120920 Kyunhyun reveals, “I am stressed about being known as a cynical idol.”

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun revealed his honest feelings about being a cynical idol.

On the episode of tvN’s Real Live Talk Show: TAXI, which aired on the afternoon of September 20, Kyuhyun candidly confessed his dilemma about being a person who makes sharp criticisms, “It burdens me very much. I’m afraid that people will really see me as a young idol with no manners, and not mere entertainment.”

He added, “Since I am known as the criticizing idol, people ask me to say biting remarks wherever I go. I see that Kim Goo Ra is asked to do the same. I especially have a hard time when there are old people on the show.”

Kim Goo Ra says, “I never knew that you knew that people talked behind your back. I thought that Kyuhyun would be criticized when you go on air, but when I saw you, you looked so peaceful.” Kyuhyun replied, “To tell you the truth, I couldn’t sleep well before the day of the recording.”

Kim gave a good laugh by saying, “Actually, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Gook Jin should be saying those biting remarks when the guests are pretty old, but Yoon Jong Shin is weak and Gook Jin is always sick.”

Kim Goo Ra, daily MC Kim Sung Joo, Hyo Lyn, and Kyuhyun appeared on the show and revealed their wits.

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  1. I love how Kim Goora change a lots since he know our KyuHyun. He totally a different person when Kyu with him, so caring and protecting as same as what SuJu Hyungs did to their maknae.
    And with this, now I know who’s give Kyu Privilege to do “sharp tongue” on Radio Star. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. well done oppa^^.. hope that every person you meet will love you as us.. and be happy of what you done^^ go go fighting <3^^

  3. I’ve never thought Kyuhyun was a “sharp tongued person”. Every time he says any thing that is close to criticizing, he looks humble and embarrassed that he is saying it. I think it’s just a character he plays for the camera and the show – but I don’t know that he really enjoys doing it. I think he is a gentle man who is acting a part that is totally different from his true character.

    • i do agree with you more

      • I completely agree with you… I always think like that too. He has already said several times (Nylon Interview, weekly idol, here) that it is not the real character of him. He also said in Sukira before that he is uncomfortable with it and he always prays to God to be forgiven. He is a very good person.

  4. “I never knew that you knew that people talked behind your back.”

    Does this mean that people bash Kyu or does Kim Gura mean that he doesn’t know of anyone doing it? Either way, I admire Kyu for being classy, professional and just go on doing his job. <333

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