MBC Radio Star with Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun [ENG SUB] – From 120912

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Compilation: MBC Radio Star with Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun

Credit: @NKSubs | NKSubs


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  1. wweeeww thanks for share and uplod it ^^

  2. aww thank youuu!!


  4. if it doesn’t appear on me, is there something’s wrong?

    • same to me.. i cant watch it in daily motion too

      • me too.. T-T
        How pity i am…..

      • me too..please give us link this video..cant watch in dailymotion… :,(

      • I can’t watch it in dailymotion either, but you can watch it here and just zoom in for the screen to be bigger. It might not be the perfect view but you can watch it like that.

        • You guy can’t watch it because this is private video so it’s not in the list.Visit NKSubs’s tumblr for Part2 & 3 link here

          But if you wanna download use keepvid like last episode,this is another good episode hope you guy enjoy!!!

          • but how to download it by keepvid? I’ve tried to drag the link to the next tab after fetching, but it doesn’t work~ how you download it?

            • After you drag the link to next tab, click ctrl+s…then click save….it will download automatically….

            • Use IDM for download it after you drag that link to new tab…

          • thank you so much dear..it work..finally i can watch it.. 😀

          • aaa.. thank you for the link, now i can download it 🙂

          • thank to the link, now i can watch the episode ^___^

  5. LOL thanks to RS part 2 with eng sub I understand Kyuhyun’s tweet now. From 120914: Ryeong – what is that (place) hyung??? Hyuk – That is Red bea… Ryeong – YE…YEAH~~~~!!!!!!! Hyuk – =_=…… Kyu – ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋkkkkkk

    hahahahahahaha xD thanks for the subs!!!!

  6. thank you, but why can’t i watch it??

    • me too 😦 i can’t watch it too 😥

  7. The ending made my eyes teary!!!! Love SJ they have this close bond that no other group has!!! People who dont like SJ are missing out on alot of things in life!!! you learn alot of things about life from SJ! SJ FOREVER!! E.L.F FOREVER!!! FIGHTING!

    • same here and making me teary is not an easy thing to do…..

  8. hahahahak..this show was seriously hilarious!!! i laughing so much that i hurt my stomach and cheeks…..kyuhyuk so funny and ryeowook…hahah.. but the last part… im glad that they mention lot of heechul ^^ hehe

  9. may i know what big incident that had happened to suju that cause teuk to cry?

    • I think he refer to Kangin’s incident in 2009.
      Because SJ gained a lot of love from Sorry, Sorry that year as we know but suddenly Kangin do the mistake twice in 1 month.
      Kangin also blame himself a lot because when you read the news they aren’t only refer your name but always start with
      Super Junior ……….
      So whatever you do good or bad thing ‘Super Junior’ will involved in the article.
      So it must be shock for member who just woke up and see ‘Super junior’ in every article in the internet.
      Whatever it make them stronger now!

    • i guess he was talking about KAngin’s scandal.

  10. Last week preview the MC did ask when is Siwon first kiss but it’s seems that it have been cut off in this eps..

    • it’s like an ordinary thing to have privew different from the actual show in korea.. it’s not the first time i find something like that 😦

  11. Kyuhyun’s accident…a kid lies dying at their feet and the reporters were so busy getting their scoop shots that they had to be ASKED to call an ambulance. You have to wonder how some people live with themselves.

  12. try savevideo(dot) me, its works for me and easier than keepvid ^^

  13. thank you for sharing and of course NKsubs for subbing<3

  14. First of all, thanks so much to the subbers!!! <333
    Next, this was so touching especially when they talked about Teuk's enlistment, the 2007 accident, Kangin's incident. Things that stood out for me were Teuk and Kyu debating on the variety path huhu, Hyuk wanting Kyu's position lol and Siwon being so cheesy to Kyuhyun, WonKyu haha.

  15. So many WonKyu moments!!! ❤

  16. OMG it’s so cute that Kyu himself requested THESE members 😀 The Variety trio – Teukigayo – and Siwon, of course XD
    And awww so much at “Hyung has to come! Hyung!” So it was his love for Kyu that finally made Siwon come out on a variety show! So cute! 😀 😀

    • i think kyu requested the 3 n the mcs force him to bring siwon along bc the mcs always play around w kyu n compare him to siwon lol

    • Yes, I was so happy too when Siwon said that Kyu picked them and was so insistent that they come haha.

  17. i hope kangin will start going on shows too..he used to be so funny…

    • i think (just a thought ) that the company is giving him time to adapt back into the tv world he only started appearing in tv like2 months ago so he needs time to get used to every thing + make sure that he is in his best condition bc the moment he will appear on a talk show (any talk show not necessory radio star) they will defiantly asked him abt what happened back in 2009 so it’s better to give him time to be ready i know how most of fans think that the company is not giving him much care since he in not appearing w the members lately but think abt it if he suddenly come back to tv after 3 yrs n then started w shows he will not have time to think abt answers n other things so best be prepared and that is just y thought

  18. thanks for sharing, you makes me like them more

  19. kyaaah kyu vs hyuk..kekekekekeke
    LOL at kyu part form SFS
    gidaehaedo joha let’s go!

  20. it took 2 hours 4 me to download this episode,,, and the result …… i cant download it. the size is tooo big. using savevideo.me always disconnect. 😦 .. using keepvid,, its not working. how poor am i ; (…..
    i hope one day,, there will be via youtube with hard engsub so that it would be easier.. plis i wanna keep it.

    • U can download by using Internet Download Manager. It works! ^^

  21. i wonder why i love super junior so much
    it’s a relief to know that they are worth it
    people always saying that there are no reason to go crazy over some idols that don’t know that i’m existing…
    but how could i stop loving them if they are this adorable? ♥
    they are a symbol of splendid people not just because they are idols
    they are humans who experience hardships and had their luck…
    but it is not the reason why i love them…
    i love them for they work hard to be famous and be known worldwide so i could meet them and bring happiness into my life…
    i will be an eternal ELF…
    i will love the best leader leeteuk, the silly but lovely eunhyuk, the funny shindong, the awesome kyuhyun and my soulmate siwon… oh darling, why you have to be that great?
    why you are so handsome, kind, finesse and so taking care of kyuhyun and saying i love you to leeteuk that way?… it made me fall for you deeper that i’m afraid i can’t never escape…
    even for two or ten,twenty and so on year i will always love them forever!
    they are my hero, that’s what makes them super…..

  22. My question is non-sj related, but is related to Radio Star..

    Do anyone knows the song being played at the end of this episode? I do love the song, so I do want to know it’s title. Thanks! ^^

  23. LOL XD

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