120920 Kyuhyun at school [2P]

September 20, 2012 at 10:23 am | Posted in Kyuhyun, Pictures/Videos, Wonderboys | 19 Comments

Read the fanaccount here —> 120920 Kyuhyun went to school today [FanAccount]

All Images, Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

Credit:  Ariel_Jia 

Credit: 不尼你了



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  2. Kyuhyun. :)) ♥ i want to attend class with him ahaha 😀

    • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah me 2 ,,, me 2 😄…

  3. ah..kyu i wish i can have same class with u…. ❤
    like to see him in casual outfit.. 🙂

  4. LOL XD second pic is funny ^^ Kyu at school *-*

  5. Don’t get me wrong, but… what the actual heck? Why taking photos at school? Really, I sometimes feel bad for the boys…

    • I completely agree. Taking photos of someone in class like that is bang out of order.

      • I’m with you guys, it’s a real invasion of Kyu’s privacy and of everyone else’s in the photo.
        I don’t understand how no one noticed this person taking the pictures (assuming this person is not using a phone or Ipod camera).

      • i agree too ! it’s his private space !
        if even his classmates don’t respect that !
        i don’t want to be paranoid but i bet some girls just attend the same university as him just in order to see him !

        • the second photo with the girl fingers is just so weird… and proves that she is a fan, not that i can blame her for that though ^^, but i don’t know, it makes me uncomfortable, like if she is trying to be closer ! hope she’s not a stalker !

    • why did u see this picture if u don’t like it??you’re enjoy seeing this photos but after that u blame ELF who took this’re so funny tough,,

      • So I had to cover this picture with my hand and just scroll down? ^ ^ Now THIS is funny. I enjoy pictures taken by ELF, but this is too much, don’t you think? School is not a proper place to take photos and disrupt someone’s privacy, when they try to focus on important things…

        • i absolutely agree that the picture with the girl’s fingers is very unsettling and intruding even for an elf. Hope the one who did it will not do it again. It makes one feel very uneasy for it is way out of bound …

  6. Kyu is so adorable, going to school! I wish I were in his class, x-D

  7. OMG, he looks like a loooooooost puppy in that first pic. So kyute, studentKyu!

  8. R U sure this is current? Seems as if I’ve seen these pics some time ago.

  9. I agree. It’s a bit much to take photos of them while they’re trying to concentrate on studying.
    These photos are now making me daydream of Kyuhyun studying with me at my old school…or better yet tutoring me since he’s really smart =w=

  10. LOLz…after reading that Kyuhyun told the prof he had “overseas activity” the first pictures looks so funny XD

  11. kyu is not graduate yet?

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