120922 JTBC ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ with Super Junior [ENG SUB]

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120922 JTBC ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ with Super Junior [FULL SHOW]

Credit: @NKSubs | NKSubs
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  1. I cannot believe how efficient nksub is …you are the greatest ….thank you do much

  2. omg! That was quick! Thank you nksubs!!

  3. OMFG I was thinking the fastest sub I’ll ever see is tomorrow, but its done already O.o well done NKSUBS!! ❤
    Oh btw, please join their forum or follow them on twitter to show them our gratitude, that way they'll keep on subbing SJ shows ^^

  4. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay that was really fast … thanks a lot 🙂 .. I really enjoyed watching the show .. they are soo soo soo funny .. Love it …

  5. NKSubs, well, I dont want to say you’re the best….
    you guys….are the GREATEST!!!
    If you re here with me, I could kiss you right now!! Thank you thank you very much

  6. The eng sub did not appear n my iPad?

    • There are subs available, try laptop^^

  7. woooow, this episode is epic. i like them both group

  8. I want full subs but since I can’t do it
    any better I will not complaint and just be thankful. Thanks GUYS^^ BTW This episode was effin awesome!!! Its good seeibg our sj boys doing variety like this and I am especially happy that yesung is there!

  9. Why its always soft sub? Cause the cc cannot play on may samsung galaxy tab..
    Pity me …T-T…

  10. bahahaha… that was EPIC…Shinhwa and SJ together ❤
    i can't imagine when they meet privately ….from controlled chaos to just plain chaos XD

  11. shinhwa and sj is my favourite..they’re alike in term of personality hahahaha

  12. the eng sub didn’t appear in my laptop 😦 helpp

  13. why it’s CC sub? it’s not appear after downloaded

  14. waiting 4 ep.2 🙂

  15. Oh my…this totally cracks me up! Now i really cant wait for next week! Thank you for the hardsubs….hope you ll come out with the hard subs soon….

  16. woooo!!! I can’t thank you enough for your time and efforts to make this available for us!!!
    Thank you!!!!!

  17. mksh uplodna ^^, klo bsa yag hard subna terimaksih ^^

  18. thank you for your hard work in soft sub NKSubs… but, can you make it hard sub? i’d like it very much n want to make this episode to be my collection…if you can, i’d really appreciate it… thank you very much…^^

  19. thank you so much for your sub-title thx thx thx ^o^

    • can you tell me how to download the softsub?

  20. still no hardsub links?>? waaaaaaaaa,,, T^T im dying to see it..

    Kyu, evil as always! Yeye,WTH were you rapping??Cracked me up!! Wookie, AIGOO!! Dear, how is Gandhi the answer? Minnie, just pure AEGYO!! LOL how after Kyu commented during his martial arts thingy, Minnie went full out killer mode!!>mini KyuMin moment?8D<

  22. plzzz give the link someone…i cant open it otherwise or name of the youtube channel yesss plzz

  23. plzz post the link someone

  24. thanks… waiting for the next upload! 🙂

  25. NkSubs thanKyu for subbed this,,, i already watched it :), and i really really really want hard sub please….T.T

  26. its gone. why? what happened?

  27. Is gone :~

  28. IS GONE? ;-;

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