Changmin instead just to avoid fainting while staring too intently at Kyuhyun LOL

  10. precisely look at 1:54 to 1:58, kyu is just smirking and gigling when changmin wipes the girl’s tears … kyu is just like “yaa,changmina, what are you doing ? lol”

  11. Aww. Happy! Great video.

  12. Oh yes clearly a Kyu fan! haha. wearing a ELF blue too. LOL, I am sure she will be a die hard fan from now on. wish I get to hug Kyu too!

  13. I think Changmin poked her in the eye. Haha.

  14. waaahh…i’m so happy for her.. 🙂

  15. wonder she was me lol HOW LUCKY.

  16. This was insanely cute!! But I wish she would give a little more attention to changmin since he wiped her tears for her afterall!!

  17. she’s LUCKY GIRL. i’m very envy >…<

  18. I wanna cry to when i saw her cry and try to stop her tear while looking at kyu
    owaaaaaa i want to be her
    i wish i could meet him someday….

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