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  1. Lol…is the lecturer a foreigner..? Haha what kind of student had schedule oversea?

  2. omo it’s my dream to go to the same school as Kyu

    • me too.. ^ ^

  3. this is soooo cute…

  4. awhh.. poor kyu

  5. puahahahaa not so famous at college kyu!!!!

  6. poor kyu.remind me of e time when he said in Strong heart tat some pple dun recognise.him.i wonder why so many local koreans dun recognise their own stars.

    • not everybody watches kpop idols tbh

  7. he sould call siwon to help him 😀
    lol to the professor :p

  8. kyu went to school??? what kind of school?? or it is a college… for what reasons… to further study…. he was graduated from university right??? someone please explain, *_*

    • kyuhyun’s in kyunghee university. he hasnt graduated university, i doubt he will soon, because of his schedule, he tends to delay a lot of classes

      • he graduated he is doing master

        • are you sure??

          • I don’t think he is doing master, on 1 vs 100 quiz show he said he was redoing?

          • Yes he doing master now he graduated his degree long time ago.

            • tq for your info… i knew that he is graduated from university… but. doing master is a new news for me:-) kyuhyun shi fighting!!!

            • Oh, thanks! I was wondering why Kyuhyun’s still studying even if he said before he already graduated. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Haha kyu don’t forget besides your schedules you also went overseas for a holiday!! XD

  10. poor kyu:( with your tight schedules, you still can manage to study.FIGHTING Kyu.

  11. Kyu looks like a good student here not evilkyu.he wore normal clothes seem like normal student (in picture):-)

  12. Professor, he couldn’t come to class last week, because he had schedule ‘Vacation in Greece’ ^O^

    • Chong Da! kekeke….

  13. this is really cute, imagine that a famous star study w/ you,that’s my dream!
    Specially a classmate like kyuhyun,*faint!*

  14. Proud of him,,,
    even he was graduated, he still concern about study until master,,,

  15. it is not a masteral.. he have not graduated yet.. anyways, he is still young..

    • I think so. But lil surprise when i read comments above said that Kyu attends master. Thought that he hve been attending bachelor instead of master.

  16. tsk tsk professor did not recognise him

  17. Kyuhyun is really so humble, he never say he is from super junior or a singer when giving his reasons. Really in awe of him 🙂

  18. and then the Professor said, “What kind of overseas schedule would a student have?” And what did he answer to that?

  19. actually, has kyuhyun completed his degree? I’m still confusing about that :'((

  20. reading this makes me a little sad. im sure he wanted to attend lectures but he’s also idol and ELF’s forever maknae…..

  21. Poor Kyu../puk2/Kyu XD

    The prof. noticed all the students? that’s pretty good..

  22. Imagine having Kyu in your class!!! I would never be able to concentrate!!! *_*

  23. “overseas schedule” -__- Cho Kyu..such a liar XD

  24. lol it wasn’t a schedule lmao….he was playing for vacation XDDD

  25. It’s a surprise seeing Kyuhyun at school! It would be a dream to see him at school!!

  26. Does he want to improve his English after he met a lot of fans in Greece? >w< That would be so cute~

  27. what about Fanaccount of Kyu during class today ???

    This class is called civilian education (?), its a compulsory module. If you want to graduate, you must take this class. ??

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