2012 MTV EMA Voting Information – How to VOTE & about the different rounds!

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**UPDATED 121007!! Read the second half of the post!!

Super Junior and Hangeng have been nominated in the the Best Asia Act for the 2012 MTV EMAs that will take place in Frankfurt, Germany on November 11.

The Best Asia Act category is part of round 1 in the Worldwide Act. Voting for the Best Asian Act starts on 12:01am CET on 17 September to 23:59pm CET on 14 October.

The winners of the Best Asian Act category will move onto the Worldwide Act Asia Pacific category (round 2). Voting for the Worldwide Act Asia Pacific category starts from 12:01am CET on 15 October and ends 11:59pm CET on 29 October.

Then the winners of the Worldwide Act Asia Pacific category will move onto the Worldwide Act category (round 3). Voting for the Worldwide Act category begins from12:01am CET on 30 October 2012 until 11:59pm CET on 9 November 2012.


You can vote 100 times per day:

on the website (http://asia.mtvema.com/vote)
on the mobile app (MTV EMA)
mobile site (http://m.mtvema.com/vote/category.rbml?lang=EN&region=ASIA&id=ema12_mob_regional_asia)
or the Facebook app (http://www.facebook.com/MTVEMA/app_334906439936129).

That means 100 votes EACH method. 400!
***Your mobile site, mobile app, or facebook app may not have voting available though depending on your country. You might not even have these three options available, so just use the website.***

(Remember that under the Facebook app, you vote under ALL THESE FOUR: Asia/Pacific, China, Japan, and Korea. It is 100 votes for EACH of the four. You can vote more if you create more Facebook accounts too.)

UPDATE: Currently, it is round 1, and in round 1, Asian countries can vote. (You can still be from America, Europe, etc. to vote on the sites, so don’t worry. Your vote WILL count.) So that means the EMA COMPUTER SITES for Asian countries can be voted with. You can vote 100 times for EACH SITE.

KOREA http://kr.mtvema.com/artists/super-junior
JAPAN http://jp.mtvema.com/artists/super-junior
CHINA http://cn.mtvema.com/artists/super-junior

You can go past that limit though! You can use ALL of these methods. After you hit the limit:

(1) Use different browsers to vote (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.)!!
(2) Another method is the private / incognito mode on your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.). If you do not know about private / incognito mode, search it on Google [“private browsing (browser name)”].
(3) Erase your cookies (and history to be safe).

To be faster at voting, don’t refresh the page. Vote, then click on the category above the Best Asia Act, then click on the Best Asia Act category to vote again.
A method used by VIPs last year was that you can use multiple clicking to vote more. Click on the vote button as quick as you can until it says “Thank you for voting!” It is said that your votes will count. (I’m not sure about this though.) IT WORKS! Read update below

If you have further questions, ask @asianyesyes for more questions. They are our (@WorldwideELFs) site account. Thanks!

Let’s vote ELF!! Don’t give up!!! Share this, translate this, post it wherever possible!!! FIGHTING!!!!

Thankd to @WorldWideELFs for the heads up! and creating this post
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Hello everyone!

There’s a lot of info floating around on ways to vote for SuJu on the MTV EMA website – I just wanted to share this SUPER EFFECTIVE method I’ve compiled from everyone’s helpful tips :). This is pretty long but bear with me, if you do this correctly you can hit the max number of votes allowed (100) EACH MINUTE, and vote an infinite number of times using one web browser and one website URL (must be on a computer though). Here’s how to do it!!

Step 1: Open up your web browser (this can be anything – Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and switch to incognito mode/private browsing. The way to do this will differ a bit from browser to browser – in Firefox go to Tools > Start Private Browsing (or hit Ctrl+Shift+P to switch back and forth).

Step 2: Open the following URL – http://asia.mtvema.com/artists/super-junior (I would recommend adding this to your bookmarks toolbar for efficiency). Then, scroll down the page until you see the orange “Vote” button.

Step 3: Keep your right hand on the mouse and spam click the “Vote” button until the “Thank you for voting!” message pops up. As others have mentioned, until this message appears, EACH CLICK = 1 VOTE (I tested it and it’s true). Once the message pops up, don’t move your mouse!

Step 4: Keep your left hand resting on your keyboard – 1 finger on the Ctrl key (or Cmd for macs) and 1 finger on the “R” key. Hit Ctrl+R as soon as the “Thank you for voting!” message pops up to reload the page. Your mouse should still be in the same spot!

Step 5: When the page reloads it will automatically move back to the same position (in other words, the voting section will return to the same spot – under your mouse cursor if it hasn’t moved). Once the page moves don’t wait for anything else to load, just start spam clicking! Keep repeating these steps (spam click, reload, spam click, reload) until you are told you’ve hit the maximum number of votes allowed.

Step 6: Once you reach the voting limit, all you need to do is quit private browsing/incognito mode and reopen it. Important: you have to actually close the browser window and reopen, you can’t just close the tab and open it back up. There may be a keyboard shortcut for doing this – like in Firefox, you can hit Ctrl+Shift+P to toggle back and forth. Once the incognito window opens back up, click your bookmark to open up the page again, and start all over! You can repeat this an INFINITE NUMBER OF TIMES.

If you’re pretty fast at clicking or if the webpage loads very slowly (a really slow computer is actually better for this), you can vote as many as 100 times a minute! I’m not kidding – I timed myself.

If you have any questions, ideas for helping this go faster, or have trouble setting your browser up properly, tweet at @justfornothing. Let’s win this for our boys – ELFs FIGHTING!!!

Source: simpleshawelelf.tumblr
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by: reneee


I tried the second method and it worked!!!! Basically you click as much as you can on the ‘VOTE’ button UNTIL the message ‘Thank you for voting’ appears. Once it appears just refresh, and do the process all over again. I managed to vote maximally on all 4 sites in less than 5 minutes!!!! Then you can use different browsers, or use in-private browsing, so we can actually vote infinitely!!!!! LETS GO ELF!!!! – reneee


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  1. vote vote vote.. go goo ~ ^^

  2. I vote 50 for SuJu 50 for HanGeng!!!

    • I /personally/ think ELF should focus on voting for Super Junior. I mean, China is reaally big and Geng does have a lot of fans (just look how many his weibo followers are!).

      Well, my point is, it’s not because I want Geng to lose (because Hangeng <3)… but I really really really want Super Junior to win :3
      *Hangeng, one way or another, will always be a part of SJ anyway 🙂

      • i agree ! i think chinese ELF will focus on Hangeng since he will represent China !
        International ELF should focus on Super Junior in order to help korean ELF !
        it breaks my heart but i will choose Super Junior TT
        the problem is that if ELF are too sensible they risk to split their votes between the two and don’t forget there are other artists involved, they could win because of our indecision
        SUJU & ELF fighting !!


          • I’m afraid that Hangeng is considered separate from Super Junior now, regardless of whether he is a former member or not. He will not share their victory if they win… sadly… 😦

  3. how i can know that i did vote with my mobile ?
    do i have to login with fb then tw ! each 100

  4. ELF.. fighting!!! ^^

  5. I like to vote for the both of them but if ELFs vote for those two at the same time, there will be a lower chance of winning..

    But if those two were the only nominees in this, I wonder who would win?
    Super Junior has more fans all over the world compared to Geng in general
    while Geng has China at his disposal ^^

    • yeah, if we splitting the vote it will make the chance of win lower for both of them!! because, beside all the nominee is from different country, and i’m pretty sure the public in their country will definitely gonna vote for them..
      so if we slit the vote for 50 50, it’s only lower hangeng and suju chance to win
      i am not saying you should vote suju only, it’s up to you, wether you like hangeng or suju more, you should vote for them 100% if you want them to win.
      because there wont be TWO WINNERS!! the chance is as big as my chance to get married to all suju member!! flat chance!!
      well it was just my opinion..
      and i vote for suju 100%
      i want them to win so bad!!




          • what i do is just refresh the window after voting, works the same for me, my sister keeps pestering because it took me so long to use the computer


          both of them can’t win together..this blog always say to vote SJ/Hangeng..it makes me hate this blog.are they an ELF or not??do they think SJ will happy if the winner is Hangeng and not them???

          I’m sorry if my words are too harsh, my ultimate purpose is only to make Super Junior happy!!!!

  6. plz vote for super junior !!

  7. Go Go Vote Vote Vote Vote 🙂 ….

  8. omg…does that mean they would come to germany?! …100% Super Junior!!! They have to win *-*


  9. all the vote for suju ,hangeng sorry but i want suju to win

  10. Is it this time again? Where we have to show our legendary voting power? Well, bring it on! 😀
    But 😦 sigh, sorry Hangeng, I’ll have to go with SuJu! And don’t forget ELF – we’re at a disadvantage here against China’s LARGE population and his 16 million Weibo followers, so voting for both might not end well for SJ 😦
    Gege, love you, but… sorry again… it was just a cruel twist of fate.

  11. If you can’t access it through mobile
    go here to vote form computer


  12. “Click on the vote button as quick as you can until it says “Thank you for voting!”” <— This actually works :D. I think I voted 100x (reached the limit) in like less than 2 minutes xD

    • you can click on the safety button then either choose to delete yuor browsing history or to inprivate browsing you can vote more than just 100x
      i already voted 500 times in the last 20minutes

  13. HAIT! Fighting !!

  14. It’s really horrible to put Hangeng and SuJu against each other imo
    It makes my heart ache D’:

  15. omg Germany?! Too bad it’s not in Berlin…

  16. I’ll go with suju… becoz i think Geng is still Suju’s member. If suju win, then Hangeng too 🙂

  17. German ELF here 🙂 and also really near to Frankfurt (maybe half an hour *–*)!!
    SuJu fighting!! >< ❤ If they come, we will be representatives for world-ELFs ~<3
    but yeah hangeng…ahh what should I do ;A;
    but I think I'll go with SuJu…since Geng is a member of them 😉 they both will win^^

    • I life far away from frankfurt but no matter, if SuJu will come to germanay than no matter where in germany it is. I will be there *-* oh bitte bitte ich will sie soo unbedingt sehen

      • no matter where – I’ll go and see them ❤
        sooooo unbedingt – omg wär das cool, wenn die ernsthaft hier sind *–*

        • But what abt tickets ? They won’T sell them, most of them are given to sponsors T.T


  18. Omg omg omg !!! please vote for SuJu !!! It would be the first time that they come to germany i want to see them sooooo much *-*


  19. I have 2 remarks:

    1. The number of votes for the category is stored in a cookie called “intl_ema_12!best_asia”. By deleting it (or deleting all cookies) you can keep on voting. However, I’m not sure how secure the voting limit is. It’s possible that this cookie is only used as a soft protection on the client’s side, but that their servers have tougher protections using the IP and will ignore some votes. I don’t know. Still, knowing the cookie name can be useful if you want to check its value in order to know how many times you have voted so far.

    2. The multiple clicking trick seems to work. Kind of… The cookie does show more votes when doing it, but I’ve never managed to get more then 2 votes no matter how furiously I click, so I don’t think that clicking like a maniac is more useful then just a double-click.

    And a 3rd remark: I’ve seen on other websites that some people don’t even like SJ but still vote for them, because they appreciate the fact that ELFs and other fandoms united with VIPs in order to help Big Bang win last year.

    • yeah, i heard that elf hel VIP to vote for bigbang last year 🙂

      • Isn’t it wonderful? I think it shows that when different Kpop fandoms are nice to each others, instead of bickering and hating, every Kpop fandoms benefit from it in some way.

        • agree…why cant they always be like this? It would be nice..

    • there is no such a thing as other helping us in this , in fact, since the voting started many are trying to sabotage them by deliberately voting for others to make suju lose. my point is , don’t count on others , we are on our own in this (like always) we need to step up our game and vote as much as we can.
      and another thing 50-50 will take us no where it will give others tha chance to win more than both sj and geng. make your choice now , there is only one winner after all.
      i’m voting for suju by the way , i love geng and wish him all the best but suju would always be the priority (even if my bias was nominated instead i will still vote for suju)

  20. you can vote 100time in diff browser too^^
    i vote for them 400 now~

  21. I’II choose Hangeng sorry SJ ^^

  22. voting for Suju

  23. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Hangeng and SJ could get a tie? I know its impossible but if we do maybe somehow MTV would invite them both (and they’re able to see each other again) or at the very least take notice of each other…

  24. It’s difficult to vote for either Hangeng or Super Junior! But personally, I’m a ELF first, others later so sorry to Hannie but I will still vote for him!! Just slightly less than Super Junior. As commented by uni, Hangeng is still part of SuJu so if SuJu wins, he wins too!!:) And I don’t think Hannie hates SuJu but it was more of back then he was fed up with the whole situation. I think he’s ok with it now….I think….. It’s been a long time I checked on him….. But anyways,

  25. This is cruel D: But I’m going to trust in our Gengfan friends to vote a landslide for Han Geng >< If either of them win, I'll really be glad!

  26. no second thoughts…not even a minute piece of doubt…I’M VOTING FOR SJ.

  27. voting for SJ!! posted everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, and translated in French on forum!! ELF FIGHTING!!!

  28. Why am I the only one don’t see the categories of them. Kinda annoying. Wanted to vote so badly!! Any help?

    • Go here–> http://asia.mtvema.com/vote

      They are in the “Best Asia Act” category. Suju are the 2nd to the last at the bottom in the category.

  29. is there a way we can know how many total vote suju got until now??

    • I feel the same way too. If they show the percentage of vote like mnet then we know where Super Junior stands at

  30. http://asia.mtvema.com/artists/super-junior

  31. OH NO!!WHY WHY WHY??

  32. I voted earlier for SJ and Geng, but seeing the comments makes me only vote for SJ. I mean, Geng is forever a part of SJ. And if SJ wins then we will all be happy, won’t we?

  33. lets make some kind of competition of who can vote the most every day???
    (u can count ur votes by 100s everytime that website tells u You have exceeded the amount of votes allowed ,based on honesty of cousre, we all want suju to win ,and the winner will be the elf of the day) that way we can make people vote more????
    i’ve already voted 12000 times !!!!!!!!
    go elf !!! go SUJu !!!

    • DAEBAK!!!

  34. I will vote for super junior…sorry hangeng,but i hope you will join suju again in future..

  35. I will only vote for SJ!!! Im sorry Hangeng! ELF LETS VOTE FOR SJ!!! AJA!

  36. you can vote by refreshing the page. I tried and it worked.

  37. a quicker way to vote is go to http://asia.mtvema.com/artists/super-junior vote and refresh, vote and refresh…..

  38. Sin dudarlo solo por SUPER JUNIOR,

  39. guys, just wanna share this
    1. in some forum, i read SOME *** wanna vote other nominee just to make SJ lost.. why? bcoz if SJ win, their idol isnt only one who get this award so they think it wont be exclusive anymore..
    2. last year, they spamming many kpop forum to ask other fandom to help vote. it’s good if other fandom wanna help us, but it’s better if we dont depend on other.
    3. i rly understand if many of u love both suju n geng. but remember only one can be a winner. we need strategy to win. n if u vote for both of them, it’s just waste ur vote n can make other nominee win. so focus to vote for who do u want to win, SJ or Gen. it’s up to u. personally i vote for Sj

    guys, lets win this shit. make our boys happy.. go go fighting..

    • I really don’t get why there are so many haters & SJ-antis out there, did our boys make mistakes to them?? Some want their favorite idol become the nominee instead of SJ, and some don’t want SJ win same award as their idol… They’re so childish… Come on ELF, we have to prove our power to win this award for SJ, cause maybe it’s the only award we could win considering that we can’t win GDA two times in a raw. CMIIW..
      Keep fighting ELF!!! GO ELF…GO ELF….GO ELF!!!!

      • one of haters reason that I’ve read is because suju keeps on winning -__- /le wut?

        • Well, I think the reason is really make sense 🙂 they’re just envy becouse our boys+elf are really jjang!

  40. CLICKING FAST IS EFFECTIVE.:))) i reached the max votes allowed easily.haha gonna do a different method now.kkk

  41. ELFs please vote for Super Junior, Hangeng is a part of Super Junior, I’m sure he would be happy if SJ won, and we support all the members and not one member only.
    please vote for Super Junior, if we don’t focus on one artist then neither Hangeng or Super Junior will win, that’s why we have to come together and vote for Super Junior, because of win of them is a win for all.

  42. I’m using this method to vote (I think it’s the fastest way to vote):

    1. I click on the “VOTE” button as much as I can, until it says thank you for voting.

    2. then I switch to any other category, for example “BIGGEST FANS” then go back to “BEST ASIA ACT” and vote again for Super Junior the same way I did in step 1.

    3. after it says I can’t vote no more, I clear my history/cookies.

    4. I do all the step from 1 to 3 all over again.

    • yeps… I already used that method too and it’s really the fastest way to vote I think…

    • wow it really works!! lol reached the limit in less than 5 mins x)

    • Would you please tell me, right after take one click vote button, they will be said “thanks you for vote”, so that i have to refresh the page then vote again (need much time), how can i click on vote button as much as, as fast as i can?, like you said

  43. I just want to say, vote who you want to support whether Suju or Hangeng because it’s your decision, BUT please do not give Statment disfigure for Hangeng.(moreover hoax news)

    to be honest I knew it a miracle when Hangeng become a winner at event,
    I think, to be nominated is an achievement for Hangeng but we stiill do the best to support and vote for him

    NB: I’m sorry I came here just to see the reactions to ELF here, I guess no more ELF bashing HG but T.T I was a little disappointed, because I respect suju and ELF never bash all of you

    • I’m little disappointed too.. Hangeng don’t need this award.. he won our hearts
      Hangeng fighting!!! I love you!! Good luck to SJ – alma-mater of our boys ^^

  44. I think people should vote for whoever they wish to win since it is unlimited votes. Just ask you heart. If you want one to win, not the other, then vote for just that one. If you are happy when either of them wins, then vote for both. If you are not happy when only one of them wins, then do not vote. All artists work hard to creat good works. Voting by my true heart, not other people’s heart or strategy, is the respect I can pay to their works.

    • Exactly! Just vote for who you like! I’m voting for SJ but i really don like it when people are forcing votes on others. And thank you to the admin who deleted my comment. I’m disappointed in you.

  45. honestly I do not understand ELF, why likes Hangeng as a major barrier SJ to win, and said” Hangeng sorry I did not pick you” bla bla, likes have a big sense of guilty, really? what you really feel that way? I follow SJ and HG 3 month ago, there is a very big difference between SJ and Hangeng, ELF support to HG most only 1%, so why when it comes to this likes ELF support him as 100%. when as he did for himself where’s ELF where’s the support? did you Vote for him when he was nominated? so why now he seemed to be a hindrance for you to vote SJ, Hangeng was nominated is already a huge success, even though he did not win it later, I was quite satisfied with his success now

  46. how about suju and hangeng get double winner.. huaaa daebak haha
    lets vote!!

    • Please be realistic. There is NO Double winner here. I’d just wish to say that if you are ELF, you should wote for SJ. By voting both, it’s just a waste of efforts & letting the other parties win. This vote is based on who has the highest % of total votes……

  47. somehow this makes me remember Mnet 20’s choice award when Leeteuk and kyuhyun were at the same category. and some people want to vote for teuk, some want to vote for Kyu. and then, u know what? none of them had award. just saying. think carefully before you vote. u can vote whoever you want but remember we only have one winner. it’s not the time to quarrel about this but to make sure at least one of them get through this round.

    • agree!

  48. I will vote u oppa..

  49. So I will go 1000% with SJ 😀 Fortunately there are ways for unlimited voting ^-^ I voted just now one whole hour without a break and I will keep on doing so everyday. I hope my computer mouse don’t break apart bcus of the massive clicking xD I want them to win so badly and see them in germany!! 😉 Fighting ELFs! ❤

  50. hangeng no longer represents super junior….he choose his own path..i don’t care u bash me or delete my comment..but seriously all ELFs should vote for SUPER JUNIOR….because winning this would be a great achievement for SJ

    • agree!

    • Totally agree…. for SJ to win this, we elfs are facing 13 million of population in China… those who are not C-Elfs, they are likely to vote for HG ‘cos he is the sole representative of china…. they will want their own people to win….We elfs need to try our best – it’s not easy for SJ to win here!!!

      • i agree. china has a huge population and they would most likely vote for hg. hope all kpop fans will unite to vote for sj. hg is part of sj so he will win if they win. suju fighting!

  51. This would have been a lot easier if they hadn’t been nominated at the same time, in the same category but ah well, voting SuJu all the way of course 😀

  52. Now Psy has become nominee of Best video, will he be nominate to the same category with Super Junior for the next round ???

    • no because he is running for best video. super junior will go only against those that are running in other worldwide acts

  53. HEY GUYSSS! I THINK I FOUND A NEW WAY TO INCREASE SJ’S VOTES FOR EMA! I don’t if someone already ‘discovered’ this but if you change the region of the MTV EMA website, you can still vote for the Best Asian Act even though you’ve already reached the maximum number of votes allowed, provided that the category is available on that region. So apparently the Best Asian Act category appears in the Asia-Pacific, China, Japan and Korea regions. Go to these links to vote more:


    I hope this helps. Let’s do this ELF!!!

  54. Dutch ELF here!
    busy voting ;)~!
    ELF fighting!!!

    • Brazilian ELF here, voting everyday!

      • that’s cool, let’s vote for SUPER JUNIOR

  55. If you have tried every methods above and still being blocked, please RESTRART computer/laptop or TURN OFF and TURN ON again, It works everytime for me. Fighting!

    • thanks.

  56. yupz.. agree with u. atleast in 2 forum i follow so many people hate suju. one of reasons is like nina said that SUJU keep winning -__-.

    but u know suju-hater relationship is love-hate relationship, they hate suju but they keep following Suju news n activities lol unhealthy obsession. they wanna waste their time to vote a nominee just to sabotage other nominee, it’s so pathetic..

    btw lets vote daily.. go go ELF 😉

    • oops sorry that post should be my reply to Qnnie203..

  57. I tried to vote but i couldn’t find the category . I know there is something wrong cuz i voted before . I don’t know what to do

    • Maybe you can change to AsiaPasific/Japan/China/Korea at the bottom of voting page. The Best Asia Act only appear for these 4 area and you vote 100 times on each.Hope it help you^_^

      • Thanks for the help

  58. ELF GO GO GO !!
    Super Junior fighting !!

  59. I did my rounds of voting and after 2 hours, i went back and am able to vote again!! this means you can actually vote more than 400 times per day!!

  60. Voted 100 times for Suju oppas already! Clicking “vote” icon many times actually works. I hit the limit in mins! 🙂

  61. I voted till the amount of voting you could do exceeded! Hopefully I’ll be able to do more tomorrow! 😀 (It only takes a few minutes so all E.L.F should at least participate!) Who ever wins! Hangeng or Suju! Hwaiting!! >w<

  62. Is the mobile app unlimited voting?? Because Im stilll voting for it and im pretty sure I exceeded a 100…im worried dat maybe my votes aren’t going through right :S

    • same here…i voted for three days straight using mobile and never hit the limit…for precaution i also vote via website though…

  63. as a shawol/elf !! i ll vote my a** off ^^ and try to make shawols help ^^ the thing that pisses me off is when last year “althou i hate BB” i voted sooo hard just fr the sake of kpop and nowi feel backstabed by evry kpop fandoms specially vips !!! they r even telling ppl not to vote !!

    • I totally feel you!

    • I understand how you feel!
      Seriously I regret wasting my time voting for others last year…
      But we,ELF,should care none about others!We CAN DO IT!

  64. How would we know that we are winning? :/
    Also I think all kpop fandoms should help vote… If they wherein next year I’d help vote!
    Also, I think that we should vote for SJ but I feel that it would kids hurt Hangeng bcoz he used to be part of SJ but now bcoz of darn stupid SM he can’t share their victory 😦
    I think as ELFs we should be decisive and not split our votes bcoz we might end up letting the whole SJ AND Hangeng losing because of our indecision.

  65. Wow its really work… DAEBAK!!!!

  66. I just read the second half! Uwah this is really daebak! Thank you for telling us! Let’s win this for our boys! Hwaiting!

  67. I just tried the second method, and it really works 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing ^^ You guys are awesome 🙂

  68. Let’s focus and not stop the voting, this is the biggest stage they so well deserve and need.
    Rumors’ been spreading about SJ behind on votes…and yadda yadda (pathetic because you can’t see the poll #). People are trying to distract the ELFs, don’t loose focus! This is the moment where SJ will shine and take them to the next level so all ELFs should ramp up the voting buttons because this is true supprt. As we can see from their recent twitters how important they value this nomination and unlike the regional fan base other nominees have, SuJu has a reknown global fan base, it’s up to us to get to the finish line!

  69. Its a shame we can’t keep track on how were doing TT_TT & I personally thing everyone should vote for SJ because Hangeng is only apart of SJ in our hearts. If we look at this in a tangible and realistic way, we’re ELFs for all of SJ not just Hangeng. So if SJ wins, its like Hangeng won in spirit, but if Hangeng wins, one person can’t exactly represent SJ… & the 20s choice analogy was perfect!!! If our votes are divided, we might as well kiss our chances goodbye Dx

  70. Sorry hangeng, i prefer SJ… sorry… I LOVE YOU TOO :’)

  71. Lets keep voting, we have till Sunday so don’t get distracted guys and just 13elieve! SJ and ELF fighting!!!

  72. Arab ELF are doing mass voting on MTV EMA at this moment. Please join!

  73. Only a few hours left!! Keep Voting Everybody!!!

  74. Spam clicking + private browsing = Daebak!!!!!! 2000 votes in less than an hour!!! Thank You!!

  75. HANGENG WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3 It means SJ won, isn't it? 🙂

    • Yah right..hangeng win,he bring hangeng name not sj..eventhough i’m an elf,i don’t feel happy when hangeng win..he no longer represents sj..sj should win this..grrr,i wanna punch somone

      • @Lovefishy Totally agree!!

        • Thank you..at last,someone understand me..

      • I think the same! T_T” I’m so sad I cried a lot yesterday when I knew that SJ lost! 😦

        • stella84, you forgot to take ur medication. Please take it before your talk.

  76. Suju Lose TT__TT

  77. punch me!!!!!!! 🙂 I voted like a crasy all time and i’m not chinese gengfan:) I just love and support my dear Hangeng ^^ All love from Russia!!!!!

    • Agrees with you =)

    • i honestly want to punch you right now !
      it’s a good thing you live in Russia 😦

      • please please don’t be so angry kekekeke you are lasy cow 🙂 why you didn’t vote more? ^^

  78. Early morning today SJ had almost one hour additional time by Japanese link and half an hour by Chinese link ^^ only SJ and nobody else.. it was sooo unfair 😦 but justice has been done! I can’t beleive it’s like dream) it was kinda mission impossible ^^ thanks GOD!!! HanGeng fighting! Gengfans are great power!! Super Junior you are the best!! We are so sorry ^^

    • seriously shut up !

      • yes i dunno how u describe it as being unfair i mean even ema when they announced the winner (there were 2 winner advancing to stage 2) they announce 1 then announced the 2ns winner an hour oor so later so the 1st once his fans can vote for him faster if that’s the way things work why ppl can’t take advantage of it ..

      • i said it to lilichan9 ^^

      • stupid cow ^^

        • i’m sorry then to be involved in this conversation if u can’t even reply back to me w something but immediately resolved to insults if that is ur thinking level then i pity u i’m out

  79. I know I should be happy because at least Hangeng make it through to the second round….but,what to do..it’s all over..blaming myself for not voting hard enough..

  80. ELF, we lost T.T ! If he wins, he won’t even mention SJ/ ELF.. HG is not part of SJ hiks

  81. Aww, SJ lost but anyway we still should be happy because Hangeng won so it’s not bad. I was hoping he’d win if SJ didn’t. Come on ELFs, he still considers SJ as his group and we support any member, even though they’re not active in the mother group. There is still another round and Hangeng needs to win that.

    • sorry, I will not waste my valuable time on Hangeng.

      • Agree with you

  82. i can just imagine SME being very pissed right now lol

    • stella84, please don’t come here and spread your hate. If the situation was reverse, i’m sure you wouldn’t like it. Thank you.

      • maybe.. but it is not hate, it’s happy smile ^^ and it will be difficult to come more often, I have to continue to vote for Hangeng:)

        • stella84: so… you’re the stupid asshole who voted for hangeng. Have you ever met Hangeng in real life? last year, hangeng came to NY for Chinese Film festival, do you know how he acted in back stage? “Terrible/horrible” is not enough to describe him. I was once a Hangeng’s fan, thanks God i saw his real personality.

          • wow, I regret that I got in touch with you, you do not know how to lose with dignity
            now you look like a gang of losers, and especially you, wicked stupid bitch haha where are you my dear gengfans, do you hear what she said about Hangeng?)) how rude and unfair ^^
            but at the same time I would like to say thank you to those elfs who voted for Hangeng, you are really amazing! thank you! Hangeng fighting!!

  83. how come suju lose. I can’t beleieve it. Everyday I vote suju. day by day. WHY???????

  84. hangeng win?!!!
    Not SUJU?!!!!!!!!

  85. I’m so disappointed. I… I really really wanted this for them. I really did. I wanted them to win so much. I feel like it could have been the best thing that could make them feel rewarded because they’ve worked so hard for almost 7 years. Almost. Their anniversary. I wanted it to be the best gift. I’m so disappointed. And of all the dates it could have been revealed it had to be today. I’m sorry for being so depressing, but I’m very much disappointed now. I just felt like I could’ve tried harder.

    • At least they didn’t lose to just anybody, they lost to Han Geng. But what to do… He isn’t Super Junior/

      • I really hope that the least Geng could do if he wins the award is mention SJ as he accepts the award or something……
        He needs to stop avoiding them and start contacting them once more….
        I hope this is a gate to their reunion…..
        ( I’m sorry but SJ DESERVES that award even if they already have millions!! Maybe we should give them a real golden EMA award just like the China ELFs did for them when they didn’t win the GDA 2010!!:D)

  86. okay.. right now idk what i’m feeling.. just blank.. i’m so pissed off..
    i’m blaming myself bcoz not vote harder.. ;_;
    Suju oppa i’m really sorry… T_T

  87. The results are in and the winner was


  88. It’s so sad. I know that I shouldn’t feel like this, but if SJ couldn’t win, I was hoping somebody else (not Hangeng) would win, so that nobody would compare between SJ and Hangeng. I couldn’t understand why SJ didn’t win. I know Hangeng is successful, but SJ has been around for years longer than Hangeng (as a solo artiste). I think SJ has bigger fanbase than Hangeng. I know that Hangeng has lots of fans, especially in China. But, SJ has gotten votes from all over the world, like Korea, Malaysia (like me), Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, UK, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia and other countries. Could it be that fast/rapid mouse clicking on the vote button be considered as spamming and not counted as a vote/votes? People would definitely compare between SJ (for not winning this year) and Big Bang (for winning last year). Please don’t be mad at me for saying this out loud, it’s just my thought.

    • Malaysia? Same like me..

    • agree with you… I just don’t want people to compare them especially when they hold the title “k-pop leader” but lost and big bang who’s name not bigger like SJ’s name and popularity but won… 😦

    • From Algeria too! T_T”

    • Totally agree :(. And my promise to give this winning as hae’s b’day present :'((((
      So sorry hae.

    • Agreed. I know Big Bang is famous and all but I still think Super Junior are the King of Hall-Yu wave, not Big Bang( sorry to the VIPs).
      They can compare Super Junior and BB all they want but I still think SJ would win against them. Lets not forget who were the ones who brought HallYu wave to the world. ( SJ’s Sorry Sorry and Wonder Girls Nobody)
      I feel like many fandoms hate us ELFs…… Wae??
      But as I quote from ‘Superman’, ” SUPER JUNIOR,THE LAST MAN STANDING!!” and ‘Gulliver’, “MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW KINGS!!!” As much as you deny it, Super Junior will still be the Kings of HallYu Wave and they don’t need some award to prove it!!!:D

  89. i know i should be happy to see Hangeng nominated but i’m not 😦
    i voted like crazy and for nothing.
    i knew most of ELF would split their votes between the 2 and that’s what happened…
    i feel so bad for Super Junior, it’s like ELF failed or didn’t support them enough.
    i bet no other fandoms voted for them like they said they will or worse i’m sure they voted for somebody else ! ELF can’t count on anybody else, it’s sad but true.
    i’m pissed because last year i gathered with other fandoms and voted for Big Bang even if i don’t like them.
    Hangeng is not part of Super Junior anymore and those who think it will be Super Junior’s win too are wrong, it’s a slap in their faces.
    if they didn’t care about the result they wouldn’t have asked to ELF to vote for them on Twitter !
    Big Bang won last year and now Super Junior loses to the member who left them, what a pity image they will have in Korea TT
    i’m so sorry my boys 😦
    honestly crying right now…

    • it’s Donghae’s birthday today… TT

    • agree with you 100%…i don’t think that han geng will mentioned super junior if he win this EMA award..seriously,i don’t want to vote for han geng,he has his own fan,why ELF help him,at the end of the day,suju oppa lose..i don’t care if other ELF bash me..

      • I know you are mad…and I also feel the same way as you are…
        but lemme quote a phrase by yesung…taken from sj13lumiere’s video: Super Junior’s Message ” We’re A Family ”

        “The past have already passed…everything will start afresh…we shall not forget that we are Super Junior’s members…We are a family…”

        we will never knew what is in Hangeng’s or neither Super Junior’s member’s mind…..the things that we can do is only support them and love them without conditions….

        and for me..you and I as ELFs, we also like a family…thus bashing you is the same like bashing myself…and thats my dear friend, really hurtful…

    • I know what you mean and I agree with you. We helped other fandoms when they needed but the same fandoms we helped now just voted against SJ. Too bad for our boys. They deserve so much more. :(:(:(

  90. Why? Why did this happen? Well let me tell you, because people were splitting votes. Hangeng left SJ. He didn’t do anything wrong, but he isn’t a part of SJ anymore. He was, but isn’t anymore. I’m so disappointed. I voted like grazy for SJ. Leeteuk is going to army and I was hoping to give him a special gift before he goes. They must feel really sad even though they lost to hangeng. Especially Leeteuk… My day just got even worse…ELFs and SJ are going to heart about this for a long time, because Big Bang won last year. I don’t what to say anymore…. TT

    • I’m sure he wont even mention ELFs or SJ……

      • Actually I think it’s because the fast clicking didn’t count….

  91. I feel like dying right now. I was positive, SuJu was going to win, after all, we ELF are supposed to be invincible right? But out of all the nominees, it had to be Han Geng that we lost to. T.T I love Hannie, but if I had to choose between him or SJ, I will choose our awesome boys in a heartbeat. I know I should be happy for Hannie’s victory, but I honestly can’t.

    Although I know every ELF tried their best, why do I feel like we failed our boys? SJ would definitely be happy for Han Geng, but I know they’re going to feel disappointed that they missed out on an opportunity to represent Kpop in the EMAs this year like BIgbang did last time. If VIPs could do it, how come we ELF couldn’t? Maybe it had to do with the votes splitting up between SJ and Hannie. I can’t even think straight right now.

    They even requested our help on Twitter. Since I became an ELF, I’ve never felt so down. :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  92. I think all ELF will feel and know (just like wake up from a sweet dream) the differences and the reality …….Geng will never be with SJ ………….though we as ELF always wish and always say and do that we shall not make any difference even if Geng left …………. but this is the difference and everyone should wake up…….

    China fans will definately concentrate on Geng than SJ (as in general) even though China ELF will still vote for SJ but……………..the result proves it.

    and seriously …..winning or advancing ……it’s an individual win…..totally agreed that some ELF said Geng will not mention SJ …….but not sure if SJ will mention Geng …………… we will know on the 11/11.

    I will take Geng as an individual artist ……SJ was his past

    I feel more for Donghae …..today is his birthday ……what a present for him…… I think he cares for this …… just like the previous GDA that they had lost………..

    I should have try harder……..

    T_____T no words can describe further ……my feeling…….

    • I agree with how you feel……I feel sorry to Hae oppa for the bad news on his bday and sorry to Teukie oppa since this could’ve been the last award he accepts before military and Kangin oppa since this will be the first award he accepts since joining the group again….. Good luck to Geng though……
      I know one ELF whose not gonna give a damn about the EMAs now…..

  93. thanks

  94. I don’t understand HOW SJ didn’t win. I honestly think there are more ELFs than Gengfans. I mean, votes went in from all over the world. Someone PLEASE explain to me on earth happened. The fact that SJ lost is completely unfathomable to me. Was it the clicking? Was the method we used changed and is now useless and they didn’t count? Was the unlimited method we used made our votes into spam? Or did other ELF split the freaking votes? I don’t understand WHY ANYONE would do that. Han Geng may have been part of SJ and he’ll always be in our hearts, but we’re focusing on THE NAME of SUPER JUNIOR here. I’m sorry but whoever says Han Geng carries the name of SJ is wrong. He was nominated for this award for HIS hard work. Sure he trained in SJ and debuted as a member of Super Junior, but HIM being put there as a nominee was ONLY BECAUSE of his OWN HARD WORK as a SOLO ARTIST. NOT SJ’s. And those ELFs (not GENGFANS) who voted for Han Geng are in all aspects WRONG on what they did. I want to know just HOW they lost. It’s so ridiculous and I’m not just saying that because I’m mad. Was there a HUGE anti group who voted for Han Geng as a sick joke to us ELF because of their unreasonable hatred? Did we vote so much that there had been an error in the vote count for SJ? was the system freaking rigged? Damn it! I don’t get it all all.

    • me 2. i’m totally pissed of. Hangeng WAS ONCE a SJ member, but he is NO LONGER SJ. Why some ELFs had to vote for Hangeng? Those ELFs who split the votes should be very happy that SJ lost it, Hangeng won it.

    • I agree with everything you wrote here 100%! It got us thinking that could it be that people vote more for Hangeng (I’m not referring to pure Gengfans) to pay back for what SM did to him? Just a thought between me and my friends.

      • Yeah, I don’t know! I think the voting methods were wrong and counted as spam !

  95. I’m really don’t understand… why we can lose?
    OMG!! i got heart ached because of this…
    I’m this is really breaking my heart……
    How can? How can?
    They are a global hallyu wave.. They can’t lose…
    I’m really didn’t understand…

    Well then sorry oppas for not winning the prize for you cause in no offense to Geng, that award should have went to Super Junior!!!!!

  97. This feels so bittersweet, i’m in shock and hurting because super junior did not make it to the final round – i would have bet good money that it was an absolute dead cert! I feel bad for the boys like we let them down, by not showing them enough love and giving them the opportunity to stand tall on the world stage.

    it felt so strange to have been put up against Hangeng in the first place, I’m not sure if EMAs are aware of K-pop politics, but seeing their names side by side in competition did not feel good. Its possible we were beaten by our own arrogance thinking that is was our, cos they deserve to be there?

    It was actually almost like we were fighting a losing battle, ELFS competing with each other in a way, those loyal to super junior and those loyal to Hangeng, maybe in the end, we were beaten by each other, ELFs lost because we were a fanbase divided and thats the saddest thing of all – maybe ELFS did vote, but maybe it felt wrong to vote too hard against a former member and brother?

  98. at the end it will be a good lesson for ELF !
    now we know that if we are all united Super Junior will always win but divided they lose.
    sorry Hangeng, you made the choice to leave Super Junior and as an ELF i will always support Suju first like i did during this voting but obviously not everybody could do the same choice TT
    i think it’s time for ELF to let Hangeng go, it has been 3 years now and as much as i loved him he is no longer a Super Junior member.

  99. Honestly, the only explanation I can think of is that the method most people used was considered spam. :/
    I love Han Geng but I just… don’t see us losing to his fanbase alone, and it sounds immensely unlikely to me that there would be an anti-fan group so huge as to win over ELF. And I hate how this is starting to bring us into fights among ourselves and making us accuse one another of this and that… I believe other kpop fandoms would help us just as much as they helped Big Bang last year, it can’t be we lost because we lacked support.

    I seriously think MTV just didn’t like SJ getting thousands of votes from single people every day like they did… perhaps the private browsing idea was just not as good as it appeared to be and we should have just stuck to our daily 100-400 votes per person. :/

    Ah, well, I just hope this won’t sound insulting to anyone. I am just as upset as you all are.

  100. amm hi , can i say something there is another vote to super junior and we lose the vote to vote to super junior an the link http://mama.interest.me/visite?s=1351179853569

  101. hello everybody,i’m ELF i vote 100 for SUJU

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