120921 OFFICIAL, Super Junior at Incheon Airport (going to Jakarta) [25P]

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  1. Siwon looks tired and worn out. Is he sick? I hope he gets better!

  2. mmm i don’t see shindong ??

  3. they look so gorgeous

  4. No teukie, no shindong :/

    • Also, Min looks so gloomy 😦
      And Hae was dressed by Hyuk (that’s obvious)

      • Shindong oppa is going..See in 120921 Super Junior at Incheon Airport (going to Jakarta) [25P],
        Teuk is going! He’s going in the afternoon! “@special1004 many people came to the airport but I have something to take care of at the airport so I will take care of it and go to jakarta in the afternoon!”

        • Thanks, I saw Dong in the other post. And just read teukie’s tweet. 😛

  5. seems Hyuk n Hae are in the good mood.. They are smile a lot.. 🙂

  6. where’s teukie ? didn’t see him. sadly. and min looks not happy today.
    Cheer up Min !!

  7. i’m happy to see that donghae and eunhyuk are smiling but others like sungmin seems to be tired and unhappy.
    I hope i will see them complete and all have their big smile. Go suju,fighting!

  8. donghae oppa…berhenti menggigit bibirmu,siwon oppa harus istirahat! @kliatan gk enk bdn),ryeowook oppa…kau pendukungnya jokowi ya (bj kotak2)…but they looks great today

  9. Kyumin seems tired T.T
    What happen with U?

  10. welcome again to Indonesiaaa . . . .:).
    Eventhough it’s hot in here, hope u still anticipate meet your fans.
    See u tomorrow 😉

  11. Yesung oppa really cute with that short pant and his new hair ^_^

  12. siwon looks so tired

  13. lol~ eunhyuk bring the luggage but usually he will wear the same outfit during go and back… 😀

  14. Hae was wearing Huyk’s shoes one again

    • even i noticed the same thing………

  15. Siwon seemed to wear my grandma’s cardigan.

  16. Siwon-ssi @siwon407 wae looked so tired? Oppa Sungmin @imSMl gwaenchanha? I am worried by the sad expression of Oppa’s handsome face. Have a safe flight. Or… have you arrived at INA already? I love you so much Sungmin Oppa and Super Junior. ^^

  17. donghae keren abiz..

  18. Really, I don’t know who worries me more..If Min or Hae, Min look so sad and Hae is excessively skinny in a not healthy way. Poor boys :/

  19. H’v a safe flight Oppadeul, see ya tmrw^^

  20. eunhae looks cheerful., yesung very cool. they will meet elf Ina again ^^

  21. is it for real hae was wearing hyuk’s shoes??? they have the same size?? or maybe they just bought the same shoes…. someone please explain:-)

    • Not sure if it’s true but I’ve seen a list of their shoe sizes online and like half of the group has the same size shoes. Donghae and Eunhyuk have the same size I think.

  22. donghae oppa, u very cute, welcome to Jakarta,,,, 🙂

  23. Zhou Mi looks so fashionable (as always) ^^

  24. i’m so happy to see u donghae i miss u….nice cap 🙂 u look soooooooo cute…^^

  25. i soo happy to see u donghae..i miss u 🙂 nice cap u look sooo cute ^^

  26. Siwon looks gorgeous ^^

  27. Siwon looks like he is going on a business trip to close a company’s deal!

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