120911 Leeteuk Twitter Update: what is up with bringing up a topic

September 11, 2012 at 4:31 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Leeteuk, Wonderboys | 17 Comments

what is up with bringing up a topic from months ago & making it sound like a new news?

6jib is getting close to 500k sales~ 2500dayssincedebut~ there r many good worldwide trend~ but so sad..

Bit dislike

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  1. he talk about a show that aired the cut from SJ documentary (the one where he talked abt being abused as a child) again so there were lots of “new” articles on it, right??
    I feel like korean reporters are more annoying than sasaeng fans ><

    • so it’s because of that reason? i was surprised when i saw some article about leeteuk’s childhood. it was a long time ago. now they bring it up.

  2. That’s true. You’d think the articles and reports would have come out right after the documentary was aired but noooooo. Anyways I hope he gets to perform 1 last time before he enlist for the army TT.TT

    • actually there were articles back after the special aired but now again after 5 months there r like more than dozen of articles bc yst a tc show aires the cut again

      • ya.. i agree with u.. i think eeteuk oppa just feel a bit disappointing with the current news about his childhoods story.. it already airs a few time back.. why they need to talk about it again despite about their new achievement.. such they are now in twitter trending such 2500dayssincedebuts and others.. there are a lot of good news about them..and may be also our leader doesnt to rcall the memory back..

  3. I wasn’t aware this was old cause I only became a fan a few months ago and I got very upset seeing pictures off Teuk crying and hearing about this abuse , but now I know this is old news I’m just mad , what is it with these stupid reporters , I never believe anything I read now until it comes straight from the source , there worse than the American press for twisting things and why bring this up just before he is about too enlist for the army , it just makes no sense and I’m really annoyed for Teukie oppa :/

  4. “Bit dislike”? What does Teukie mean?

    • b/c there hasnt been any articles made abt korean trending worldwide

  5. I think he’s trying to forget the sad past but the articles keep popping up…poor teuk 😦

    • If that same thought

  6. Well he DID say it on air so if anyone wants to use it later then they\’re free to…..if he didn\’t want people to bring it up again he should NEVER had said it in the first place……

    • THIS one. Don’t get it wrong, though. I love Leeteuk, but the comment above makes perfect sense

      • The thing is, people are liking like it’s new, when he said it months ago.

    • Wow so this is what he gets for sharing his painful childhood with us. All he get is, “nobody asked him to do it” wow wow wow

      • thumbs up from me for ur comment!!

    • the problem is not with the news but with the fact that there were more than 10 article couple of days ago as if it is a new news when he actually talked abt it months ago

  7. this shows how much of a bitter memory it is for leeteuk :/
    poor guy

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