120921 Super Junior-M to resume activities in China soon

September 21, 2012 at 10:35 pm | Posted in Donghae, Eunhyuk, Henry Lau, Kyuhyun, News/Rumors, Ryeowook, Shiwon, Sungmin, Super Junior-M, Wonderboys, ZhouMi | 15 Comments

Super Junior-M is said to be preparing for a comeback and will soon resume activities in China. SM Entertainment confirmed the news today that they are currently in the planning stages of Super Junior-M’s next release, whose details will be released soon.

It was also explained that due to their popularity in the country, they have received a number of invitations to participate in various events and concerts, but has made no confirmation.

Super Junior-M made their debut in China with the release of their first mini-album “Super Girl” back in 2009 and was soon followed by “Perfection” in February 2011.

Are you looking forward for their comeback?

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  1. must be interesting seeing them in variety shows in China.
    Looking forward it🙂 . . . . . .

  2. “Super Junior-M made their debut in China with the release of their first mini-album “Super Girl” back in 2009” >>>> no they didn’t… they made their debut in China with first full-length album Me in 2008….. sigh wish these news sites will do proper research before publishing stuff!!!

  3. Ooooh! I can’t wait any longer!!! I miss my two chinese men!!
    Zhou Mi!! Henry!!🙂

  4. WOOOT~ I’m excited!!!!

  5. yeahhh !! but i kinda wanted to see them on taiwanese tv-shows ! it’s more fun and i know how much they love Taiwan ^^
    anyway… excited and happy to see SJM coming back🙂

    • haha… me too. i also wanted to see them on taiwanese tv-show! It’s really funny and also hope they go on 100% entertainment! Anyway… Can’t wait for their come back!! ^^

  6. OMGGGGG!!!!!!!!I CANT WAIT!!!! Hope they go on 100% Entertainment with Show Luo again!!!!

  7. I love their mandarin songs! A new release would mean a new MV? \(^o^)/ So happy and excited!

  8. Yeaaahhh!!! Super Junior-M COMEBACK!!!!!!!! wujuuuuu

  9. Can’t wait for kyu’s chinese song!!

  10. I hope they do have a concert! I think it’ll be special for HenMi because they’ll have more limelight. In SJ and SMTOWN concerts, they’re only there for the M portions, or any special stage, but this one they’ll be in more parts. But ahhh I can’t wait! I love SJM❤

  11. Me too! I also wanted to see them on taiwan tv-show! It’s really funny and hope they go 100% entertainment! Anyway can’t wait for their come back~!!! ^.^

  12. Yes! Love SJM. Last year was so much fun.

  13. First I read about TVXQ comeback and now SJ-M will have a comeback too?
    My heart can’t handle the awesomness…

  14. SJ-M and SJ-KRY comeback please!!!

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