Leeteuk Talks about the Hardships of Being a Leader – From 120912

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Compilation: MBC Radio Star with Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun

This post includes two articles – Leeteuk Talks about the Hardships of Being a Leader  & SM Artists Receive Stocks Thanks To Leeteuk?

Leeteuk Talks about the Hardships of Being a Leader

Leeteuk spoke about his distress of being the leader of Super Junior.

On September 12, Super Junior members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Siwon appeared for the continuing episode of “Radio Star” that started last week. During the episode, Leeteuk honestly spoke about his leadership role and started off by saying, “Sometimes, I want to be comforted.”

The MCs asked, “What are the hardships of being a leader?” Leeteuk replied, “I love being the leader. But the hardest part these days is the fact that sometimes, I want to be comforted.”

He continued, “Because I’m the leader, I can’t easily say that things are hard. Since my manager knows me so well, whenever I’m struggling or having a hard time, he immediately asks, ‘What’s wrong? If you get tired, then the other members will get tired too.’ In the past, those words gave me determination but these days, I just want to hear warm words like ‘It’s hard, right? Cheer up.’ Sometimes, I need that kind of comfort.”

Leeteuk then continued to share how he vents his frustration and struggles through his Twitter account. He said, “Sometimes, there are times when I get mentally exhausted.”

He continued, “I could have complained to my manager but I couldn’t. If I did, then my manager would have a hard time. I couldn’t express my frustration to any of the other staff because I don’t really know them well.”

That is how he got to vent through his Twitter. Then Shindong suggested that Leeteuk just talk it out with the other members. Leeteuk replied, “If it was about a group schedule then I would do that but this is about my personal schedule.”

“If I talk about my work to other members who don’t have work, it might seem like I’m showing off,” he said. Leeteuk then showed tears and said he just wanted to hear, “It must be hard for Leeteuk.”

Then the rest of the members cheered Leeteuk on by saying, “I hope you will stay as our leader forever,” “I want to tell you that I love you,” “In my heart, only Leeteuk is the true leader.”

SM Artists Receive Stocks Thanks To Leeteuk?

Lee Teuk is catching a lot of attention for mentioning SM stocks.

On September 12, MBC’s “Radio Star” broadcasted the second episode of Super Junior’s Siwon, Lee Teuk, Shindong andEunhyuk (and Kyuhyun) as guests. It was during last night’s broadcast where Lee Teuk revealed that singers in SM Entertainment are able to receive stocks.

Lee Teuk shared, “A lot of thought and discussion went into how the company and the singers maintain a close and healthy relationship. I talked with the members and conveyed their opinions to the company.

The MCs remarked, “Do other SM artists know that it’s because of Lee Teuk they’re able to receive stocks?” Eun Hyuk replied half jokingly, “Other artists know. Lee Teuk hyung would gather the other artists and keep reminding them.”

Lee Teuk also explained during the broadcast that twitter is his “hash out window,” which gained sympathy from the MCs guessing how hard it must have been as a leader.

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  1. Ahhh. I love our leader :’)

  2. Agree! ❤

  3. our angle our love your are special for us ever

  4. it just sad to know that he can’t even express himself to his manager… i didn’t like the way the manager said that line to hiim… i mean, c’mon, they’re humans also, they get really tired, and he’s not getting any younger, he’s getting older…

  5. It must have been really hard on you LeeTeuk-sshi…

  6. as much as i love twitter it’s really not a good place to vent
    i hope he soon finds comfort somewhere else T_T

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