120922 SMTown III Jakarta – Super Junior [60P]

September 22, 2012 at 5:53 pm | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 14 Comments

Compilation: 120921-?? SMTown Jakarta with Super Junior

Yes I know LQ.. but they are the only pictures I’ve been able to find.. so far

All Images, Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

Credit: (SEEU_SIWON)

Credit: ᄉᄅ (winekyu)

Credit: Chan♡m(Th♡)~~차놈[토]* (ChanomTho)

Credit: May Liw (maywestlife)

Credit: 최시원 ChoiSiwon 崔始源 (WeLoveChoiSiwon)

Credit: MAYBELYN ♡ (SJia13)

Credit: flower861015 (flower861015)

Credit: honeystrings (honeystrings)

Credit: Joeyfung (_j1312)

Credit: 제니스 (haemeimei)

Credit: gyuchuls

Credit: 사사  (sasapi)






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  1. I Died ❤ W ❤

    • annyeong.. don’t die.. just melting ok^^ we still want to see them on SUPER SHOW.. which the stage just belong to them^^ *sorry for my kepo* :p

  2. where is shindong?

    • He’s in the 11th pic.

  3. where’s Zhou Mi and Shindong? 😦

    • Isn’t it Zhou Mi on the right in the 21th pic?

  4. OH MY GOSHHH >< LOOK AT 4th & 28th PIC!! KYAAA BABYMING OPPA YOU LOOK HOT!! I think that Black Hair make him more GEORGEOUS /.\

  5. Ohhh, nice! I’m waiting for better quality 🙂

  6. Min’s black hair! Excited for Hd pics! Thank for updating ❤ Donghae looks so hot

  7. Yesung neck veins :O Sexy to the max!
    & I love it when Yesung and Henry are together 😀

  8. I can’t get enough of Mimi’s beautiful smile. It’s like sunshine. 🙂

  9. Zhhhhhhooouuuuummmmiiiiiiii :O

  10. saranghae kyuhyun oppa 🙂

  11. heart beating getting faster when see teir pict.. ohh wish to see u again in next concert

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