120912 MBC Radio Star – Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon [TRANSCRIPT]

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Compilation: MBC Radio Star with Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun

MC: When will Leeteuk go to the army?
Teuk: its not confirmed yet
Hyuk: he will probably go by the time this broadcasts
Kyu: its not to that extent
Teuk: thats probably too fast
Hyuk: it would be good if he goes quickly
Teuk: eh!!!
MC: then what about the leader position?
Shindong: the leader would still be leeteuk
MC: what about Eunhyuk?
Hyuk: i will do it! Actually, according to the trainee sequence, after teuk, its me

Teuk: Earlier on, we actually discussed this. If we really had to pick a member to be the leader, I said “Eunhyuk, you do it.” Because if you were to pick someone who would deal with things calmly, the number one choice would be Eunhyuk.
SD/SW/KH; yupyup
Hyuk: i will write a plan starting from kyuhyun getting off the MC position~
MC: if you were to pick someone to go to the army with you?
Teuk: eunhyuk
Hyuk: i dont want to

Teuk: there was once in the middle of the night, donghae and eunhyuk said they were hungry and want to head out to eat so I brought them out. However, i realised i only had 5,000won($5) with me so I bought food for them and didn’t buy any for myself. In the end, hyuk asked”hyung, can’t we drink something?” and ordered drinks for himself. But I don’t have any more money so I had to wait till they were done eating before telling them to go out first and that I will come out in a little while. After that, i asked the boss if they could give a little celebrity service(meaning give the drinks to them for free)

Text exchange with BOA.(it was actually 3am when they were recording radio star)
Hyuk: are you sleeping?
BOA: lying down, what’s up?
Hyuk: sleeping so early?
BOA: this seems a little weird, what are you curious about?
Hyuk:(explains that they are doing a broadcast, thanks her for taking part in the broadcast and asks her if they are close)
BOA: i am not close to eunhyuk hahahahahaha

they were talking about Heechul recommending an MC for radio star.
Hyuk: heechul told me “just prepare and wait..I’ve already told them”
MC: eh? That doesnt seem to be the case
Hyuk: really!! On the phone, on text messages, he told me that.
MC: when we mentioned kyuhyun, heechul said”oh kyuhyun..kyuhyun is also not too bad”
Hyuk: T____T

Kyu: I am one of the lead singers so about whether I wanted to do variety programs…
Teuk: actually, the 3 of our lead singers, all of them are very interesting people. However, there had always been a worry. That handsome singing image, what if it disappears and becomes funny after doing varieties? So we’ve always been careful..
Kyu: my discoverer*takes out a Kim Gura’s toy* had already discovered my potential while we were filming intimate note
Shindong: actually, we split up. There are some members who are in charge of singing, some in charge of dancing. There are 5 of us who are in charge of dancing handsomely in front during performances. That is me, eunhyuk, donghae, sungmin and hankyung. After that, when hankyung is not around anymore, we were thinking of who should replace him so we let kyuhyun try it once. After that time, he has always been one of those in front.
Hyuk: from that time onwards, he also became slower

MC: at first when kyuhyun first became an MC, what are the sort of things that he asked his hyungs about?
Teuk: I told him before that variety abilities starts from disguising. I asked him who are the guests next week and according to that, he should disguise himself.
MC: that doesnt fit here..as expected, its strong heart.
Kyuhyun: thats why i wanted to say..this hyung can’t be trusted.

Shindong: actually, kyuhyun only came in after the first album so at that time, it was hard to get close since we don’t know how to hold a conversation
Hyuk: he even couldn’t do greetings well
Kyu: D:
Shindong: can we say it like this? It seems a little mean..sometimes, he would say “hyung, i am tired” so i would think that “you have not even debuted yet, what are you tired about?!”
Kyu: at that time, all the members were out on their schedules and i was alone in the dorm..i wanted to be with the members..

siwon dedicated a song to kyuhyun..
Siwon: i hope that he can rest for a little while..i want to let him know that to us, he is a very precious person. The doctors even thought it was hopeless..when he was discharged, i was really happy. Even though he had become a lot slower these days…just kidding.

Credit: 凝幻
Translated by:@teukables 
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by: Destinyhae 



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  1. i really love their frenship and how they take care each other,,

  2. lol teasing more and more baby Kyu ^^

  3. They mentioned Hangeng T__T

    • omg yes i’am so happy … dying to see this episode

  4. this is hillarious,,,
    cant wait for engsub,,,
    thanks for sup3r team for this transcript,,,,

  5. hankyung,.. members never forget about you,.

  6. to tell the truth, even if it was a joke, i can´t think of anyone better for leader then Hyukjae. His style is similar to Leeteuk, he would be good leader until Teuk is back.

  7. Good to hear shindong mentioning sungmin as one of the key dancers. Sungmin, in my opinion is always forgotten by other members. And they mentioned heechul too, I always like shindong and heechul coz these 2 really care for others ( but never my bias). I never thought heechul was such a caring guy till I saw this radio programme, sungmin was really very obvious that he is upset/angry over something, during the end of the programme, I saw heechul going over to sungmin and comforted him. And shindong, in my opinion is more mature and stable, great choice as leader/representative. However, I was already expecting eunhyuk to be the next leader/representative as during many events, eunhyuk speaks a lot. I am not too sure if this is sme way of training eunhyuk or simply lee teuk and eunhyuk are close , lee teuk gave lots of opportunities to eunhyuk.

    Think eunhyuk doesn’t mind all the ” burden” he have on in now. Think he is in fact happy, coz that means more popularity and wealth ( he is providing for his new home, to me, that maybe a very huge burden for a guy like his age. remember on strong heart, it was mentioned, he took a loan from sme, not sure how true is that though, pls correct me if i am wrong)

    I started suju because of eunhyuk, sungmin and ryeowook ( I am not a full pledge elf), but I am slowly leaving the suju fandom ( coz suju seems to be always eunhyuk and lee teuk,) also because of eunhyuk coz I missed his humble, innocent when he first debuted. He seem different now.

    Sorry for the rant, in a emo mode somehow maybe sungmin and ryeowook is not on sukira this week.

    • I was also really happy that Shindong mentioned Sungmin and even Hangeng 🙂 And that they talked about Heechul 😀
      But I don’t think Shindong and Heechul are the only ones who really care for the others. I think all of the members do. Just because they don’t mention them everytime on a show, doesn’t mean they don’t think of each other. And I don’t really think that Sungmin is always forgotten. I mean if they don’t have anything to tell about Sungmin then it doesn’t mean they care less for him or have forgotten him. To me it seems that Sungmin has a quiet personality who doesn’t talk as much as the others do, but he has so many different talents. He has such a great voice, can play guitar, is a great dancer and he learns things easily. He is an all-rounder. But it seems to me that he talk less than others on show. That’s not an attack on him. It’s just my observation.
      Another topic… I think the decision who should/could be the “leader” when Teuk is in the army is a hot discussion recently among ELFs. But honestly SJ already said that there wouldn’t be a replace for the leader. The position would be vacant until Teuk is back. They just said if they had to choose it would be Eunhyuk. And it’s not just Leeteuk, but the other members too.
      Shihtzus: Sorry if I misunderstood that but how u talked about Eunhyuk wanting to be the leader sounded like an assault to me. As if he just want to be the leader for more wealth and popularity. If you really think so than you don’t know Hyuk really well. He loves his members. And he is really close to all of them. I watched many variety shows with SJ and Hyuk was often mentioned as being close with all of them. He would know how to deal with them even if he is often the one being teased by them. Leeteuk said that he would be someone who can calmy deal with things. His style is similiar to Teuks. And this seems to be not just Leeteuk’s opinion. And just because he took a loan from sme doesn’t mean he’s too immature and too young. If he would be the leader I think he would know what a burden it is and wouldn’t think easily of it. Sorry but how u discribed Hyuk was really upsetting. He is still innocent and humble. But you can’t expect that the members would be like they were seven years ago. They improved themselves and they are more confident now. And Hyuk is still the lovely person that he was.
      Yeah, it’s sad that Sukira isn’t this week, but I they have vacation. Ryeowook is/was in Greece, don’t know what Sungmin is doing.
      I can’t really describe what I think about your comment like I want to, because my English is not the best, but I tried.

      • I love your comment

      • love your comment cany1993 ^^

      • lol, did you know Hyuk personally? the way you talked about Hyuk it’s like he’s your big brotha or something, lmao, delusional fan

        • I don’t know which sentence you read that comes to the conclusion that I’m a delusional fan. -.- I just repeated the things I saw, read and heard about Eunhyuk and SJ. Maybe I don’t know him personally and can’t be 100% sure about the things I wrote but through the things they do and say on shows I can see their personalities. That’s not just the case for Hyuk but for all other members. We love them for their characters they show us on TV and I don’t think they fake it, so I would know a little something about Hyuk.

        • Her comments were valid and actually based on what we see or hear about Hyuk as he talks about himself or how other members talk about him or how other fans talk about him who have met him however briefly. Hyuk is not my number 1 or 2 bias but even I have the same opinion as her. Of course we don’t know them personally but nor do you or others but at least we can form assumptions on what is available to us and therefore are not delusional or just based on what we want them to be. It is actually more delusional, not to mention malicious, to believe the worst of people or in this case, an idol just because someone is spiteful about him.

  8. waaaaaaaaaaaaah they are really funny .. I’m happy that they talked about Heechul& Hangeng because I miss them.. also even if Eunhyuk said that he don’t want to go with the leader I think he will miss him the most ..

    Thanks a lot

    • yeah,,we know the real hyuk…he will be the one crying most when teuk went to army~

      • that’s right~ remember when Eunhyuk crying at Strong Heart bcz of Heenim and Leeteuk will go to army soon 😥
        Eunhyuk is so kind-hearted person..
        love my bias ❤ ^^

        • agreed eunhyukkie will me the one filling buckets with tears

  9. the member will discussed about who can replaced leeteuk while he’ll go to army,, when the decision from the member’s out, we are an ELF just accept and support who will be the ‘leader’ for a while……..

    Tell the truth eunhyuk or who, the member also love each other,,whatever who mention for whom, but i know the member also care for each other…. This is my opinion 😀 sorry for bad english,,am indonesian ….

    Just being ELF till the end 😀

  10. They are so funny, even the transcripts made me laugh…

  11. so funny…

  12. everyday I’m falling in love with super junior!
    this is dangerous!! (>_____<) ❤

  13. They really do talk about interesting things. I’m so glad that Shindong said Ming is one of the main dancers, cuz he is the next best after ShinEunHaeGeng. He really needs more love for his various abilities. And I’m happy Geng was still mentioned, miss him dearly.

  14. I think it’s fine if they don’t have a temp leader but with such a big group, I think they’d need one. I actually feel the same with SJ-M. I mean they manage very well but sometimes in interviews, it’s kinda better to have a point person. Hyuk is actually a good choice, personality and temperament-wise.

    And what does it mean that Siwon dedicated a song to Kyu? xD

  15. I definitely think i’m going to cry when teukie oppa is going to the army! T_T I was so sad when i first found out T_T
    Ah~ My kyu oppa~ You teasing my Teuk oppa~~ ?? >< Afterall, you're you!

    Hangsang Sarangheyo KyuTeuk~

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