120918 NYLON Korea Magazine October Issue Interview with Kyuhyun [TRANS]

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120918 NYLON Korea Magazine October Issue with Kyuhyun  | Part 2 [7P]

Q:Sungmin and Kyuhyun are the only roommates in the group, right? please tell us something good about him.

A:Sungmini-hyung is very a very caring person.Usually I spend my night going online and sleep late, but hyung always sleep early.No matter how noisy I was, he always told me “It’s okay.Just do what you wanna do” and slept.But when I lied down and he got a phone call, he always walked out to pick up the call.He’s really caring and always think about me.

Q:That’s good.So to Sungmin, what kind of roommate are you?

A:I hyung, I’m very noisy and annoying?Well he cares about me anyway.hahaha.

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  1. kyu you are so lucky get a roommate like sungmin, btw i even have roommate too and that is nice coz you can’t be lonely

  2. are they still roommate until now???

    • yes, they are 😉 lovely Kyumin ^-^

      • owhhh… so sweet!! Kyumin forever<3

  3. Kyumin are so sweet. They know what to do to each other very well… ^^

  4. I think the one n only person who can stand w/ kyu is sungmin at least in sj..i heard they made a lock code for their rooms door when it comes to wine time n its a bit weird for me LOL

    • i just knew about that. maybe they didn’t want another member disturb their wine time.both of them love wines

    • My friend ( a hardcore kyumin shiper) told me the same thing..she said sungmin said they once made a lock code for their room but idk where or when he said it.

      • at KTR sungmin mentioned it ^^

        • Even Kyu said; “I hyung, I’m very noisy and annoying?”, i think Kyu always care about his hyung too. They are so funny and cute roommates.. ㅋㅋㅋ

  5. okay,kyumin time ^^

  6. Kyumin cute2…

  7. Oppa Daniel so sweet.. and behave yourself roommate :P^^

  8. hi how to stop all the suju wordpress that sent through email….??


    • Just unsubscribe, there should be information at the bottom of the e-mail you receive ^^

  9. Aww, my guess about why KyuMin has remained as roommates all these years was right. Ming is such a caring older brother and well, Kyu is, Kyu xD. I remember Kyu saying before that he can’t stand Wook and Hae as roommates and I wonder why coz Wook is his bff in SJ and he’s all over Hae lol and now I think it’s because they don’t baby him like Ming 😀

    • kyu & wook probably spend all their time bickering or something xD it must be very inconvenient

  10. Sungmin is one of the genuinely considerate person…it can be seen thru most of his actions….still remember when heechul told sungmin that he cant sleep becoz of sungmin’s snoring, sungmin did not sleep the next night just so heechul cud sleep…how considerate……

  11. kyumin so sweet ♥♥♥

  12. Owaa~~ GyuMing<3

  13. The only two members still sharing a room… Kyumin ❤

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