[Projects] Shindong and Henry’s Birthday Project ~!

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Note*** If you participate in the Shindong giveaway, you will be entered in a draw to WIN SPY 6JIB Repackaged from SUP3RJUNIOR ~~~  but make sure you JOIN ShinDong.Chingu and reply there. 

user posted image


About the Project:

This Coming September 28,2012, Shin Dong will turn 28 years old (Korean Age). Since he is the Shikshin Guy (Food god) of Super Junior, We Decided to make a cookbook for him,Yes,a Cookbook! ^^ The Recipes will come from all the Elfs who support him! But there is a rule, Only 28 RECIPES will be included.(We based the number of recipes on his age) 14 Main Dish,14 Desserts. Those 28 Recipes should be delicious and nutritious.
Any NATIONAL FOOD of your Countries are welcome ^^ Let’s Just avoid too much meaty and oily recipes. Let us balance the vegetables,meat and seafood^^ While on the desserts,not too much sugar/sweet or sour on your recipes. We don’t want Oppa to be fat again XD
Our purpose for this is we want him to Cook the food know by his Fans, We want him to keep in touch even if we are not with him. Just Thinking that food was from his ELF ^^ Please do leave a High Quality Picture of the Food.
If you want to send your recipe, Please Copy the information below and Comment it on this thread —> ShinDong.Chingu

My Preferred Recipe:
Comes From:
Cooking Instructions:
I want ShinDong to Cook this Recipe Because:

Part 2: Shin Dong Hee’s “SHINSBIRTHDAY” Food Support

About the Project:

—>We Noticed that Shin dong is very happy when ELFS give food support to them when there is an event. Since he will celebrate his Special Day, we want to give food support, Lunch Boxes, Birthday Cake and other sweets. But we cannot do this fully so we are asking your help to make this possible. Help us to make this successful by donating any amount to this project. There will be also a message box for him that will be full of birthday and supporting messages for him.
We will give the food support with the help Korean ELFS^^

If there is much money from donations, We also want to give him this Perfume as a Personal Gift from us, ELFS: 
user posted image
(*95USD plus Shipping via qoo10)

Our Target Amount is 350-500USD.


How to Donate?


If you are sending in donations from the Paypal website:

Please Pm hhrnuna for her PAYPAL information.

Concealed Cash

For donations through concealed cash:
Please Pm hhrnuna for her information.

After donating, donors will have these perks at

Donator’s rank + color
Display username change – 3 times a year
Able to have hold PM conversations with up to 15 people.
300 message storage in the inbox
Able to edit their own topic titles + description

After donating, please fill out the form below and comment it here:

Method of Payment:
Date of donation:

DEADLINE: Sept 21,2012!

Part 3 Photo+Message Book: Happy Birthday ShinDong!

user posted image

Please read all of the content below before posting.

This portion of the book is for your birthday and congratulatory messages and Photo slogan only.

Take a Picture while holding a paper says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIN DONG!” in your own Language~

Your messages can either be in English or Korean. Please do not use google translate for your messages, it is unreliable.
Please do not use slang, acronyms, hard to understand words as they will be hard to translate/understand in Korean.
Do not include any personal information. Also, please make sure your messages are appropriate.

Please use this form to submit your messages (comment it below):


If you have questions tweet us at ShinDongChingu|신동친구 (ShinDongChingu) on Twitter

Hope we can do this for shin dong! We want him to gain more attention even though he has the least number of fangirls, But for ELFS we love and support him so much right?
If you have questions Feel Free to mentions us at Twitter @ShinDongChingu or Email us



The yearly event is here again! And we need your participation!^_^

But we want to keep it as a little surprise for Henry, so we are not posting any details on the site just in case he reads it. Those interested please email to in the following format and we will then give you the full details on how you can participate in this year’s birthday project.

[Subject] 2012.10.11 Birthday Project
In the email, please state your name (no need to be real name), your country and that you want to participate in the project.

Note: If you want to participate with friends, please just choose 1 representative to email us.

To all forums/fanbases:
Please contact us personally if you want to submit in the name of your forum/fanbase.



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  1. wow this is an amazing idea!!!!!!! elf never fail to surprise me!!!! now which other fandom would have thought of this g8 ideas???? first the golden disk, then the giraffe and now this recipe book stuff…!!!

    • Yes! You are correct 😀

    • Exactly!! always get surprized by the gift ideas.

  2. This is such an innovative and meaningful project! Please join and give our oppa the best food recipes from the world! 🙂

  3. why didnt yesung get anything for his bday there wasnt any pic/updates on his bday

    • True.. I like Yesung too but seems like he isn’t getting anything for his bday. 😦

    • We’ve only recently started to try and get involved in projects etc, also we always look for the opportunity to get involved.. So if the opportunity presents itself, if we’re able to.. we will get involved. Also sup3rjunior is not biased to any one member. We post about all the members.. just to clarify.

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